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A 45 LED light that you can hang, strap, stick, & bend. 260 Lumen, multiple modes & USB rechargeable.

Hi Kickstarters!
If you got here after our funding time has ended. Don't worry, you can go to our website and still purchase a Packlight at
Thanks again to everyone who made this project a success!


Thanks for checking out our project. Our Packlight is really bright, thin, strong, and flexible. This light is packed full of features like hidden Neodymium magnets for sticking it to metallic objects, high-strength shaping wire, Multiple lighting modes, USB rechargeable battery, bonus reflective strips, & more. Not to mention it's only 1cm thin and can be shaped around other objects so packing and storing it is never a problem.

Plus, for $20 more, we will also include be a Solar Powered Recharging Unit that backers can use to recharge the flashlight and other electronics on-the-go without having to ever plug them into the wall. Great for charging iPhones, iPods, cell phones, etc. in the outdoors where you don't have access to electricity.Now that we have blown past our 100% funding goal, we are excited that everyone who backs this project will receive their Packlights! Thanks! :)

Super Bright 260 Lumen!
Extremely Flexible
High-Strength Internal Shaping Wire
Water-Proof PVC Silicone Construction
Dual Neodymium Magnetic Ends
Dual Large Hanging Rivet Holes
Internal USB Rechargeable Battery
Useful Power/Operational Modes
Light-Weight, Hands-free, & Portable

Packlight Color Options:
Black or Red

Lighting Modes:

Low=15 lights activated
Medium= 30 lights activated
High=45 lights activated (260 LUMEN)
Various Blinking Modes= 45 lights blinking on/off for safety/help/ or attract attention

Running Times*:
45 Lights On (High)- About 4 hours
15 Lights On (Low)- About 10 hours
45 Lights (Blinking)- About 6 hours
*(These estimated run times came from our professional light manufacturer,  we will have a final sample soon & will run time tests ourselves. We will post the final results on our website asap.)

Application Uses:
Automotive Repairs
Cycling/Backpack safety light
Household/Work light
General flood light/ task light

Shape the Packlight to meet your needs
*the working prototypes pictured in the photos above are for demo purposes only, the finished Packlights will be professionally made to resemble the main designed artwork & renderings and photos at the top of this page.

Reflective Tape:
We will provide some reflective tape so backers can make the Packlight even more visible & bright.

LED Light Color Temperature:
Bright White - 5000k

Solar Recharger Unit Specifications:
Colors: Black
Solar Panel:  0.77W
Voltage:  5.25 +- 5%
Accumulator/Internal Battery Size:  2200MA
Output Voltage:  5.6V
Output Max. Current:  600MA
Size:  120*72*15.5MM
Outer case material:  ABS Plastic
Weight:  107 grams (0.235lbs)
Unit Recharging Times
By Solar Charge:10-14 Hours depending on lighting & weather conditions
By DC Charge: 2-3 Hours
Charging Current: 140MA (per hour)
Power Modes
LED=Bright LED Light On
LED Status Light
Green=Self Charging via Solar Power
Yellow-Output/Recharging a Device
Red-The Internal Battery Unit is Fully Charged

Thanks to everyone who backed this project and made it a success!


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