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Read, Draw, Play & more on this new multi-functional eco-furniture that quickly & safely adapts to your child's needs and imagination!

Read, Draw, Play & more on this new multi-functional eco-furniture that quickly & safely adapts to your child's needs and imagination! Read More
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This project's funding goal was not reached on August 22, 2011.

About this project

Sadly, Our time on Kickstarter has ended without being about to meet our funding goal. Thanks to everyone who supported this project and helped us spread the word! We have decided to move forward with a short run of products. So, please visit our website to pre-order your 3-in-1 little Frogs! We are offering our special Kickstarter prices* and shipping offers.  (*Special prices for 1 week only- ends Oct 29th.)


Hi Kickstarters! Thanks for checking out our project. Joe & I (Chadwick) love making cool eco-furniture for kids and are excited to share our project with you! After over a year of planning and working out all the details, we are now excited to share our 3-in-1 little frog with you.

Our prices and shipping rates are discounted for all you kickstarters! Our retail prices will be $135 + tax + shipping per little frog after our time here runs out. The Rocker-Rails accessory will be sold separately for $30 + tax + shipping after also.

Our 3-in-1 little frogs are stylish space-savers that quickly and safely adapt to your child's needs and active imagination! They come pre-assembled and are hand-crafted with high quality, certified, earth friendly, and kid-safe materials so that every little frog will be around and look great for many years to come.

Our safe, 3-in-1 little frogs have a wide base and can be used as a reading chair, a play table, lounge chair, and can also convert into a rocking chair by quickly adding our Rocker-Rails accessory to the unit with 4 supplied machine screws. The Rocker-Rails accessory is designed to add another safe & fun activity to the reading chair position. Plus, it also allowing the unit to "Grow" nearly 3 inches taller (7cm) without interfering with any of the standard 3 functions. Technically, making it a 4-in-1 little frog.

One of the subtle, but extremely useful features is our "easy clean-up tray" that is cleverly tucked away. This feature automatically collects pens, pencils, & crayons when the little frog is being switched into the reading chair position. Also, while the little frog is in the table position, you can simply lift up the front a bit and quickly store your drawing tools neatly to the back of the play table. Making it fun and easy to put away pens, pencils & crayons. Mess-Free!

• Kid-Safe, Smooth Edges
• No Assembly Required
• No Moving Parts • No Pinch Points
• Non-Toxic Materials

Multi-functional Design
• Supports up to 160lbs (75kgs)
• Spill & Dry-erase marker friendly

• Slip-resistant, non-marking "frog eyes"
• 100% Compostable Packaging
• Playful & plush "tongue" cushion
• Toy Bin or Activity Station when 2 little frogs are combined!

You Pick! Your 3-in-1 little frog can come in: cherry red, banana yellow,melon green,berry blue, & plum purple. Because we are dealing with natural wood textures, water-based stain, our color shades above will slightly vary from one product to the next. We promise the color you choose will look fantastic. We will send out a survey after the funding is completed and ask you again what color you want and where to send your reward.

Our strong little frogs weight only 9lbs & will support up to 160lbs in all positions.
The rocker rails accessory weights 1.5 lbs.

We like to plan ahead with our designs so we can make new, high quality, and useful products from our "trash"! Our left over / cut-out pieces of wood are recycled & re-purposed into new products that are both stylish and multifunctional. We then give them away for free to NGO's focused on kids & education in rural parts of China. The smaller scrap and saw dust material that we can not built into new furniture is further recycled by a nearby facility. The image below is just one example of what we do.

Our 3-in-1 plywood molds are specially made so we can make new products beside the little frogs from them without the need to make new molds. This saves from using more steel, fossil fuels, and energy to make new products. We realize that the more that we can re-purpose our cut-outs, conserve raw materials, electricity, transportation, and fossil fuels the better it is for all of us. We do not use Styrofoam or plastic packing materials, instead we use packaging that is 100% Compost-friendly. We use a virtually paperless production process and we only use our printers when necessary. We are far from perfect, but we constantly work hard to make our carbon footprint as small as possible.

•Responsibly farmed poplar plywood
•Certified water-based, non-toxic wood sealer
•Water-based non-toxic wood glue
•Water-based non-toxic wood stain
•Non-marking PVC silicone rubber
•Soft foam & vinyl cushion
•100% compostable cardboard

Our cute monster toys "Blink & Klink" are made from certified child safe, baby soft fleece. Our monsters are ready to play, learn, and explore! These little guys also have a "hand-puppet" slot in the back for added play value. They are both around 7.5 inches (19cm) tall and 5 inches (13cm) wide. We plan on making these just for you kickstarters!

In 2009, We (Chadwick and Joe) started designing and making original furniture for kids under the name Klinko Kids Furniture. We've worked hard (and lost countless hours of sleep) over the past year to make the 3-in-1 little frog simple in design, but have multiple practical functions. Chadwick does the designing and Joe makes the designs come to life. Our hope is to be a link between a child and their education by providing imagination evoking furniture that kids love using and learning on.

Thank you for checking out our project and helping us spreading the word!

Ways to Help

• Back our project!
• Download our presskit & Blog about the little frog! "Like Us" on Facebook, (klinkokids)  & share our video on your wall with your friends.
• Tweet about us (klinkokids)
• Tell furniture stores and distributors about us!
• Follow our Updates.
• You can also send us encouraging messages.


  • No, the Rocker Rails accessory only comes in a transparent, water-based natural wood finish.

    Last updated:
  • After the funding time period has ended, we will send out a survey where you can tell us what color you want and what address you want your rewards to go to.

    Last updated:
  • Yes, we have everything ready to have our 3-in-1 little frog third-party tested and certified to meet all of the US CPSC and EN71 (European) requirements for children's furniture product testing laws. When the project is funded, the testing will be preformed in Shanghai,China.

    Last updated:
  • Yes, we can mail each reward box wherever you need it to go. Please keep in mind that each reward and it's contents will be mailed using one box to reduce waste and deliver your rewards as responsibly as possible.

    Example: the $125 "JUMP" reward will be mailed to an address with (1) little frog, (1)Rocker Rail Accessory, & (2) Monster toys. These items will all be packaged together and delivered using only one box. So, if you ordered 2 "Jump" rewards we will be happy to mail 1 full reward package to one address and 1 to another address of your choice.

    Last updated:
  • Shoot us an email and we can talk details.

    Last updated:
  • Yes, We will start shipping the "Express Rewards" the end of September. Depending on where you live, you will have it a few days later. We are scheduled to shipping all other rewards in Mid-November. So,you should have your rewards by the end of November.

    Last updated:
  • The money goes toward costs, such as:

    - Basic Labor & Materials (Custom formed plywood, wooden pegs, silicone rubber "eyes", sand paper, etc.)
    - Non-toxic, Water-based Wood Sealer, Stain, & Glue
    - 100% Compostable Boxes
    - Klinko "Blink & Klink" plush monster toys
    - Paper and ink for packing lists & shipping labels
    - US CPSC required third-party testing for kids products
    - Shipping/Logistics expences from Beijing to your door

    Last updated:
  • The dimensions are:
    The 3-in-1 little frog: 16in.wide x 12in.deep x 15in.tall - (40 cm wide x 29cm deep x 36 cm tall)

    With Rocker Rails attached: 16in.wide x 16in.deep x 18in.tall - (40 cm wide x 40cm deep x 44 cm tall)

    Last updated:
  • Our retail prices will be $135 + tax + shipping once our kickstarter project ends.
    Our Rocker-Rails accessory will retail for $30 + tax + shipping

    Last updated:

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