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A series of high quality 3D printable modular and interlocking dungeon tiles inspired by computer based RPGs from the 90's.
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Something Purple This Way Slithers

Posted by Klingbeil (Creator)
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Purple Worm Larva - $5  

Our first foray into the realm of printable figures is with a variety of 3 Purple Worm Larva on 2x2 bases for a mere $5 addon.  

Much like the tadpole, the larva of the purple worm have temporary limbs. These tiny arms help them navigate their dungeon environment and to consume dead adventurers and monsters all the same. As they mature, the limbs will slowly transition into the spiked jowl flaps of the adult to help them burrow through earth and rock until they are ready to escape the relative safety and confines of the stone dungeon.  

Abandoned Mines - Starter Set - $15  

This set features chipped stone walls reinforced by timber and brick with well worn stone floors and scattered bits of rubble. Quickly crafted makeshift doors made from scraps of lumber barely hold back a draft.  

With this set, we're really taking advantage of our new alternative wall design that sits on a 1" wide base. This allows for a much deeper amount of detail and really gives that chunky dungeon feel from the early D&D days. We're also starting our packaging reorganization with this set.  

Traps & Hazards 3 - $10  

Taken from the stretch goals from KS1 and updated. If you missed out on the last kickstarter, you can now get the awesome boulder trap and other deadly disfiguring doohickeys such as the Dreaded Dwarven Death Device. If you backed us for KS1, you've already got everything in this pack.  


We're reorganizing our sets to be more manageable and easier to identify what you're getting in a set pack, instead of the massive deluge of models we've been releasing with the equivalence of a bursting dam for you to sort through.  

Here is our proposed packaging format:  

Starter Set - $15 (about 30 models)  

- you get all of the basic pieces to make a complete dungeon  

Entrance Set - $5 (model count varies)  

- everything you need to build that fancy entrance  

Expansion Set - $10 to $15 (about 20 models)  

- more variations in tile textures  

- specialty walls  

- specialty floors  

- floor inserts  

- additional doors (slot, swing, double)  

- traps & hazards  

- decor


We've added 16 floor tiles with 4 styles of quality (pristine, chipped, cracked, and ruined). Everyone that backs for $15 or more gets this 8-bit video game inspired dungeon set for absolutely free and as more stretch goals are unlocked, more part groups get added.  So, tell everyone you can and we can make this a monster set.


For the duration of the kickstarter, everyone can get all available DungeonWorks sets at, for $2 off each set.  Use the code "Unearthed Evil" (without the quotes) at checkout to apply the discount on your order.


Visit our user group at DungeonWorks Architects to get the latest news, see other people's builds, and get tips & tricks for your prints.

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