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A Cross Platform Freemium Game(s) and full training system with videos and a blog on the process for a do-it-yourself system

  • Have you ever wanted to create your own video game?
  • Do you want to get your game played by millions of users?
  • Do you have a great idea for a game?
  • Do you think you can make the next big hit game?
  • We want to help you make great games and deliver them to your audience!

With the proliferation of mobile and digital download games, it is now easier to get your game to a wider audience than ever.  But where do you start?  Social Systems Technology is here to provide you with the complete solution to not only help you create your own high quality game, but also get that game to as many users as possible and maximize your potential revenue.

This project is a complete system for making truly cross platform games including training videos, blogs and instructions for anyone to design and create their own games.

Imagine having players on the iPhone/iPad interacting with players on HTML5, WiiWare, PSN Network, Android and any other platform you want to support!

The project is a cross between a documentary and an online eduction system for making Freemium games!  And a game or two will be the result!

"awe6" was written in Haxe - an elegant multi platform language that can be translated to any other language, i.e. Flash, Java, Javascript + HTML5, C++, and more.  There are also libraries that allow you to use a Flash like API in your games as well as other graphics APIs. The awe6 game framework pulls these pieces together and it has been shown that great games can be built in a week! 

One of the games we are going to build while making the training videos is a racing game and the other is a pet based game.  Imagine the possibilities for in game advertising for these two games, tires, gas, car parts, almost anything in the racing game, as it will include billboards, pet food, grooming services, kennel services, etc.

Time to market on most games would be less than 90 days and on top of that fully cross platform compatible!

  • Training videos from start to end
  • "Social Collective" memberships
  • Uses Haxe language
  • Uses awe6 engine -
  • Cross Platform for Flash, HTML5, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux and more!
  • Can publish on console systems through agreement with Graffiti Entertainment

The "Social Collective" is our gift to you when you donate $500.00 or more.  It is a permanent membership into our collective of indie social game developers that will cross promote and cross market your games inside the other games.  Once one of the "Social Collective" members hits the big time, we all do!

How it works

Inside every game that is a member of the "Social Collective" there are various places that other games can be promoted.  One such place is on start up of the game a pop-up dialog will appear that shows a graphics and an invitation to play the other game.  Also, each game has virtual goods and there will be special offers to receive a virtual good if another game is installed.  Viola!  Cross promotion and cross marketing your games.

As a "Social Collective" member additional benefits will include our in game advertising system, which will allow you to promote brands in the game.  Depending on the game, the membership can facilitate brands that would pay to advertise in the game.

Training videos that allow you to learn what you want to learn!  If you don't want to learn programming you don't have too!  Just skip to the level editing tools and build your game.  Training videos will include the following sections:

  • Programming
  • Development IDE
  • Art Tools
  • Level Editing Tools
  • Server Software and Cloud solutions
  • Setting up the development System(s)
  • Learning the basics of Haxe and awe6
  • Getting your first graphics on screen
  • Integrating vector graphics for better looking games across all platforms
  • Rapid Prototyping of Artificial Intelligence
  • Acquiring free or inexpensive resources for your game
  • Integrating Music and Sound
  • User Interface design and implementation
  • Adding analytics to the game and why this is a good idea
  • Cross Promoting & Marketing your game
  • How to setup servers for Multiplayer games for MMOs
  • How to integrate micro and nano transactions and to monetize your game

Why Kickstarter?  It is very simple.  Kickstarter provides funding for game developers and we loved the idea.  We decided that we could further enhance this idea with a great set of tools for quickly making a game and indie developers can fund their project on Kickstarter too. As an alternative funding method/crowd funding, it just made sense for us.

We have the basics already, an open source system that works but is currently unfunded - we need your help!


  • Yes, for both the development side and the target side. Some of the tools like Flashdevelop may not be available for Linux, but any similar IDE will work. The base systems (Haxe, Awe6) work on Linux out of the box.

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    For $10.00 pledge, you will get $10.00 worth of virtual items in the game when finished.

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    For a $25.00 pledge, you will have access to all training videos of the game development process as well as the weekly training blog and $25 worth of virtual goods in the game.

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    All of the above plus automatic enrollment in online eLearning system for the summer.

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    For a $500.00 pledge, you will have access to all training videos of the game development process as well as the weekly training blog and $500 worth of virtual goods in the game. You will also be given the full system to develop your own games and all the source and tools to produce your own games. As a added bonus, you will be given a membership to "The Social Collective", which includes cross promotion of your games with every other TSC member, including the founders!

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    All of the above plus the opportunity to be an intern with one of the programmers. This is a remote position but allows the person to help out on the games and get work experience during the development of the games.

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    All of the above plus 20 hours of professional coding or game design to help you with your own project.

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    For a $10,000 or more pledge, you will get all of the above plus you can have an advertisement in one of the games. The games will have billboards, car stickers (for the racing game) the ability to have real life products in the games for purchase as virtual goods. Some of the virtual goods can be Tires, Gasoline, car parts of any type, animal food, grooming services, animal shelter services, breeding services, and more.

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