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The book is for the everyday person to start thinking tactically , not "tacti-cooly", about surviving the zombie apocalypse.





          Zombies should be considered the most dangerous threat to the human race.  Ever!  Zombies have no fear. Zombies feel no pain.  Zombies are running on the basics of survival needs.  Zombies have no emotions, morals or compassion.  Zombies do not care whom they hurt to get what they want.  Zombies have an intense drive to get what they want and will stop at nothing to get it.  Zombies might move slowly, but what they lack in speed they make up for in persistence.

          Many people wonder what the zombies are after.  Why do they do what they do?  Are they feeling gratification for feeding an insatiable appetite?  All good questions that may, or may not, have an answer.  Zombies are not trying to feed but more simply to spread the zombie virus, to multiply, to keep the zombie species alive.

          The idea of zombies is not a modern concept.  Humans have been worried about the zombie incursion since early-recorded history, perhaps even before recorded history.

          Some ancient civilizations used to place stones, rocks or even bricks in the mouths of the dead.  They felt by doing this it would prevent a re-animated corpse from biting victims.

          The Greeks believed in ritualistic maschalismos, which is the practice of physically rendering the dead incapable of rising, or haunting, the living in undead form.  They would accomplish this by ritualistically removing the hands, feet, arms, legs, etc. and then tying the body together very tightly.  The Chinese also believed in physically restraining the dead, this was to insure the body would stay in the coffin and in the ground.

          Part of the Nordic burial ritual was to confuse the corpse by carrying the body out of the home feet first, then changing the location of the door.  They felt doing this would confuse the corpse if it attempted to return home.

          In hopes of preventing, a re-animated corpse from unburying itself and coming back home, other cultures believed in burying a body facedown and facing away from their house.

          Modern day society, we keep some of these traditions in funerals without even knowing why.  During some modern funerals, bodies still exit rooms feet first.  Coffins are still locked prior to being placed in the ground, in tombs or mausoleums. 

          Looking beyond the funerary customs and the complex beliefs and practices used by a culture to remember the dead, from interment, to monuments, prayers, and rituals undertaken in their honor, why do we need to lock up a dead body?  Some will say because it preserves the body.  But why do we need to preserve the body?  If one believes in spirituality, the soul has already left the body.

          There are some cultural beliefs designed to ensure the body is treated correctly after death.  If the body has been mistreated after death, some cultures believe, the dead will desire revenge.  A spiritual belief of mistreating a body after death leads to angry, or trapped, spirits within the body.  Leading these spirits to also desire revenge.  Therefore, we hold ceremonial rituals to make sure the person has a good death.  To say our final farewells, making sure the body is treated right.  This way the soul has a clear passage to the afterlife and the body will not crave revenge.

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I have a great group of friends/resources that are going to help me out with this.


  • There is still a little bit of research I need to do on equipment. So part of the funding will go towards that. The rest of the funds will go towards getting the book printed and published.

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