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We all know I'm into doing things all by myself, but this time I need a little of your help to make my first full album perfect.
We all know I'm into doing things all by myself, but this time I need a little of your help to make my first full album perfect.
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Posted by Kitty (Creator)

sorry they took so long.... like i said, i severely underestimated the time it takes to get those made ���

just wanted to let you all know though! sorry rewards have been such a slow process-- other than the new album stuff, im shipping it all myself from my house lol ):

anyway, stickers and CDs on their way, your zines should be arriving at your house next week, and this long long journey of creation will be comin to a close ❤️

if you haven't received your miami garden club LP or CD and haven't yet messaged me here, please do so when you can do i can check on it! there were some mail delays related to recent storms and i want to make sure everything is solid now :)

i'm still working on booking shows- i'll keep posting them here as they're announced, and as always they can be found on my facebook ( ❤️ booking myself without an agent is still pretty new for me, so planning a full tour has been a wacky process but i am determined and it's lookin great.

as always, endless love forever.

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    1. Dominic D'castro 1 day ago

      Still haven't received Da. I.S.Y. Rage CD or Impatiens/Frostbite CD. Sorry didn't know you were following it up I sent emails that were ignored.

    2. Sven Kratzsch on

      Received the new CD, still no 3 CD Discography - you know the feeling when you open a bag of chips and it’s half full.

    3. butt ventriloquist on

      still nothing but the cd any updates?

    4. Missing avatar

      Brendan Manning on

      hi kitty, i pledged for the everything kitty collection but ive only received the New LP and new CD. i haven't gotte the old cds and stickers yet. also i recently moved but Im still in contact with my old roommates who say it has not come yet. Where can i give you my new address?

    5. Missing avatar

      Brendan Manning on

      hey kitty, I pledged for the "everything kitty" collection and i got the new LP and the new CD but i never got the old CDs and stickers. My address has changed recently but i am in contact woth old roommates and it still hasnt come there.

    6. Em Grey on

      Hi Lady!

      Totally forgot about this - haven’t received my LP yet :( can you check?

    7. Missing avatar

      Alasdair Cuddy on


      Just read this update - still haven't received the old song CDs; please could you advise? Much obliged.

    8. Nigel on

      Still no vinyl �

    9. butt ventriloquist on

      still don’t have my vinyl or the old songs :-/

    10. Missing avatar

      mark drobac on

      'Everything Kitty' received, thanks!

    11. Missing avatar

      Javier Medina on

      UPDATE! I received the old song CD and stickers! Just waiting on the Zine (if it's finished, that is..) Thank you!!

    12. Nigel on

      Received everything but the LP

    13. Dan Gibas on

      Just got the Old Songs CD in the mail today ^_^

    14. Missing avatar

      Tom on

      SCRATCH THAT, the miami garden club CD has arrived (I'm not living there atm so wasn't able to check myself) but nothing else yet. hopefully it's all still on the way

    15. Missing avatar

      Tom on

      Hi Kitty

      I still haven't received anything in the mail :( it's to a UK address so I guess it can take a while but maybe you can check on it?

    16. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Hey Kitty! I haven't received my zine yet, if you could look into that. Thank you!! <3

    17. Sven Kratzsch on

      Still waiting for the 3CD Discography :-?

    18. Missing avatar

      Javier Medina on

      I pledged a few times and i got the new CD, but still waiting on the Zine, old song CDs, and stickers...

    19. Nigel on

      I haven't received anything from the Everything Kitty Collection except for the digital & physical copy of the new album

    20. butt ventriloquist on

      i got the everything pack and i've only gotten the new CD so far :(

    21. Ed G on

      Hey Kitty! I still haven't gotten CDs/LP from the "spa" tier. Do you know if it's still on the way? Love the new album!

    22. Missing avatar

      mark drobac on

      Just an update that I got the new CD in the mail but am still waiting for the remainder of the 'everything kitty collection'. I'm playing MGC over and over and over!
      C'mon, hurry up with that next album you mentioned!!! :)

    23. Missing avatar

      Johannes Starke on

      I pledged for "KITTY'S 3-CD DISCOGRAPHY". Today I received a physical copy of the new album but nothing else. Will I receive a second parcel with the other albums? Thanks!

    24. Star St.Germain on

      Hi Kitty! I haven't received my LP yet. Can you check on it for me? Thank yooouuuu!

    25. Missing avatar

      Edward Williams, Jr. on

      I have received the digital download and the Miami Garden Club CD from the "Everything Kitty Collection" and nothing else. I would like to know if that is all I will be receiving so that I can stop anticipating the arrival of the remaining material and put this affair behind me.

    26. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Vinje on

      Hey I know I'm late to this post but I have yet to receive any physical items! Thx! :)

    27. Lisbeth Ortega on

      Hi! I haven't received these! I had pledged the "Everything Kitty Collection"

      - Da. I.S.Y. Rage CD
      - Impatiens/Frostbite CD
      - New album CD
      - New album 12" vinyl
      - Stickers

    28. Missing avatar

      Jason McDowell on

      I haven't received vinyl yet, but I'm also getting the CDs. Not sure if they were shipping together or separately. Looking forward to it.

    29. Kitty Creator on

      looks like the everything kitty collection has had a problem. thanks for your comments.
      you should have all gotten your LPs and CDs by now

    30. Missing avatar

      Edward Williams, Jr. on

      Just in case you have not seen my previous post, the only thing I've received from the "Everything Kitty Collection" has been the digital download for Miami Garden Club. And while that is okay, I had anticipated handling a material object.

    31. Missing avatar

      Tom on

      hey, i also backed for the everything kitty collection and haven't received anything yet. In the UK though so I appreciate that stuff still might just be taking a while

    32. Kevin Marek on

      Hi Kitty
      I pledged the Everything Kitty collection and have not recieved anything yet

    33. Missing avatar

      BOBBY GARZA on

      I paid for the everything kitty collection but have not received the vinyl record yet either. I tried to find out the tracking # back on the 12th but never heard back. thank you for the help.

    34. Missing avatar

      Joel Fusee on

      Hey, is this a problem that Ive only recently filled in my address details (sorry!)? Really hope, Ill get my coloured LP. Btw, havent posted here anything yet, so Ill say this now: the album is great, thank you for making this. Im really happy I could be a part of it <3<3<3

    35. Wesley Slappey on

      Hey love the album, but haven't received anything in the mail. Let me know what I can do to help.

    36. Missing avatar

      Morgan McLeod on

      I have not received the CD yet.
      Been enjoying the digital version. The new video is wow wow WOW!

    37. Cedric Muyres on

      I did not receive mine yet.

    38. Missing avatar

      David Stoll on

      If you ever come to europe, hit me up.
      Record is awesome, recieved my digital copy some time ago already. :) <3 Love it!

    39. Missing avatar

      Kevin Bodnar on

      Hello. I pledged for the 'EVERYTHING KITTY COLLECTION' but I have not received anything as of yet. Should I have received the new LP and CD? Or are you waiting on the old CDs before shipping out this collection in its entirety? Please let me know. Thank you!!