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We all know I'm into doing things all by myself, but this time I need a little of your help to make my first full album perfect.
We all know I'm into doing things all by myself, but this time I need a little of your help to make my first full album perfect.
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Update to the Worst Update Ever

Posted by Kitty (Creator)

hey guys, ppl had some questions about my last update and i wanted to clear them up

1.  "maybe I'm wrong and I was just misunderstanding your last few updates, but I thought you said the vocals had been recorded in an update 2 months ago. then last month you were "mid-recording", but now you are saying the new record hasn't been recorded? did you mean that it's just not all the way done, like some has been recorded? or has literally not one song been recorded and just waiting the final mix?"

like i said a while back, i scrapped a lot of things that had already been finished because i didn't like them and wanted to be able to be 100% proud of my work. all of the songs on this album are in various states of finished, but now that i have finished rewriting i have a string of final recording sessions in a fancy studio with fancy gear that was postponed (for reasons entirely out of my control) from before the holidays until after the holidays. sorry for not being able to better communicate EXACTLY what's finished- i'm trying not to give away any details. i'm a perfectionist and have gone through many versions of songs trying to make them perfect. i have versions all of the songs that will be included- but i have lost all of their final rewrites and the lyrics i was entirely proud of and intended on using are gone. 

2. "and there has been no mention what so ever about if you are still planning on doing a tour. we all chipped in to raise enough so you can do that and your fans come out to support you."

i haven't announced a tour because i haven't finished the record yet and i don't know the release date. there will be a tour. unfortunately, it's very difficult to book a tour on my own without a finished record in my hands, and i am not ready to share mine yet, so i'm unable to give you exact dates and locations of shows, but i am doing the ABSOLUTE BEST I CAN and can assure you that i will be touring with this album.

3. "If you regularly updated us we wouldn't be sceptical." (sic)

maybe i'm bad at this but all i want to do is make everything perfect before i give it away. i know it's easy to get upset with someone who you gave money to for not finishing something on time, but all i want to do is make this the best it can possibly be. that includes every reward and every aspect of it. this is my last shot at doing what i want to do with my life, and i'm putting everything into it. i will do my best to update more in 2016 and i apologize for not being accessible enough over the past couple of months. i can promise you it's all been me sitting in an empty room drinking coffee, writing songs and returning hundreds of emails. it breaks my heart that anyone would be skeptical of me losing such valuable possessions. i have never lied to my fans before and i absolutely never would.

4. "just curious if you are able to give us a rough time-line for what the year will look like?"

this loss will set me back hopefully less than a month. unfortunately along with all of my work from the past 2-3 years i also lost all of the printed zines and some zine content (none from other contributors- only my own art i've been working on for the past 6 months or so) and it will take me a few extra weeks to reprint and send them. i am hoping to have my album released in march, with a tour to follow, but depending on vinyl presses that could be delayed until april. i have my fingers crossed.

this is one of the most devastating things that's ever happened to me, and i appreciate your understanding. this is kind of the best i can do for now. i would do a video but i'm sort of a mess altogether right now, and it's hard to be peppy on camera. hope you guys understand 

love u



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    1. Missing avatar

      Eric Van Meter on

      Need to correct you on one thing. You wrote above: "this is my last shot at doing what i want to do with my life" -- that's so not true. Even if this project never recovers and goes up in flames, it doesn't end you or your talent. Looking forward to much more from you for years to come = )

    2. Missing avatar

      Andrew Welsman on

      So sorry about what happened, just know that your fans are behind you! Please don't let some of the comments get you down. We believe in you and are excited to hear what you've got when it's ready. Please just focus on making the album great! Take your time yung Kit

    3. Roman on

      Luv u to Kit!

    4. Missing avatar

      Auguste Somers on

      Are you sure it was stolen? Maybe your luggage was sent to the wrong place or misplaced by the airline?
      Hope you get everything back!

    5. Missing avatar

      Erin B on

      Kitty, I'm so sorry! Thanks for keeping us updated & take your time to recover from this, I trust you and I can't wait to hear the record and see you live <3 keep doin the thing!!!

    6. Missing avatar

      BOBBY GARZA on

      this goes out to Ryan Harkness:
      3/4 of these questions were totally, totally legit questions. yes #3 was a dick head one. maybe stop being such an ass kisser. she's already taken, not interested, so you are just sounding like a total lackey....

    7. Justin Olson

      Hey Ryan! Don't be a dick. I was the asker of question no. 4 and I feel it was both a reasonable question that didn't place any expectation of results or demands of commitment and was asked in a way that wasn't accusatory or skeptical. I am absolutely sympathetic to the situation and couldn't imagine the loss she experienced or the strength it took to get in front of 1164 people who gave you money and give them bad news.
      So when you speak, do it for yourself and when you offer support, don't do it at someone else's expense.

    8. Missing avatar

      mark drobac on

      Kitty friend,
      I'm sooo sorry about this theft :( and I hope this personal violation doesn't keep you down for too long :)
      This work is a piece of you...I'll be fine waiting until YOU are ready to let it fly.
      I trust and dig you, completely.

    9. Ryan Harkness on

      Half those questions sound like they were asked by autistic ass-burgers. Don't let the douchebags who think you owe them because they donated 30 bucks to a kickstarter get you down. I am proud to support you and that is that. I'm sure 95% of your backers feel the same way. Don't let a couple of weirdos taint your kickstarter experience and make you feel worse than ya probably already do over this bag thing.