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We all know I'm into doing things all by myself, but this time I need a little of your help to make my first full album perfect.
We all know I'm into doing things all by myself, but this time I need a little of your help to make my first full album perfect.
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Worst Update Ever

Posted by Kitty (Creator)

my suitcase was stolen from LAX yesterday with obviously a shitload of things i love but most devastatingly, 4 huge notebooks filled with everything i've written over the past 2-3 years, including my new album that has yet to be recorded and new songs i haven't even demoed yet. a lot of things i can recover from other places (i'm not THAT dumb, i do keep SOME things backed up everywhere) 

i write everything down because i don't trust computers, harddrives, or the cloud but i forgot that all of those things are way more fucking trustworthy than other human beings 

before you ask, i've gone through the whole process with the airline and the airport and now it's being handled through the LAX branch of the LA police. if you're one of THOSE people who lives to make me feel worse, hit me up privately and i'll send you the police report info. hope something good happens but i just wanted to let you all know, since i haven't had a chance to update kickstarter through the holidays. 

love u all. my heart is broken

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      Susan Brand on

      What is wrong with some people. I wanted to send you love and hugs and creative vibes while you deal with your stolen shit.
      The creative process and timelines rarely go together well.
      I'm looking forward to the final product no matter how long it takes. I kicked in because I wanted to support that process : )
      Love, hugs, and Mojo!!!

    2. Kitty Creator on

      i'll update answering your questions today.

    3. Justin Olson

      Curious how this (truly awful thing) affects the production timeline? Obviously things will be delayed, that is totally understandable and acceptable, just curious if you are able to give us a rough time-line for what the year will look like?

    4. Randy Asakura on

      This is actually affecting my vital organs.

    5. Missing avatar

      BOBBY GARZA on

      that is horrible news. sorry to hear that.
      I am a little confused. maybe I'm wrong and I was just misunderstanding your last few updates, but I thought you said the vocals had been recorded in an update 2 months ago. then last month you were "mid-recording", but now you are saying the new record hasn't been recorded? did you mean that it's just not all the way done, like some has been recorded? or has literally not one song been recorded and just waiting the final mix?
      not trying to be rude just wanting more facts about what has actually been done by now. and there has been no mention what so ever about if you are still planning on doing a tour. we all chipped in to raise enough so you can do that and your fans come out to support you. i understand the record has to come out first but it would be really nice just to be assured that a tour is still in the works.

    6. Bobby Arlauskas on

      So sorry to hear this, Kitty. I hope at least something is recovered. You'll probably write even better stuff now tho! <3

    7. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    8. Joe Crawford on

      So sorry. I think you have a lot of backers out here believing in you and supporting you, I know I'm one. Hang tough.

    9. Tania Kinsey on

      Kitty that's the worse news ever babe!! I hope that some force of God helps u get them back or maybe u should just record some freestyle and it might be even better!! Love u girl

    10. Missing avatar

      Rachel on

      noo! :( i really hope you get it back! i send you my best wishes <3

    11. Jeroen Groenewoud on

      I'm sorry to hear that! Can I do something to fix your heart?

    12. Roman on

      luv u too kit, u_u sorry for the lost.