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We all know I'm into doing things all by myself, but this time I need a little of your help to make my first full album perfect.
We all know I'm into doing things all by myself, but this time I need a little of your help to make my first full album perfect.
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Posted by Kitty (Creator)

HEY GUYS!!!!!!

just wanted to post a quick merry christmas message. i hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday and i hope u all know how f*c*i*nG incredible u are and how lovely you've made my year.

as you can tell (bc ive been posting about how damn frustrated i am with how big of a project this is) things have been a bit delayed, but i hope you all know it's ONLY bc everything is gonna be super awesome.

here's some updates on how stuff's coming along...

so the zine was supposed to be sent out in december, but working with 72,000 people on a zine has proven to be a bit hard to coordinate. the new date is MID JANUARY so keep your eyes out for your zines between the middle and end of the month. woo!

most of you have already had yours done or scheduled, but if you haven't, keep an eye out for a message from me (i sent a couple of reminders today) so we can pick a time! can't wait 2 skype w/u <3333

i don't want to give too much away, but we're mid-recording (i keep changing things....i'm sorry i suck i just want everything to be perfect) and once that's done it'll be quick af. my goal was end of december, but sadly because of a long shitty illness and since i've been making all these changes it's all been taking longer than expected. i know you guys are antsy (i get your tweets and messages!) but trust me- nobody wants this dang thing to be done more than me. all i wanna do is share it! i hope you guys all understand the delays and go easy on me-- i've been really really stressed about it, trust. PLUS, i've decided to make up for the wait, i'm gonna release an extra one-off single to tide you over (won't be featured on the record, but will still be a cool ass thing. 

anyway, i hope you're all warm and cozy and i'd love to see pics of presents, pets and yummy food. thank you so much for making my year with your kindness and generosity. 

please don't lose faith in me!!!! i'm working very very hard. i promise.



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      Chase Uyeda on

      if i can wait 15 years for d'angelo, i think i can wait for pretty much any arbitrary length of time

    2. Jeroen Groenewoud on

      Merry Christmas! You are awesome! I can't wait for your album :)