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Introducing Kittyo – the only product of its kind that lets you remotely interact with your cat like never before.
Introducing Kittyo – the only product of its kind that lets you remotely interact with your cat like never before.
2,425 backers pledged $271,154 to help bring this project to life.

Kittyo Update

Posted by Lee Miller (Creator)

Hi Kickstarter,

We are sad to announce that Kittyo has been unable to secure the funding for continued operations and has shut down.

Despite our success in bringing Kittyo to the market with the support of the Kickstarter community, the fact is that maintaining and growing an IoT company at our stage is impossible without additional seed money. There are many costs associated with keeping a complex connected device like Kittyo functional (server costs, product insurance, updating iOS and Android apps, customer service, etc. etc.). 

We thank everyone who had kind words for us and shared their stories (and photos and videos) of all the fun they had with their Kittyos over the last two years.  

To those upset by our shutdown, we fully understand your frustration. Please know that our inability to raise additional funds was not for lack of trying.

Timing is essential in raising capital for a startup. In the years in which we’ve been trying to secure funds, VC investments in tech have been remarkably low, making the uphill battle of raising capital that much more challenging. 

That being said, we have always envisioned introducing an ecosystem of connected cat devices to the market in addition to Kittyo (smart collar, feeder, door, etc.) — all controlled through a single app. Because we truly believe in the potential of the pet tech market, we will continue to strive to raise the capital needed to make this vision a reality. If new investment emerges and we are able to revive Kittyo in the future, you will be the first to know.

Thank you again for your support.

Team Kittyo


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    1. Missing avatar

      J Dubrow on

      Can you provide the software you utilized for your client and server so the community can attempt to revive our kittyo's?

    2. Missing avatar

      Annette Hughes on

      Hi Lee,
      I never received my Kittyo. Very sorry to see you have had to close down.
      What do I need to do to obtain a refund please?
      Thanks in advance

    3. Missing avatar

      Ann Ferguson on

      My cats & I always enjoyed the Kittyo. I will miss having it as part of our interactions with the cats. I hope it is able to make a comeback one day. I'm holding on to mine just in case :-)

    4. Eric Oliver on

      Thank you Kittyo. Your product was a delight that entertained my cats and allowed me to check on my little guys whenever I was away. I’m sad you had to shut down but I’m grateful for the time I had Kittyo in my life.

      I do want to share a story. When I got my first Kittyo, the laser was somehow stuck. Instead of saying oh well, I reached out to Kittyo to ask if they could do anything. Sight unseen the company replaced my Kittyo with a brand new unit. I was shocked.

      Hopefully Kittyo comes back because the world is a better place when we can steam and check up on our cats.

    5. Ann Hawboldt on

      I enjoyed my Kittyo, despite some initial issues and they sent me a brand new one and it worked fine. Tech support was awesome.
      I stopped using it about 6 months ago and unplugged it. So now it won't work anymore because the servers are down? That sucks....

    6. George Larios on

      Unfortunately, Kittyo didn't go to the one source that would have been most reliable for funding. THEIR USERS!!! (I certainly didn't get an email) to convert their service to subscription based to pay their server fees. $1/mo? SURE! $10/yr? SURE! But we weren't even given that opportunity. I'm going to keep my KITTYO in case the people that run this company decide to pull their heads out of their butts and actually make this thing work again. I'm on the fence on if I will buy into a subscription service now...

    7. Andrea on can Kittyo please confirm that the reason we have flashing green lights and can’t log in is due to you shutting down a server or something? I don’t understand all this source code talk...just wondering if that’s why we can’t log in etc.

      And FYI mine did work most of the time...the annoyance I had was having to go through intro every time, but it sounds like I was one of the lucky ones.

    8. Missing avatar

      Sara on

      I was among the first to back the kickstarter for the Kittyo. The Kittyo is still the best of its kind out there. I've tried several others since Kittyo isn't working anymore, but they're just not up to par. They don't do as much and the laser isn't as accurate. I've had to return all of them because it's just a waste of my money. I had serious connection issues with another one (that wasn't Kittyo). The laser was too loud when the motor would go back and forth one another one (second one I tried that wasn't Kittyo). And the third one I tried was okay, it was functional but not as functional or as reliable as the Kittyo. It had limited capabilities, no treats, laser was choppy but it worked. My cat wasn't that interested so I returned it, too. My connection with Kittyo was always good, even when I was out of town checking in. The motor on the Kittyo is quieter and it is more accurate. It doesn't move in a choppy/sporadic way like others do. The treat dispenser worked well, too. So in comparison, Kittyo was great! I hope it will find some investors and be back online sometime in the future!

    9. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Purdon on

      Mine never worked past the numerous phone calls with Jordan (who was fantastic BTW). I use several Webcams to watch my cats & home, but Kittyo would never work. Total waste of money. I hear great things about Pet Cube. Can we please donate these things somewhere for teaching/learning/experimenting?

    10. Missing avatar

      Mai Walton on

      Mine stopped working completely about a 2-3 months ago, couldn't log onto the app (prior to that it was hit and miss if the app would work or not). Quite displeased with the amount of money i completely wasted on this product. You should be offering at least partial refunds for everyone... even if it hadn't crapped out we now can't use them anyway. That's SO wrong!

    11. Qourtney Igmu Wicasa on

      Release the code so we can still use the product that we paid you for.

    12. Missing avatar

      lisa on

      Mine never worked. I hope the donations were made to cat charities who really need it. Otherwise, those involved with the project, I hope you understand that you taught me who to trust on Kickstarter and who to distrust. The animal community is watching.

    13. Albert J Pierce on

      Sooooooo, I'm supposed to throw my kittyo away bc it never worked in the first place and now y'all are closed! I've emailed support soo many times and I realize now why I never received a response... 🤬

    14. Susi Stuart on

      I used mine regularly on vacations. Please make sure we have a way to confine using the item.

    15. Missing avatar

      Shannon Lee on

      Echoing others. Release the source code, please.

    16. Patty Raschel on

      Went and bought the Petcube Bites when I found this out a few weeks ago. It doesn’t have a laser, but it actually works, so I’ll just cut my losses.

    17. Duffey Wolvin on

      That sucks, good luck! If you do go under, would you consider releasing the code so we can try to make them stand alone?

    18. Missing avatar

      JasonfromEarth on

      I haven't been able to use my Kittyo in months. I got a new phone and the app isn't even on the google store. My sister was able to use it a little on her iphone. This product was the longest wait I ever had for a product on Kickstarter and I've backed video games.
      Release the code base. Your backers deserve it.

    19. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Cabrera on

      I am very sad to hear this. While connecting to the Kittyo from outside the house was an ongoing battle (making this easier to deal with would be my number one recommendation if you try again!), we loved being able to check in on our cats when we were traveling, and my cats practically worshiped the Kittyo :-). If Kittyo would be willing to provide the source code to a backer (maybe with an agreement to shut down the server if Team Kittyo comes back to life), I would be willing to contribute to the cost of running the server. This is truly a great product and would likely be a huge seller if the connection issues were solved. Given that I don't have similar issues with my Nest, Chamberlain garage door controller, smartplugs, etc., I suspect the problem is easily solved with some funding for development.

    20. Missing avatar

      Kimberly on

      Not surprised. My Kitty’s never ever worked. I was hanging on but will toss it away today. Worst experience for me on Kickstarter. I wish I had never joined this project!

    21. Missing avatar

      Sarah Lifton on

      Interesting to hear that I wasn't the only one with problems. It's been sitting lit up but unconnected to my cell phone because it would work only intermittently, and then it wouldn't. I ultimately didn't have time to keep dealing with tech support and trying to get it to work...again. It was a nice product when it worked, and my cats quickly learned the sound signaling treat dispensing. Pity.

    22. Missing avatar

      Annette Davis on

      Well, i guess I am in good company here. I spent countless hours with tech support aka Jordan trying to get my kittyo working. Never ONCE did it. He even swapped out my unit and it has sat in the box ever since. Brand spanking new worthless piece of junk. Sad, as I am moving and had hoped to try and get it working in my new home but apparently very few people had it working. So we backed a crappy product. Lesson learned. Glad I didn’t pay the retail price or I would be pissed.

    23. Missing avatar

      Thomas Fjellstrom on

      Really sorry to hear about your problems. As other people have mentioned, it would be AWESOME if the software source were released, or even just the kittyo->server protocol specs were released so people could keep the kittyo going. I haven't had a big use for my kittyo for a while (didn't normally travel long enough to want to bother, and now I no longer have cats/pets, so its just collecting dust) BUT I think it'd be cool to tinker with and whatnot.

    24. Missing avatar

      Allen S. Harvey Jr. on

      I also would like to see it made open source so we an continue with it.

    25. Keebler Rockwell on

      Well that sucks was just using it recently to play with my kitty. They love it but the patterns have always been too erratic for them to enjoy.

      Allowing open source on it would be great for those that want to continute with it.

    26. Michael Glambeck

      Already threw mine away, and with it any desire to ever back another tech project on Kickstarter

    27. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    28. Missing avatar

      John Pauli Koskimaa on

      At least open source the code so we’re not left with a useless brick,

    29. Missing avatar

      Don Ebben on

      Are you planning to open up any of the source to backers? Admittedly Kityo has stopped working for me several months ago when my phone upgraded Android versions. Short of having an app or the back-end servers to support it, my Kittyo is now just a brick. Opening up the source would at least make it a development kit to let those who have coding skills to experiment with their devices. It could also allow these now defunct Kittyo devices in the wild to be used as a teaching tool for kids who want to learn to code.

    30. Christine Seme on

      I echo the comments of people that have commented before never worked for me or my four felines.............very I too was excited at the prospect of it! And the landfills grow :(

    31. Andreas Nordh on

      Yeah I agree with Erich. I obviously shouldn't have been a part of the Kickstarter and it was money not well spent, but I'm not gonna get that upset since it wasn't a scam or anything close to that.
      But is there something you can do so that it's not just a paperweight?

    32. CINDY on

      Yeah not surprised. This was the worst Kickstarter item I ever purchased. It never worked for me and customer support didn’t do anything to help. There are many other products that have come on the market that are 100x better. I was very excited to support this when it was coming out but it took so long (2 Years?) that the cat I originally got it for passed away like many others who ordered this machine.

    33. Erich Stanley on

      LOL. My device that never worked is even brick-ier than before. A hard lesson in kickstartering for me. I know you are out of funds and cannot refund but I really regret ever giving you any in the first place.

    34. Elli TheKingOfBroadway on

      How do I get a complete refund?

    35. Missing avatar

      Amy Pearson on

      I was so sorry to hear about this when I emailed you guys a few weeks ago.

      I'm not giving up hope and I won't get rid of my Kittyo. Maybe, some day, somethign will be figured out. ??

      I thank you, Lee, for all of your help setting up my Kittyo.

      I loved this product and am so bummed it no longer works :( It was fun while it lasted.

    36. Elli TheKingOfBroadway on

      Not that it ever really worked well, but will the Kittyo still work?

    37. Donna Rail on

      Very sad to hear this.

    38. Chelsea Mowery on

      Really disappointed to hear this, I have been wondering why I couldn't log into the app or change my password... Is there anything you can do to let us have control again? I understand there might not be any more customer service should issues arise, and I'm sorry to hear you were not able to get the right funding, but I am really not happy about having a bricked product...

    39. Missing avatar

      Stephani Martin on

      I’m so sorry to hear this. I teared up a bit. It was such a great idea. Hope to see you all again with other pet products!

    40. David Harvey on

      All i want is my app back to control the Kittyo that i have!

    41. Shawn Black on

      Can you open source the code so we can run and still utilize the product??