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Introducing Kittyo – the only product of its kind that lets you remotely interact with your cat like never before.
Introducing Kittyo – the only product of its kind that lets you remotely interact with your cat like never before.
2,425 backers pledged $271,154 to help bring this project to life.

August Update

Posted by Lee Miller (Creator)

Hi Kickstarter,

In this update please find details about our firmware update and our iOS and Android app updates.

It’s been a few weeks since we shipped and we are happy to report that most of the Kittyo units have been delivered and are set up.

A big thank you to everyone who has contacted us at We have heard from about 15% of our backers and have taken note of everyone’s comments. As an iOT device, Kittyo is dependent upon its networking environment for setting up and using properly (for example - wireless encryption, internet speed, router/modem firewall). The issue the majority of our support tickets have focused on is tweaking router settings so that everyone’s Kittyos can be properly configured and accessed while not at home. We have been happy to do this over email or schedule calls when needed.

As expected, upon launching thousands of Kittyo into the world, there were reported issues which we didn’t see with our pre-launch testing. As we couldn’t test out Kittyo in every possible networking scenario (multiple routers, outdated settings, firewalls, advance setups etc.) we thank everyone for their feedback. We have listened to everyone’s comments and we pushed out a new firmware update last Friday.

These are the issues some of our backers were experiencing which have been fixed in the new firmware update:

1) Some Kittyo units were becoming disconnected after a period of time and needed to be power cycled. This is now fixed.

2) The laser is now smoother and quieter.

3) The video quality settings are now functional.

4) The microphone performance is now improved (note: this is something we are still perfecting if anyone is still hearing feedback).

The iOS app update is now available for download online and will improve performance. The Android app update is coming soon.

If for any reason you feel as though you did not receive the firmware update please cycle the power on your Kittyo (unplug for 10 seconds and then plug back in and wait for the Kittyo indicator light to turn solid green). Do not try to access your Kittyo unit for 10-15 minutes so that it can receive the update (fast green blinking indicator light).

If after receiving the new firmware update and app updates you are still experiencing any issues please do not hesitate to contact us at

Again - thanks for everyone’s feedback, everyone’s patience while we perfect Kittyo’s software and for the fun pictures and videos that you are sending us and posting.

Team Kittyo

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    1. Lee Miller Creator on

      Hi all - thanks for contacting us at so we can solve any issues you're experiencing.

    2. Nikky Bottomley on

      I've still not recived my kittyo, it's now been a month since tracking was last updated, my local postal service claim it was returned to sender by them, they didnt tell me why and i've not heard anything, can you please find where my parcel is

    3. Tiffany Lea on

      Ok I do not have quality video. It's distorted. It does disconnect which I see is a current issue. Also the laser never works. The treats release 30% of the time. Or twice then none till it's reset. I really hope updates can fix this.

    4. Lee Miller Creator on

      @Lanie - thanks for emailing at We look forward to resolving your issue.

    5. Missing avatar

      Lanie on

      My android app updated yesterday. I have also unplugged the kittyo several times for more than 10 seconds over the past couple of weeks and after the update hoping its firmware would update. The updated app now has my phone making the treat sounds and the alert noises (birds) NOT the kittyo. About the only thing working right now is the treat dispenser and the laser. My cats are not interested in the actual laser, but more the noise the mechanics make. That is too distracting to get them to play. This is terrible! I don’t need my phone to tweet at me or make the sounds of a shaking bag of treats. Maybe the intention was for the user to hear what the cats will hear, but it is not working that way. The kittyo is not making any noise other than noisy laser mechanics when it moves. I have submitted an e-mail to support, but also wanted to post in this forum so that maybe others could confirm or deny this experience. I have also had issues with the video constantly freezing and need to be refreshed since receiving and getting operational (which was also a struggle).

    6. Lee Miller Creator on

      @Eric - as per our email exchange - glad to hear you are up and running!

    7. Eric Schoenhoeffer on

      My Kittyo unit arrived today, Hourra
      but I have to pay French VAT :( (do I not pay VAT in US too?)
      but power adaptor is US only, not EU...
      Finally, I found an EU/US adaptor and try it
      Configuration is fine... but when requesting for kittyo unit detail, i've get 'Error during connecting to Kittyo' in the app, and the green LED on unit is disabled for few minute.
      So, I have my kittyo, but not working at time. Hope Android update will come soon and resolve my problem

    8. Lee Miller Creator on

      @Jennifer Purdon - Thanks for the comment. Glad to hear our customer service was helpful!

      @Roni Dori - Glad to hear you received your Kittyo in Israel. We hope you are enjoying!

      @Josh Hill - Thanks for the comment - great to hear!


@Mai Walton - Please look for an email today from

    9. Missing avatar

      Mai Walton on

      Kittyo doesn't show in my wifi list. It did when i first connected the unit but wouldn't connect... now it wont even show as an option!

    10. Missing avatar

      Josh Hill on

      Jordan has been very helpful. I received mine and once we got it online, it's been great!

    11. Missing avatar

      Roni Dori on

      Where is my Kittyo? So frustrated and disappointed. Going on a long trip in two weeks and really wanted my Kittyo up and running by then, but unfortunately I don't believe that's gonna happen anymore.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Purdon on

      I spent 45 minutes on the phone with Jordan today and he got Kittyo up and running with some port forwarding action. He was great, very helpful!