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Introducing Kittyo – the only product of its kind that lets you remotely interact with your cat like never before.
Introducing Kittyo – the only product of its kind that lets you remotely interact with your cat like never before.
2,425 backers pledged $271,154 to help bring this project to life.

A Quick Guide to Setting Up Your Kittyo

Posted by Lee Miller (Creator)

Hi Kickstarter,

We're excited to report that your Kittyos have shipped! If you have not received a tracking number, please email us at

PLEASE NOTE: After you connect your Kittyo to wifi, it's important to wait five minutes. This will allow your Kittyo to automatically update to the latest firmware.

Download the app on your smartphone:

Apple iPhone (iOS) >
Android >

Below are some helpful videos that explain how to set up and use your Kittyo:

Setup guide >
Basic app use >
Mounting guide >
Treat dispenser >
Reset Instructions >
What's included >

Here is one more video of Niko having a blast with Kittyo yesterday - chasing the laser and enjoying his treats.

We can’t wait to see your videos! Don’t forget to share on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Use the hashtag #lovemykittyo if you’d like us retweet, repost and share.

And finally - have fun!

If you need assistance, please email us at


Team Kittyo


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    1. Lee Miller Creator on

      Hi all - thanks for contacting us at so we can solve any issues you're experiencing.

    2. Agathe Majou on

      Right. Finally got mine today— it had been held up by customs— I paid the customs duties... And now, of course, after I was nearly all set up: no connection. Tried again and again. Finally tried the reset button and all I get now is the blinking yellow light... Given that I got no response from support earlier, I'm leaving this comment for others to feel less lonely. Like everybody else, I waited, patiently, a really, really long time for this and it is a BIG disappointment.

    3. Missing avatar

      Vincent Dubois on

      Same problem as most people...
      Everything set up correctly, but from the app I'm never able to connect to the Kittyo... not even once and I tried many many times now...

    4. José Carlos Castillo on

      ¿Does Kittyo really have 2 way audio? Cause I don't hear my cat.

    5. Melissa Hare on

      @Eric Willmar-My kittyo does the same thing. I can't seem to connect to it when I'm not on my home network...

    6. Ignacio Serna on

      The best thing about the kittyo we got has been the box. The cats are really enjoying it. The electronics is a piece of crap. Video is buggy and mic has a chirp noise when using it. That if the apps connects to the device, which fails 4/5 times!

    7. Ignacio Serna on

      I have never get passed the "Connecting to xxxxx" screen. It's very upsetting to know you've been ripped.

    8. Missing avatar

      Eric Willmar on

      The Kittyo works great on my internal network when I'm connected via Wi-Fi, but once I go out (using 3G or 4G) - it doesn't connect. Also, your http://Kittyocom/register is 404'ing. Also, might be a good idea to set up a link on your web page to register the Kittyo.

    9. Lee Miller Creator on

      Hi Laura - We understand it can be frustrating if you are having a difficult time connecting your new Kittyo. We received your email at and we look forward getting your Kittyo set up on our scheduled call this week.

    10. Laura on

      I was patient when the first delay notices started arriving. I was patient when I realized you'd done almost no homework about the requirements to build this. I was patient when it became clear you had no clue about how to manage a production process. I was patient during the YEARS (not months, years) it took to finally get this to my door.

      Now? Now I'm livid. No, I think I'm actually angrier than that. It won't connect to wifi at all. I've reinstalled your app multiple times (I'm loving the reviews on the app store, by the way). I've cycled your wretched machine more times than I care to count. I've cycled my wifi. I've changed my wifi password. And your app still won't connect.

      If I could I'd return it. If I could I'd shout warnings from the rooftops to every person on the planet thinking of buying this and I'd tell them not to waste their money - it would be less frustrating for them to simply toss the cash on the side of the road and leave it there.

      You are the reason well-researched projects have a difficult time finding traction on Kickstarter. You're the reason people view projects with mistrust and suspicion. Not only have you failed your customers, you've failed every person who tries to begin a Kickstarter campaign after you. Well done - you should feel proud.

    11. Royski on

      My connection issues resolved after power off and on again. Cheers!

    12. Lee Miller Creator on

      Thanks for these comments. These issues have all been resolved or are currently being resolved via

    13. Tiffany Lea on

      I never got any tracking info. I was an $99 early bird.

    14. Royski on

      Anyone else having connection issues? It worked fine earlier, but lately every time I try it never gets past "Connecting to..."

    15. Agathe Majou on

      My Kittyo has been in France for a week and still hasn't reached me! Pretty terrible service there...

    16. Charly Johnson on

      I never received a response here or via ur support email. In addition to my device freezing constantly. I just realized it only works if I'm home on my wifi. It doesn't connect when I'm not home. Please advise

    17. Nikky Bottomley on

      My tracking says it arrived in england, in newark which is just over an hours drive to my location, then departed the same day down to london the wrong direction from me, then it's showing it's now departed london too, can you please find out what is happening with my parcel and why it's been sent back and forth

    18. Lee Miller Creator on

      @Diana - We received your email and look forward to learning more about your router and wifi speeds etc. Thanks for your comments.

      @Connor - sorry to hear you are having that issue. We will follow up you today. Expect an email from

    19. Connor Rhodes on

      I've plugged my Kittyo into several different outlets and hit the reset button but no matter what I do I can't get the LED to turn on so that I can start to use the product.

    20. Missing avatar

      Diana on

      Got mine today, and got it working after a bit. Cats love it, maybe too much. The youngest is plotting on how to get all the treats out. He grabbed the whole thing with both paws and shook it like a baby rattle. I'm trying to come up with a tougher mounting solution.
      A couple things to note about it, coming from a professional tech.
      - It does take a bit to update when you first connect it, more than 5 min if your wireless signal isn't strong. You may need to unplug it and plug it back in once or twice after you do the wireless network info, so it will pair the phone with the kittyo.
      - The app crashes frequently for me. I am on a recently-wiped Galaxy S7, updated to the latest Marshmallow, with no other apps running. I'm hoping the Android version will get updates.
      - If you run any laser pattern, it will make the app freeze. The only way to get it going again is to back out and reconnect to the kittyo. Again, hoping for an update.
      - The microphone is spotty, did not always transmit voice when I tested it.
      - Video is very choppy. I expected the lower res, but not the jagged jumping image that periodically stops. I think this could be resolved with some software changes.
      - Turning off power saving on the phone helps the performance a little but does not prevent crashes. It does make the app a battery sink, though.
      Happy to answer questions/troubleshoot if you would like. I want this product to be cool and show it off to the rest of the cat shelter!

    21. Charly Johnson on

      Got mine today. Laser worked fine for about 4 times now no longer turns on. I reset it and it will work about 10 seconds then stop. Same issue with the treats it works every now and then �. Can't believe after all this time it doesn't work properly.

    22. Marisa Gondrez on

      Set up my Kittyo on Sunday. It worked for an hour or so and I haven't been able to get it to work since. I restarted it today and see the blue light but now I can't connect to the kittyo network. Any suggestions? So far not impressed....

    23. Chad J Mac Donald on

      @Creator Thank you! I see the progress today. Here's hoping for a fast delivery. :)

    24. Lee Miller Creator on

      @Heather - glad all is going well and your furkids are enjoying their new Kittyo! Thanks for the comment. Indeed - everyone must have a a password setup on their wifi network before setting up their Kittyo unit.

      @Chad @Agathe - All packages were picked up on July 14th. So, the first processing day was Friday, July 15 and today, July 18 is the second processing day. Some tracking events have already began updating, and the rest will start showing updates soon.

    25. Agathe Majou on

      Same here (France). Absolutely no tracking info after July 10.

    26. Chad J Mac Donald on

      Any Canadians get theirs yet? Tracking seems to have stopped updating since last Tuesday.

    27. Heather Lamphere on

      Got my Kittyo up and running this morning and my furkids responded to it immediately! So far everything is working perfectly.
      I do have a suggestion for the people who are having problems connecting their units to WiFi. My home wireless router was unsecured (we never bothered to set up a password) and that was obviously a problem for the Kittyo. I accessed the router set up page and changed the settings so that we now have a secure network with a password. Problem solved.
      I hope this helps!

    28. Kristina Hopkins on

      @Lee -- thanks! That did the trick! We are up and running!

    29. Lee Miller Creator on

      Glad to hear it!

    30. Miss M on

      It works finally!!

    31. Lee Miller Creator on

      Hi Miss M - can you please email us at so we can create a support ticket for you and help you troubleshoot the issue. Thanks.

    32. Miss M on

      Still not connecting :(. This is really sad - I'll try again in 30 minutes.

    33. Lee Miller Creator on

      Hi Miss M - glad you're up and running! Your Kittyo should be much quicker now connecting than it was earlier in the day after we optimized the server for all the new users. The microphone button is designed to be used when you are not home. If you are using it and your phone is anywhere near the Kittyo unit you are going to get feedback and distortion. And you can find the photos and videos you record in your camera roll. If you need any help troubleshooting etc. feel free to email us at

    34. Miss M on

      I received my kittyo today! Yay! It's worked intermittently since I opened it - carefully following all your instructions exactly though. Now it just sits for over 5 minutes saying its "connecting to..." Then seems to just time out. The few times it did connect it was very slow to respond and a weird noise was produced instead of my voice when I hit the talk button. Finally, I tried to take video and a photo. The video button was red but now I don't know where that video was saved to. Please help!

    35. Lee Miller Creator on

      Hi Toni - sorry to hear you are having difficulty setting up your Kittyo. The serial number is on the bottom of your Kittyo which you can see if you remove the surface mount ( Regarding the packaging - both our manufacturer and fulfillment house conducted numerous tests to ensure the protective packaging we chose was more than sufficient to protect your Kittyo during shipping. We did not receive an email from you at but we have your information and will contact you shortly to help troubleshoot.

    36. Missing avatar

      Toni Young on

      I got my Kittyo today (Saturday) and what a disappointment. It will not configure. I get nothing but blinking red light. I've tried several times, have watched the YouTube videos, done tells me it cannot configure so has nothing to do with "waiting 5 minutes".... I've done it all right. Emailed support so have to wait 24 hours (or 48 until Monday). Also, tried to register it and the website does not go to a registration page and underneath my unit there does not seem to be any serial number. I don't know about anyone else, but for a rather sensitive piece of equipment I don't think it was packaged very well. The box was just inside another tight fitting box. No cushioning against shipping handling or dropping that could have occurred. I hope mine didn't get damaged in shipping.

    37. Lee Miller Creator on

      @Agathe Majou - your Kittyo was shipped on Thursday with everyone else's. Your tracking information will be updated once it reaches France.

      @Louis Meyer - can you please email us at so we can help you troubleshoot.

    38. Louis M.

      I got mine today, thanks. Installed the app and connected to wi fi. Tried it out quite a few times and worked great. Now, an hour later, when open app it says "Connecting to......kittyo" and never connects. I unplugged the unit and tried again but no success. Any ideas?

    39. Missing avatar

      Brenda Cummings on

      I got my Kitty-O!!!!! Yay!!!!!

    40. Agathe Majou on

      Tracking information is really scant. The latest dates back to July 10th...

    41. Lee Miller Creator on

      Hi Kristina - have you tried restarting your phone? Are you having this issue with other apps as well or just Kittyo? Please email us at if you are still having this issue so we can help you troubleshoot.

    42. Kristina Hopkins on

      Hi -- I received my Kittyo today, so excited to get it setup! I'm finding that the app for iOS isn't downloading. It just sits there and says "Waiting" -- any advice?