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Introducing Kittyo – the only product of its kind that lets you remotely interact with your cat like never before.
Introducing Kittyo – the only product of its kind that lets you remotely interact with your cat like never before.
2,425 backers pledged $271,154 to help bring this project to life.

May Update

Posted by Lee Miller (Creator)

Hi Kickstarter,

We’re happy to report that your Kittyos have arrived at the Shanghai port today. They will be loaded onto a container which will leave for the US on Monday, May 30th. Once the ship reaches the US in 3-4 weeks they will be sent to our fulfillment house. Your Kittyos will then be mailed out and you will receive a tracking number via email. Be on the lookout for a "Survey" email we will send via Kickstarter next week. This will be the tool we use to gather your current shipping address. Please fill this out as soon as possible so we can be sure to get your Kittyo to you. As always, we will keep you updated.

Team Kittyo





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    1. Andrea on

      Wondering when the next update will be?

    2. Missing avatar

      J Dubrow on

      How come you didn't just ship them from China directly to kickstarter's? I've had a few that did that, even one who shipped after you had your shipped and I've received it already.

    3. Lee Miller Creator on

      @Joy Bucy - the shipment of Kittyos will be arriving at the end of June so please provide us with your new address.

    4. Joy Bucy on

      Please let me know when you will be shipping them and how they will be shipped. I am moving around June 25 and don't know which address I need to give you. It also matters how they will be shipped--by UPS, USPS or FedEx?

    5. Missing avatar

      Kathryn Piersall on

      I'm so excited! I'm sorry that some folks are being negative about the time it's taken - for goodness' sake, it was a from-scratch production effort! I'm thrilled to get the Kittyo, and I'm really excited for you guys to have made your vision reality. Congratulations, and thank you :)

    6. Guinevere Darrach on

      Unfortunately the cat I backed this project for has passed away. I would have loved using this to check in on her and stop her from being so lonely during the day, but never would have guessed that this would take years to fulfill. Now I will have no use for it when it arrives. I'll probably gift it to someone for the holidays.

    7. Charly Johnson on

      Got the email today regarding my address.

    8. NealWM on

      Is there any date the surveys are being sent...sometime next week is a pretty broad range of days? Really hope this is happening so I can finally give my sister her xmas present seeeeeveral months behind.

    9. Missing avatar

      Terry on

      hi , where can I update my address? I have to update my address ... thank you

    10. Katja on

      I am glad they are finally on their way. I cannot wait to get them and even though they took a long time to complete, I understand the need to get everything right. I cannot wait to get mine and try it out. Will there will be an adroid app for it?

    11. Missing avatar

      kelli quantock on

      Wonder how much I'll be able to sell it on ebay for??? It's taken so long (almost 2 years!) I no longer have a need for it �

    12. Missing avatar

      Noi on

      That's amazing!! I'm so happy that for not just myself...but for YOU! I've been patiently waiting for Kittyo. I love being able to support small businesses and entrepreneurs bring their ideas and dreams to a tangible reality even if it's take a bit more time! I believe it will be worth it!

    13. Missing avatar

      Michelle Patterson on

      Great news! I've since moved so how do I update you with a new shipping address?

    14. Ryan Torstvet on

      Oh my god! Hooray! Finally!

    15. Missing avatar

      Andrew Lamonica on

      When I helped fund this product I was the new step-cat-daddy. Now, the cat-mommy and I have a one-year-old boy. I know manufacturing takes a long time and I am glad that it was not a wasted investment. But, this illustrates the hazards of "buying" things on KickStarter. Your life might be totally different by the time you get your product. ;)

    16. Missing avatar

      Andrew Myers on

      Any dates for delivery for none US backers based in UK, but so fantastic to see them on the way over the moon now

    17. jan wolfe on

      YAY! Christmas in June.... can't wait

    18. Shana R. Lighter on

      Finally so excited!!!