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Introducing Kittyo – the only product of its kind that lets you remotely interact with your cat like never before.
Introducing Kittyo – the only product of its kind that lets you remotely interact with your cat like never before.
2,425 backers pledged $271,154 to help bring this project to life.

February Update

Posted by Lee Miller (Creator)

Hi Kickstarter,

Since our last update we have been busy testing units from our first build. We’ve found some minor issues, which were easily debugged. Beyond testing and debugging, the first 250 units have provided our manufacturer the opportunity to review and streamline their process.

We are now putting the finishing touches on the tail end of the process, which includes confirmation of the fit, finish and cosmetics, fabricating the packaging, printing the instructions, and arranging for logistics and shipping.

The plastic parts and printed circuit boards are currently being manufactured and the modules (camera, laser, motors, wifi chips etc.) are being delivered to our factory. 

This is the final push to the finish line! 

There are several parts coming together and our factory is currently giving us an estimate of 5-8 weeks until all of the units are fully assembled, packaged and shipped. 

We are working hard to expedite the process without compromising quality. As always, we will keep you updated on our progress.

Team Kittyo

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    1. Jill Menyuk on

      Can't argue that; laughing at people who have lost the kitties the Kittyo was intended for? That's pretty insensitive, @Stephanie Smith.

    2. Jeff Burtch on

      @Stephanie Smith

      So, because you aren't disappointed in how severely underestimated the timeframe to finish this project has been, then nobody should be disappointed?

      I've read every comment on every update, and I've yet to see a single disappointed backer make comments about "sitting here laughing" at the folks that are NOT disappointed...yet, here you are, just another example of the "not disappointed crowd" trying to say that the "disappointed crowd" is wrong.

      News don't get to decide what is and isn't disappointing for anyone other than yourself.

    3. Stephanie Smith on

      I am sitting here with my husband (2 cat loving engineers) and we are laughing at the comments. Of course we would like to have our Kittyo already, but people - there is no way to know how long a project of this complexity is going to take until you do it. Look at the newly opened WTC Transportation hub. The original estimate (five years at a cost of 2.2 billion) was provided by some of the most accomplished architects and engineers in the field today. It ended up taking twelve years and costing 4 billion. I could give examples like this all day - for smaller and larger projects. Why support a Kickstarter project of this nature and then not support the project creators until the end? I love cats. I love this campaign. I don’t love that some of the backers are doing nothing to dispel the myth of the crazy cat woman (and man). Perhaps it’s not a myth.

    4. RA Showalter on

      Well said, Yosuke.
      If my cat was gone, I can't even imagine the heartbreak that I'd feel when Kittyo finally (if ever) arrived.
      Kittyo has plenty of other funding to tap from besides Kickstarter right now. But, since they have shown no interest in doing that, certainly when the product hits the market, they could send refunds to those requesting. The retail price they have been collecting preorders on is $249.

    5. Yosuke Maekawa on

      Next month, it is going to be 2 years since you started this campaign. I am glad to see some people still anxious to get your product on their hands, while I must say I am the other way around.. 2 years aren't short, if you ask me.

      I do not wish your project to fail, and I hope the investment each people have paid, are put on good use.

      The fact though, is that I do not own pets no longer and, I really have no use of the product.

      Regarding the refunds, I'd like to give you an idea. Why don't you refund people who is asking for after kittyo goes on sale to general public, if they can wait until then? Surely I hope you will be making good business with this product of yours, but please use that profit to return on investment for the backers. CatFi, who also is backed by crowd funding have already expressed similar notion. I have backed your initiative, and all I am asking for is not a product, but return of the investment in the form of money.

      When and if I own another cat one day, I might want to buy kittyo. I will gladly purchase in retail price when that moment arrives, but right now is not the time. so please do not send the product to me, or whoever says they need no longer. We are all heartbroken with the fact that we lost the cats we loved, and to see your product delivered to our doors just makes it worse.

      Please have some compassion and do what is right.

    6. Jeff Burtch on

      I think what I find most disappointing is the lack of response to questions regarding delivery.

      There have been two different questions in these comments here regarding delivery, and they aren't simply "Shen are we getting these things?"

      One is: Is the 5-8 weeks the timeframe to start shipping to customers, or to start shipping from the factory to the United States?

      That should be a simple question to answer, yet it's been ignored.

      The other is: What responsibilities are left between manufacture and backer receipt?

      Again, this seems like a question that could be answered, but it has been ignored as well.

      With these updates I've noticed a pattern...well, two patterns if you consider the first one is the monthly "why it's STILL going to take longer" excuse. The other is that, by and large, the only questions responded to are those asking about how to let the creator know about a change of address. Everything else just seems to fall on deaf ears.

    7. Marisa Gondrez on

      I agree with Karen. It is rather annoying and disappointing that there are now a number of similar products on the market that appear sleeker and smaller than Kittyo. When I originally backed this product I was expecting to get a fun innovative product. I worry that I, as well as many others, will be disappointed. This project has definitely turned me off Kickstarter and I will likely not be backing any other Kickstarter campaigns. Very disappointing.

    8. Lee Miller Creator on

      Thanks everyone for your comments - and your patience as we are in the final stage. For everyone who asked about change of address - feel free to email us at and we will make a note of it. Also - we will email an Address Gathering Survey right before we ship where you can officially change your contact info in Kickstarter’s system.

    9. Angelica Smith on

      Wow, imagine that, another minimum 2 month wait before you even THINK about maybe shipping products. I think I speak for quite a few of us here who are a bit more than just a little agitated. I work for a company that engineers and manufactures brake control products for locomotives and it doesn't even take them as long to produce an item with ten times the complexity of Kittyo. I know we aren't getting the full story.

    10. Missing avatar

      Chelsia Hart on

      Hi Team Kittyo,

      I'm excited to get the product and thank you for all of the updates. I have moved since I purchased the Kittyo - will you be collecting our current mailing address before you ship?


    11. Joey Stern on

      I have moved... will i get a form to fill out my new address?

    12. Maureen Smoky on

      I have moved. How do I update my shipping address?

    13. Linda Mabe on

      I don't understand why it's taking so long its been over a year my cat I was getting this for just died and I don't even have an iPhone anymore

    14. Stephanie Smith on

      Thank you for the update. We are very much looking forward to getting our Kittyo!

    15. Ronni Cohen on

      My cats are eagerly awaiting the Kittyo!

    16. Missing avatar

      Joseph Gladstone on

      Thanks for the update. Glad to hear all went well with the test units. Good luck with the manufacturing run, can't wait to get my Kittyo.

    17. Karen Krogh on

      May 2014: Backers fund Kittyo.

      Mid-Oct 2014: Huge shove of target shipping date to first quarter 2015.

      &$!&@$!&@$!!&&&--------- Time Warp. One Year. Now we are looking at maybe first quarter 2016 instead, we hope...

      Nov 30, 2015: "February 2016 shipping target". Very unclear on wether this referred to the 250 intro units and wether it referred to shipping out of the manufacturer or shipping to backers. The lack of clarity has been unsettling, but not as unsettling as the fact that products exactly like this one except smaller are already, now, being manufactured and available to me for purchase elsewhere. I imagine it did not mean the full production (just 250), or you meant you were shipping to backers... knowing that the manufacturer would be halted during their holiday.

      Dec 1 - Feb 1, 2016: "Small error" results in several week delay, new target is 250 units delivered to Kittyo first week of February, all final units shipped to Kittyo between "mid February and March", with some unknown date of delivery to backers after (again, unclear). Also noted that the manufacturing process would be halted for holiday.

      Feb 1 - Feb 29, 2016: Received 250; however, either the bugs and manufacturing errors (and holiday) delayed the start of final manufacturing; or the March target failed to include such responsibilities as "packaging design/production, instructions, packing and shipping coordination"; or the target chosen was not passed by the factory/ or Kittyo was unrealistic with their demands on the manufacturing process (or the factory is passing along poor estimates). Now the target to Kittyo is mid-April (Instead of March), to May 1. Then the target delivery date to backers is "as quickly as possible", mid to end of May, a guess, which would just about square off to two years for us.

      Kittyo: once these units ship to you, what responsibilities are left? What exists between current manufacture and backer receipt? I think end-May is a fair ship estimate, assuming all shipping coordination, etc is figured out before units are received.

      One of the cats I had in mind for this product has since died. If I end up donating this product to a shelter, I wonder if you all would match that donation by also donating a unit to cats in need; and for any (the few) of us who no longer can use the unit due to death of the cat in the long process of waiting.

    18. Jeff Burtch on

      Five to eight weeks to start shipping to customers, or to start shipping to the United States?

      I'm guessing to start shipping to the United States, which means another what, 4-6 weeks before they start getting into the hands of the backers? So probably June delivery if there aren't any more delays?

    19. Missing avatar

      Tracy Larrabee on

      I so wish i hadn't invested in this. i would rather have had a ball of string more than a year ago. I bought this for a christmas present for 2014.

    20. Missing avatar

      Terry on

      hi, I want to change my address .... how to change it ? thanks

    21. Missing avatar

      Julie Watts on

      So now we're looking at the end of April?

    22. Shelby Healy on

      Can't wait! I have a lot of travel planned for 2016 and want to play with my cat when I'm across the ocean!

    23. Missing avatar

      carol waronek on

      So when will get an email for shipping etc...we have been waiting so long.

    24. Bee Somers on

      Looking forward to getting some!!