Moon Hunters, a Myth-Weaving RPG

by Kitfox Games

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      Neo on

      The original game was too short! I finished it in one hour. Hope for some free DLC's for all backers on GOG. This game need more content. Thanks! :)

    2. Mathieu B

      Speaking of Betas, would you guys have any plans for an eventual in-house playtest/beta test of some sort? I wouldn't mind dropping by at some point, ideally outside business hours but if I get enough forewarning I could arrange to take a vacation day off or something :D

    3. mark krijgsman on

      SOOOO let me get this straight.......the xbox one version is getting more content then the ps4 version?

    4. Ronny Borchgrevink on

      So the ps4 is not getting the extra content?? :(

    5. James Slade on

      I really hope the PS4 version will be getting the expansion soon.

      Also I'm excited to see what the shrouded isle beta will be like!

    6. Missing avatar

      Victoria Collaborator on

      Right now with Xbox we have a time exclusive deal with the DLC, but PS4 players did get to play Moon Hunters a year earlier!

      There's quite a few time restraints being a small team so there are no plans right now, especially since tinkering with the PS4 will mess up save files. But we're always working hard and appreciate you all! <3

    7. Missing avatar

      Victoria Collaborator on

      We do playtesting now and then, so the best bet if you want a physical beta test is to watch our Faebook page or to follow the Gameplay Space Facebook page -- we're likely to go to their playtest every month than host our own in our office. And those playtests are at night!

    8. Edward T. on

      So, you're just going to brush aside other console backers who originally supported this project and just release these previously PC-exclusive (why was that even the case) extra contents for the Xbox One version just like that? And you actually post an update about it to rub it in? Nice, this is something take notes of when it comes to your future projects.

    9. Duncan A. Doherty

      Save files already get messed up every time one loads the game as it is, since the game refuses to remember your world state if you have to suddenly quit halfway through a run. Platform exclusive dlc is not cool. Sorry, but I'm with Edward on this.

    10. Missing avatar

      Victoria Collaborator on

      We totally get not being happy about the DLC and we're sorry if we've upset you. :(

      We're open to discussing this with anyone who is interested. Please feel free to shoot us an email at -- it's better having a real back-and-forth conversation there!

    11. mark krijgsman on

      I just want to say that the "Ps4 players got to play it a year sooner" balloon does not fly, pc got it before ps4 and ps4 was a dressed down version of the pc version and is now the most underdressed version of the game. not having online , i can (almost) understand but not getting the DLC that just stings.

    12. CatStoleTheCrown on

      I play on PC so this doesn't effect me, BUT that's really really really crappy what you are doing to your backers who got the PS4 version... This isnt going to be pretty... And your business decision is going to come into question....

    13. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      "We're happy to say that Moon Hunters has since fulfilled every one of its Kickstarter campaign promises". To be fair you promised a ps vita version that was later cancelled. Sorry for being picky and I understand why you wasn't able to do that, but that's just to correct that statement.

      About the DLC, I'm with the others on the fact that it's not a nice move (I'm on pc btw). It's fair to provide the dlc directly with the xbox one port as it is already developed, but making an exclusive deal that leave out PS4 users that are part of your backers it's really jumping torward everyone that offer you money forgetting the ones that brought you where are you now.

    14. Jonathan Alexander Vamos on

      I'm sorry, excuse me? I originally backed the KS for Mac, but partway through asked for a PS4 code because I didnt use my computer much. PS4 was an early stretch goal and actually part of the campaign. We helped pay for your game. XBox was not, and yet they get the DLC and we don't. Forget about this timed exclusive crap. Its not timed exclusive if you have no plans on bringing it to Ps4 (let's be real the DLC has been out 7 months). And don't use the PS4 got to play it a year earlier bullshit of an excuse - uh duh... We funded your campaign, Xbox wasnt part of it. We literally paid for you to make your game and you are shafting us. Literally not trusting your company again.