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A personality test RPG for 1-4 players about earning a legendary reputation in an ancient, occult world in 5 days.
A personality test RPG for 1-4 players about earning a legendary reputation in an ancient, occult world in 5 days.
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PS4 EU Launch + Art & Cosplay Contest! + Vita

Posted by Kitfox Games (Creator)

First, a quick look at the prizes you should DEFINITELY try to win...

Over $200 in beautiful merch!
Over $200 in beautiful merch!

Okay, we'll get back to that in a moment before the European backers rip me apart...

EU PS4 Launches August 30th

Tell the world! We have a launch date for Moon Hunters in the EU region!

Still a week and a half left, but at least we're nearly at an end to the wait.

The silver lining to the delay is that the launch will include the patch (which hit North American servers on Tuesday) with fixes to optimizations, adventure map sky rendering, and the Cooking 101 trophy bug.

Backers should receive their keys in advance of the launch, but hopefully on the 30th at the latest.

Fan Art & Cosplay Contest

Want to win a free Moon Hunters indiebox, a print of the physical art book, signed prints, and a few extra copies to give away like they're delicious moon candy?

Now is your chance!


You have one week, until midnight August 25th!

So far we've only received 2 Visual Art entries and 0 Cosplay entries, so ... you know, no harm in giving it a try! Send your pictures to already.

The more eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that this means...

Physical Art Book Available To Order

The beautiful art book pdf that many of you have enjoyed perusing can now be enjoyed by libraries worldwide.

 project video thumbnail
Replay with sound
Play with

Although we weren't obligated to make a physical book, we decided to put in the extra effort, because ... well, your support had made the PDF possible, and we selfishly wanted to see what it would look like in print. I know it's a bit expensive, but (other than mentioning the 20-copy discount ;) I can say we bought a few copies for ourselves and it's of very high quality. The paper is thick, the hardcover has a nice texture, and the glossiness makes the colors shine.

So if you know anyone who loves art books,it would probably be a pretty sweet gift. 

PlayStation Vita Cancelled

We have examined every possible variant of the next few months/years of our lives, and we have sadly decided that releasing the game on PSVita is not going to be a good effort after all. :(

Why? Well, one factor is the engine we're using, but with all of the advantages Unity offers, I'm loathe to seem like I'm complaining about lack of low-level resource control.  And one factor is the platform itself, which is more demanding technically than PS4 or desktop, but I'm loathe to seem like I'm complaining about such a beautiful, well-made piece of hardware.

So, the honest and blunt truth is that the only way we could realistically make it work on Vita is to make the game worse. What this means is that when we looked at how to get it running properly, we had to permanently remove the character portraits, real-time shadows, and loading times were absolutely intolerable. And that was just the beginning -- we still had a long, long way to go. So we felt that, with those sacrifices already made, it was unacceptable to reduce the game's quality further.

The upshot is that two years ago, we were arrogant and naive. 

I personally apologize, as both the promise and the cancellation are my decision (me, Tanya Short), and ask for your forgiveness. I am sorry.

Please do not harass the Moon Hunters programmers, as they have done their best to work with a difficult situation I put them in.

I hope I have learned from this mistake. I really hope so.

What does this mean for Vita backers? If you would like any other key, we will immediately give you one of that platform. If the only key you ever wanted was a PSVita key, we may even be able to find 2 keys for you, to make sure you can play with a friend, which helps take out more of the sting.

Can I get a refund? We deeply appreciate your patience and we know we have broken your trust. If you wish, we will be able to refund the $15 CAD of the game key value itself -- as we delivered on all of the other rewards, we will not refund anything remaining from your pledge. However, the CAD has fallen in worth compared to the USD, so those of you internationally may find that taking the platform key and reselling it (alas) could be more profitable.

Again, I'm sorry. I know it is disappointing, which is the last thing I wanted to do to our backers.

We're in the PAX 10!

PAX West and the PAX 10 is coming up in just a couple of weeks. Moon Hunters was selected, which is a huge honor for any indie game, so we'll definitely be there to show the game and hopefully meet new potential fans. 


I'll be sure to take photos, and there will be little presents waiting for anyone who comes to the PAX 10 booth in Moon Hunters cosplay! (Please let me know at if you intend to drop by, so I can make sure I'm there!)

Now, with the EU release soon out of the way, perhaps exciting content updates can be announced in the next update...!

Thanks again for being the best community a game could ever hope for,
Tanya & the Kitfox team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Paul Johnson on

      Has anyone got their code yet? Still waiting on mine...

    2. Zephyr Eden on

      Has it been resolved how replacement codes are going out to vita backers? And does the replacement still count for people who chose the vita version as their second code? That's would be the boat I'm in now and unfortunately this pretty much only grants me use of another steam code cause I don't have a ps4.

    3. Liam Allen-Miller on

      What's the process for getting codes for different platforms if we were Vita backers? I'd be down to switch to a PS4 code given the circumstances.

    4. Felipe Lins on

      I'm very, very sad you can't deliver the Vita version (the one I really wanted =/).

      How can I get my key for other platform? T.T

      I'll take a Steam key instead =~~

    5. GM3434 on

      Well thats unfortunate, but I do understand regarding the vita version. I was pretty dead set on that version, so would it be alright if I got two steam keys? I do appreciate you being upfront and explaining why it didn't work, even if it is still disappointing. Wish the game the best of luck as time goes on regardless!

    6. Missing avatar

      Keith Thomson on

      Darn about the Vita. Who do I contact to switch to PS4?

    7. Tracey Craig

      Wonderful news! I can't wait to play your awesome game on my lovely PS4 :D

    8. iqSoup on

      Keep up the great work! Sounds like canceling Vita was a difficult decision but ultimately the right one.

    9. Ronny Borchgrevink on

      Finally a date!!!
      This has been a good year for KS games! Can't wait to play it! :D

      I feel sorry for the vita backers though. :(

    10. Xi The 11th Weapon

      I'm someone who was highly anticipating the vita version. You guys had received my money specifically on that platform version being a possibility. I understand things change but i also understand things don't change overnight and this choice was at least something most of the team decided even if you made the final yes. I do hold all the kitfox team responsible as it was everyone's job to make sure the game came out. I will be hesitant to back a game from anyone on this team again. Keep the money and remember this lesson going into your next project.

    11. Christophe Hermans on

      Well... as a vita backer, this is not a good news to hear... especially so late.

      What will you do now ?
      Will you send a new survey to the vita backers to see if they can take a key for another console ?