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A personality test RPG for 1-4 players about earning a legendary reputation in an ancient, occult world in 5 days.
A personality test RPG for 1-4 players about earning a legendary reputation in an ancient, occult world in 5 days.
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New projects: Boyfriend Dungeon Kickstarter & Six Ages

Posted by Kitfox Games (Creator)

Are you a fan of dating weapons, or of ancient myth-building? Tanya here! I've got big news for you! I don't want to spam Moon Hunters folks too much but I thought you might be interested, so ... once every 6 months or so is OK right? :)

Boyfriend Dungeon: Date Your Weapons

Most of the core Moon Hunters team is working on Boyfriend Dungeon, the dungeoncrawling/dating  which just launched its Kickstarter today! We have a couple of early bird tiers available only for the first day:

Kickstarter now live!
Kickstarter now live!

In order to avoid some of the wrinkles we experienced in the Moon Hunters development, first, we've structured the engine architecture to better-support DLC and other platforms in the future (sorry again PlayStation folks). 

But we've ALSO decided to ONLY Kickstart the PC/Mac versions, no consoles... and we're working with Indiebox to handle our physical merch, to take some of that weight off of us. So hopefully everything will go even more smoothly this time around. Wish us luck!

Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind

And last month, we announced that Kitfox will be publishing Six Ages, the spiritual successor to one of my faves, King of Dragon Pass, also from one of the creators (David Dunham). 

Six Ages is all about myth-building and tribe-management, so Moon Hunters fans should definitely check out the Steam Coming Soon page and wishlist it up:

Coming Soon on Steam!
Coming Soon on Steam!

We're currently planning on release for Q1 2019. You can follow @sixages for more info on developments, or join the Kitfox newsletter

Thank you! Have a great six months!

Nintendo Switch™: Moon Hunters Launching on the Nintendo eShop!

Posted by Victoria (Collaborator)
We had one more big surprise hidden in the constellations. Moon Hunters is coming to the Nintendo Switch™ console!

 The Nintendo Switch™ console version will include the Eternal Echoes DLC as well as three exclusive new companions to find out in the world!

Bau, the familiar dog. (SUCH A GOOD BOY.)
Bau, the familiar dog. (SUCH A GOOD BOY.)


Lingzhi, the familiar shroom. (Less cute in my opinion, but then again I don't like mushrooms in general. Still deserves lots of tender love and care.)
Lingzhi, the familiar shroom. (Less cute in my opinion, but then again I don't like mushrooms in general. Still deserves lots of tender love and care.)


Domovoi, the familiar snow monkey. (I kinda want a hug from Domovoi. Looks fuzzy and warm.)
Domovoi, the familiar snow monkey. (I kinda want a hug from Domovoi. Looks fuzzy and warm.)

Single-player or local multiplayer is supported for up to 4 players, so you can download a copy for yourself (or a friend) and play Moon Hunters at home, on the go, or anywhere else your heart desires! Hunt that moon!

A Message To Our PS4 Backers

Hey PS4 backers! We understand some of you have been curious about Eternal Echoes on the PS4 and a few of you have been disappointed with our silence on the issue. Sorry we upset you!

We’ve been discussing it for awhile and after heavily weighing our options, we’ve decided the Eternal Echoes expansion won’t be coming to the PS4. (Ughhhhh it hurts to say that.)

The truth is that while we want to port it to PS4, it’d be a monumental amount of work, time, and resources for our small team and especially for Marcelo, our programmer. The Eternal Echoes expansion was never planned, at all, when we first decided to Kickstart or make Moon Hunters, and it changes a lot about how the game works beneath the hood.

To briefly explain - and not even getting into the legal stuff - updating the PS4 with Eternal Echoes isn’t a simple matter of transferring some files into the system and it automatically working. (Can you imagine though? Heck. That’d be awesome. I bet Marcelo dreams of that.) Not only would players potentially lose their entire save file, but everything would break and conflict with what’s already on there. So it would take months for him to get the files ready for the update and then an uncertain amount of time to fix everything that breaks. As a studio, we wish we could bring Eternal Echoes to PS4, but we also want to make more games, and right now, we can’t afford to do both. When it comes to other consoles, having Eternal Echoes in the build from the start avoids the problem of messing up all the files, so it’s less of an issue to “just” port it over to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch™ console.

All that being said, we are sorry to our PS4 backers. We should have planned ahead better than we did. We have and always do appreciate our community, no matter what platform they’re on. If any PS4 backers are super bummed, please do throw me an email at We can discuss and see if there’s anything we can do to help you feel better about this not-good situation! 

The Shrouded Isle

Meanwhile…. wowowowow. You’ve all blown us away with the response to The Shrouded Isle so far!

If you haven’t heard, we’ve recently added a new colour palette to the game (black & grey, a.k.a. “Cremation Ashes”) as well as a few other fixes. You can also read about how we’ve improved and developed The Shrouded Isle from its original game jam beginnings here.

If you’ve played and haven’t left a Steam review, please do! It helps us out a lot. We’re currently looking into possible improvements to The Shrouded Isle gameplay and content in coming months, so keep an eye out for that.

For the most up-to-date-announcements, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Our Discord server is going strong too if you want to chat with us more directly or about the games!

See you soon,

Victoria and the Kitfox team

The Next Kitfox Game Released Today!

Posted by Victoria (Collaborator)

After launching Moon Hunters on Xbox last month, we’ve been busy on one other Big Moon Hunters Secret, but we’re not ready to announce that yet. Soon! For now, feast your eyes on Jongwoo’s side-project… The Shrouded Isle, releasing today!


After 497 years, the time has come upon us. Prove your loyalty to Our Lord - The Shrouded Isle is officially out!  


Arise! The awakening that shall birth a new era for the worthy. We observe sinners within your community. Seek and purge them for true salvation! If you have any friends, family, or shadowy enemies, purchase them a copy so that they may suffer alongside you in this unforgivable and grueling task.

Should you be tempted to counsel other worthy members of the community or show off your playthroughs, our Shrouded Isle Discord channel or Steam forums will serve you well.

Jongwoo, the Kitfox tech lead, collaborated with the art director of Children of Zodiarcs to come up with this unique game concept for Ludum Dare 33 back in 2015. Since then, they’ve been toiling in their spare time (yep, while Jongwoo was finishing up Moon Hunters!) and Tanya joined as a writer in the meantime. We hope you enjoy managing these cultists... they certainly can’t manage themselves.

Obtain the game post-haste - Our Lord is unforgiving.

With dread,

Priestess Victoria and all of House Kitfox

Moon Hunters Releases on Xbox One

Posted by Victoria (Collaborator)

We’re adding another console to our constellation of platforms blessed by the Goddess -- Moon Hunters is now available for purchase on the Xbox One. 

 Xbox One users will at last be able to enjoy the world of Issaria and weave legends with their friends. Get a copy for you or a friend now and have some sweet co-op fun! (Fun fact: we designed couch co-op to be at the heart of Moon Hunters.

In other Moon Hunters news, we’ve added the Chinese translations to the Steam build! That brings us to a total of 9 languages now. Thank you to our global community for the continued support and love!

The Shrouded Isle Updates  

On August 4th (just over 2 weeks!!), The Shrouded Isle is coming out on Steam. We can’t wait for you all to explore the eldritch mysteries of the island and its violently devout inhabitants. We’ve added some new colors and features we think you’ll enjoy, including the ability to rename your villagers at will.

Pretty colours~
Pretty colours~

 Clean up your altars and be prepared. Our Lord is awakening.

Kitfox on Discord  

We’ve launched a Discord server! We thought it’d be a cool way for our lil’ community to interact with us more directly, see what’s happening with our games, and maybe even get to know each other a bit (we think you’re all pretty great).

Right now there are channels for things like Moon Hunters, The Shrouded Isle, fan art, Twitch and “supersecretupcomingproject”... Hmmmmm….. What could it be? ;) (I’m seriously going to blab everything out one day GAH.)  

We’ll officially announce our Discord on our pages soon, but thought you guys would get the details first. Feel free to join! We’ll see you there.

Cheers, Victoria & the Kitfox team

Moon Hunters on Xbox One & The Shrouded Isle Beta!

Posted by Victoria (Collaborator)

Moon Hunters coming to Xbox One July 19th!

It's here! Finally! The big announcement we've been hinting at for Moon Hunters -- it's now available for pre-order on the Xbox Store for $14.99.

Better yet, the previously desktop-only Eternal Echoes DLC content is included! As a result of all the new DLC content, the Xbox One version also features six extra achievements over the PlayStation 4 version. 

Skate as much as your heart desires!
Skate as much as your heart desires!

We're happy to say that Moon Hunters has since fulfilled every one of its Kickstarter campaign promises, which couldn't have been done without your patience and support! Thanks everybody!

Moon Hunters will officially be released on Xbox One on July 19th, 2017. Single-player or local multiplayer are supported, for up to 4 players, so pick up a copy (or several) to enjoy some mythology-building couch co-op... Xbox style!

The Shrouded Isle Beta Sign Up

Do you like being part of a horrific cult with an affinity for human sacrifice? Yes? Then you should sign up for The Shrouded Isle beta test! We're opening up spots for a closed beta and would love to have you join us for the Lovecraftian ride. Candidates for the beta will be chosen randomly on June 15th! (We promise you won't receive any newsletters if you sign up, by the way -- the list is purely for contact info.)

Beta testers will receive exclusive, secret access to the Shrouded Isle and a feedback forum, in order to give us your honest feedback on gameplay, interface, help us track down bugs, etc. Serious thanks to all of you who sign up! Our games wouldn't be the same without you.

Twitch Canvas

If you haven't heard by now, Twitch Canvas is a new little painting toy we created that allows Twitch chat to make whatever pixel art it desires. You can check it out on our Twitch channel and join in on the fun every week. This week in celebration for our Moon Hunters release it's a Moon Hunters palette. We've had quite a few masterpieces already! 

Gif from our last canvas! Pizza Illuminati confirmed...?
Gif from our last canvas! Pizza Illuminati confirmed...?


We clean the canvas and update the palette theme every Thursday. If you have suggestions for Twitch Canvas, you can tweet at us. Also feel free to send a little high-five to our amazing programmer, Marcelo, better known online as @scientistsloth!

Kitfox's 4th Birthday!

Yesterday was Kitfox Games' 4th birthday! The team celebrated with ice cream cake, a Shattered Planet stream and talking with some of you in chat. We can't believe it's been 4 years and (almost) 3 games already. None of those would be possible if we weren't supported by such an awesome community, so cheers to all of you! <3

The team thought the image was made of fondant... It wasn't. It was paper. We felt lied to.
The team thought the image was made of fondant... It wasn't. It was paper. We felt lied to.

As for what the future holds... it's going to be an insanely busy summer for us. There are LOTS of exciting announcements coming up that we know you'll love. (I'm struggling to keep these all a secret. Someone take away the Kitfox social media accounts away from me AHHH.)

Keep an eye out on our Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram page for the most up-to-date news and remember we're streaming every Thursday at 4pm EDT if you ever want to say hi to the team!

Catch you soon,

Victoria & the Kitfox Cult