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Build your mythology! An action RPG for 1-4 players about earning a legendary reputation in an ancient, occult world.
Build your mythology! An action RPG for 1-4 players about earning a legendary reputation in an ancient, occult world.
Build your mythology! An action RPG for 1-4 players about earning a legendary reputation in an ancient, occult world.
6,044 backers pledged $178,986 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Ronald van den Kieboom on May 2

      Hello paid for the Phinix but haven't had the email. This would be send out the 28th if I recall correctly?

    2. Jason VandenBerghe on April 23

      I haven't really participated in the community here - but I wanted to just say that now that I'm playing the game I am absolutely smitten with it. I wasn't hit hard by the network issues, and I could see where that would frustrate people - but *DAYAM*, Kitfox, this thing is so BOLD and full of positive mojo and lush world-story and... yeah.

      This here is one super-happy backer. <3

    3. William Travis Voss on April 20

      Would love to nab a Phoenix companion and meet everyone at PAX East, though I won't be there. I'm hoping to go to Prime (now West), but if you guys take a break we all miss out meeting each other!

    4. Ronald van den Kieboom on April 20

      Please fly the Phoenix over to his home in the Netherlands.

    5. Alan Aj Johnson on April 19

      Would it be a huge issue if I switched my copy to the pc version ? I wanna play it so bad !

    6. Missing avatar

      Andrzej Krakowian on April 19

      So how should I contact with you to receive GOG key?

      I'm entitled to two steam keys, I'd prefer to change one to gog key, and the second one would remain steam. If it's not possible, I prefer two gog keys.

    7. Jennifer Hackett on April 15

      Cannot wait to play the PS4 version. PC is getting great reviews. Keep up the good work!

    8. Evan Coolen on April 7

      I opted for the Vita version, but considering how long its already going to take (apart from possible expansions added), I'd wish I went for the Steam version in the first place. :/

    9. Missing avatar

      Boris Fuica on April 2

      How am I able to find the digital copies of the game, I using mine, but I can't remember where. Any way you could help with that?

    10. Missing avatar

      CidRex999 on March 31

      I never said i wanted a rushed game. I allways said as long as the ps4 port is stable and glitch free and if that can be done within 2 to 3 months do that. I just dont't feel we need to wait for all the extras that can be patched in later

    11. MB on March 31

      @Team: Any update on the PS Vita version?

      You got your PS4 development kits, but how about the Vita? Is this version planned for release at the same time as the PS4 version, or will you start working on it only after? Are you doing the port or are you working with a third party?

      Looking forward to play the game (sooner than later, hopefully!).

    12. Tracey Craig on March 31


      Do you seriously want a rushed game?!


      Take your time and don't rush. I want a great game on my PS4 :) i'm more than happy to wait for as long as it takes.

    13. Fábio Larsson on March 28

      PS4 ASAP, methinks.

    14. Chris M on March 26

      Hey Team,

      Any estimate on the bonus content (ex. Meow Hunter)?

    15. Missing avatar

      CidRex999 on March 26

      My vote is for the console version sooner and wait till latter for the extra content. I'm tired of waiting. If you can have a stable game out in 2 to 3 months then put it out please

    16. Chris DB on March 25

      I'm looking forward to playing the game on PS4, but I go either way. I think that as long as we still eventually get the same additional content, most people would be very happy to play the game sooner than later. I'd be curious to know how the work load will differ for your team depending on which version is released. I tend to want people to not be going crazy over something I'm already waiting for, but if it isn't too hard to release one version, and then patch it in the extra content, then I'd say get the PS4 version released, and we will keep ourselves busy with it until the new toys arrive.

    17. Chris Garcia on March 25

      I vote for the basic PS4 game as soon as possible, even if it means a slight delay on the first big content update. I can't wait to play!

    18. Missing avatar

      Kobie Hodgdon on March 12

      I would like to know what is going on with online play? I've port forwarded 7777 along with many others according to the Moon Hunter steam forum and we never get past the connect screen. I played about 5 mins of solo play and realized I will not play without a friend. So can you please shed some light as to when this issue online (beta) will be remedied? -Kobie

    19. Missing avatar

      Diogo Lundberg on March 12

      Hi Kitfox Games, how do i get my key? I've never got any mail about the keys or beta.

    20. Benoit Tousignant on March 11

      Just realized I picked PS4 key in the survey. That's why I didn't get a key yet :p
      Can't wait to try this game.

    21. Benoit Tousignant on March 11

      I don't think I received a key either. Been through all my emails and didn't see anything.

    22. Missing avatar

      Mirak on March 11

      Still didn't receive any key & no answer to my email enquiry...
      I'm a backer & others can play the game but not me. It's ridiculous !

    23. Mike Garrett on March 11

      Congrats on the launch! I'm excited for the mac release in the coming months. I can't wait to play.

    24. Steven MacEwan on March 10

      I come back to check on the project for release day after a $30 backing, I realize I never got beta keys and haven't received any for release yet either. I have full faith and emailed Kitfox...but I'm just saying.

    25. Missing avatar

      Jacob Pedersen on March 10

      When will the swag be send out ?

    26. Gabriel Gama on March 10

      The game comes out in a few hours and I still haven't decided what class I want to play as! They all look so cool!

    27. Brian on March 10

      Happy release day, Yay!

    28. Alyindar on March 7

      Got an email from Humble with my key this afternoon, can't wait to get started!

    29. Creator Kitfox Games on March 6

      Hi everyone! First, in the future, or for key platform changes, please private message me or email me ( with your account problems, as I can't reply here individually. It is also not within my power to message you personally unless you message me first.

      Second, we don't use Backerkit! You may be confusing us with another campaign. We use the vanilla Kickstarter survey, and almost all of you filled it out back in 2014.

      However we do use Humble, and anyone with tiers $20 or below who wanted a Steam key will receive an email tomorrow by noon PST with your key, from

      The PS4 version was always going to be a couple of months after the desktop versions -- hopefully May, but if we decide to push it back further, it will be to include content and systems added in patches to the desktop version after launch.

      FlogicLawless: You were a $20 backer, not a $25, so your key arrives tomorrow.
      Charles and Minsun: Sure, please message or email me and I will give you your Steam key.
      Stephen and Jared: An email was sent back in January, but I've just had it resent now.

    30. Andrew R Carl on March 6

      I never got an email from backerkit about my console/PC preference.

    31. Vardoc on March 5

      Also have not recived a email from backerkit have sent a massage so will hopefully be sloved before its out.

    32. Oberon on March 4

      So PS4 version won't be released until May to August? huge delay. If I choose or can choose to get the gog version? And if so how do I do this?

    33. Oberon on March 3

      Where we supposed to get another email from backerkit. I haven't received anything since you advised you where going to use backerkit

    34. Missing avatar

      jared nash on March 3

      I also just realized I was supposed to get Beta access and I did not receive an email about it :(

    35. Missing avatar

      Minsun Park on March 2

      I am a 25 CAD backer.

      and my first game key is PS4, second game key is VITA.

      i wanna change PS4 key into steam key.

    36. Stephen Hoffman on March 2

      Hey I don't think I ever got my beta access... not sure if I filled something out wrong

    37. Missing avatar

      Charles Chiejina on March 1

      Is it possible to change my platform to pc? I picked Vita in a more hopeful time lmao.

    38. Missing avatar

      FlogicLawless on February 24

      I haven't gotten a key yet (being a 25$ backer) and I tried using the humble bundle resend link posted earlier but it says I don't have any keys. Who can I contact to resolve this issue? Thanks

    39. Creator Kitfox Games on February 17

      Hi everyone! The beta discussion/support forums are here:

      The keybindings are quite strange/fragile right now, but if you end up with a bad arrangement, please do submit a bug in the game via B so that we can see all the ways it can break and hopefully get it tidied up before launch. If you end up with a situation where you can't put in any input at all, for now the best way to reset things is to edit your registry (cringe, I know). So run the "regedit" program with admin privileges, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Kitfox and just delete the whole Moon Hunters folder. (Sorry. It's a top priority to fix for the 25th.)

      Oberon: you chose the PS4 version, which will release 2-4 months after the PC version (so, sometime between May and August). Some people have played on 4k monitors, so I know it works... but since I personally haven't, so I can't comment on the experience.

    40. Alex Snell on February 17

      Hey guys! I am looking for a forums or a place for the community. I am looking to figure out why I can not scroll down in the key bindings to change or even figure out what other buttons are available. I do not have a game pad and using key/mouse. Also my friend and I can not connect to each other in the multiplayer at all. We have disabled all firewalls/virus and nothing seems to work. Any ideas where I can bring these concerns?

    41. Oberon on February 16

      I can't remember when I chose my version, hopefully it is done. Also, how much later is the PS4 version? and if I chose to change to PC then how does this game scale on a 4K monitor?

    42. Jonathan Drui on January 28

      I'm attempting to play, but the "customize controls" option for Keyboard and Mouse are confusing to configure. Any tips for playing the beta easier? Thanks! Love the art style so far :-D.

    43. Missing avatar

      Infexis on January 21

      Yepp, I got em'. Thanks so much!

    44. Creator Kitfox Games on January 21

      Ahh that's because you filled out the survey today I see. :) OK I'll email you privately with your keys.

    45. Missing avatar

      Infexis on January 21

      Kitfox, I used the link you sent me and it said that there's no records of any orders for my email.

    46. Creator Kitfox Games on January 21

      Tobaz & Christopher: I'll sort you out, but for anyone else reading this in the future., please message me privately for platform changes.

      Lady Joshi: It seems unlikely that we'll be able to support online play on PS4, but we're still looking into it.

      Infexis: Yes! $25 and $22 backers should have already received their key (i.e. you should have gotten the 1 you asked for). If you haven't, try using this with your Kickstarter email: -- if that doesn't work, let me know!

    47. Missing avatar

      Infexis on January 21

      Any updates on whether the beta will go out to the backers today or not?

    48. Missing avatar

      Christopher Fujii on January 21

      Hi I wanted to switch my platform from PS4 to PC. Tanya told me to message here to get it sorted out. Thanks!

    49. Missing avatar

      Tobaz on January 20

      So I backed this and kind of forgot all about it. Is it too late to switch the systems we receive our keys for, and if not how do we go about it? I believe I asked for steam keys but would now prefer ps4 keys if at all possible

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