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Romance your swords! Capture the hearts of weapons (m, f, nb) to level them up in this shack-and-slash dungeon-crawling video game.
Romance your swords! Capture the hearts of weapons (m, f, nb) to level them up in this shack-and-slash dungeon-crawling video game.
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Stretch Goals Revealed! 🐦👀

Posted by Kitfox Games (Creator)

Hey Sword Smoochers!

Alright, are you ready to learn more about our stretch goals?! (Also -- $100k CAD already?! Y'all are THIRSTY. We love it.)

For our first stretch goal at $125,000 CAD, meet Rowan Blair, the witch heir apparent of Verona Beach, and part-time Scythe. They'll be our second non-binary dateable character! 

As we said in the previous update, this babe was an original design explicitly for the game by HATO MOA, the creator of Hatoful Boyfriend.

Hato Moa’s original design
Hato Moa’s original design

Rowan doesn’t have many friends, and mostly relies on the companionship of their (Friend? Pet? Familiar?) white raven. They’re grieving… can you help them acclimate to the modern world?

We imagine the Scythe would be a slow but high-damage weapon, risky but perfect for highly skilled players. Let's get Rowan funded! Then we'll reveal a little bit more about them. :)

What about the other Stretch Goals?

So here’s what’s up and coming in the plans (all amounts in CAD):

Is that a hair dyeing stretch goal? Yes. Yes it is. It's just a fun thing we added in there -- we're DEDICATED to the dunj, okay? The team will be dyeing their the Boyfriend Dungeon colors so think pink, blue, or silver...

We'll reveal more stretch goals when we hit Rowan, so keep sharpening those blades!

Meanwhile, our next Twitch stream will be on August 22nd with Dr. NerdLove! We'll be answering allll your questions about dating blades there, so watch out. Or join our Discord to get insider-only info...


Victoria, Tanya, and the Kitfox team

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    1. Julia on

      Hair dyeing stretch goal, I love it. Based on the "which weapon" quiz I got Sawyer (which is sweet because I love spear weapons) but oh mannn a scythe too? And I already had additional eyes on that handsome epee...

    2. MadRubicante on

      Only one female? Where's parity in all that?! :p (God I sure hope that Valeria won't be the only female... ^^")

    3. Gwenael Talhouet (Belmont1)

      I think I just found my weapon

    4. Epsilon Rose on

      On the one hand, I was hoping for another female character. On the other, Rowen seems pretty cool. 🤔

      Oh well, I guess we'll just have to unlock more stretch goals and more characters.

    5. Megan S.

      it's thursday and we're thirsty

    6. Rii the Wordsmith on

      A scythe!? Omggg all my dreams are coming true. (Literally after backing yesterday, I say to my husband, "All I want now is a bow...or a scythe, but that probably won't happen.") Screw getting a bow, there's a scythe and that's what matters.

    7. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Leclerc on

      Yesssss more enbies!

    8. Brandi Swenson on

      @Joseahfer yes because the only part of the process to put another character in the game is a design sketch...

    9. Joseahfer on

      Basically you're asking almost the same than for the project for a guy to design a character. And it's already in sketch!

      Pretty unfair and dishonest.

    10. Charlotte Grubbs on

      Thank you for including another non-binary weapon!

    11. Missing avatar

      Jack Thompson on

      Can I request a wizard-type staff please? Swords are all well and good but sometimes you want to hit things with a bigass stick.


    12. Michaeljack on

      3 male blades, 2 non-binary but only 1 female? I really hope the next blade is going to be female...