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Solarix is a first-person psychological survival-horror game set in a beautifully dilapidated science fiction setting

Solarix is a first-person psychological survival-horror game set in a beautifully dilapidated science fiction setting Read More
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About this project

What is Solarix ? :

Trapped in far reaches of space, the sole survivor of a human genetic experiments gone badly wrong...

Years spent avoiding your infected crew mates with only a distant voice for company....

Battling against the corporations 'clean-up' squad who have one instruction - destroy all evidence!

The shadows are your friend, avoidance is your only strategy.

How long can a mind survive this environment?


Solarix is a ‘psychological survival horror’ game featuring massively detailed open-ended levels encompassing both survival and stealth-gameplay styles.

Our goal is to take the survival horror genre beyond simple staged ‘jumpscares’ and cheap thrills. With Solarix we will create a world that fills you with unease, insecurity and desperation.

Already approved by Steam and a Microsoft build being planned.  All that's need now is your support!

Why Solarix Project needs you, find out! Watch the video below:

Existing Features :

Old-School Stealth Mechanics:

Solarix Pistol
Solarix Pistol

Solarix brings back the stealth game play of old, where all you had to save you were your wits and the environment, think Thief and the System shock series. For example, you will need to rely on a light-meter to find the darkest shadows to hide in. To create darkness where there is none, you will need to shoot out lights and break into the onboard network. Success relies on careful planning and deliberate action.

Open-Ended Gameplay :

Solarix Zombie
Solarix Zombie

Armed only with hacking tools and stolen weapons, you have the choice to fight, to run or to take your enemies down one by one. But be careful, every level comes with its own unique strategy requirements. Your ammunition is limited and enemies become more aware of your presence as you progress through the level. Adaptation is your only hope!

Learn more in-depth features of Solarix GamePlay! Watch the video below :

Massive, Detailed Levels :

Solarix Station
Solarix Station

Parts of the Solarix station were built for huge robots and you are dwarfed by the architecture.. Other parts of the game are set in the previously inhabited crew quarters. As you explore each type of environment you are aware that at every turn, behind every door there could well be a new horror waiting for you.

Watch the video below to enjoy a tour of variety of Solarix levels and locations:

Horrific Enemies :

Solarix Zombie-Miners
Solarix Zombie-Miners

The interstellar research station ‘Solarix’ specialised in manipulation of the human gene. When that research goes badly wrong, the consequences are devastating for the crew. One by one, they succumb to the mutation and roam the ship in a zombie like state.

When the parent company that owns the research station finally reacts, rather than send help, they send a ‘clean-up’ squad with orders to destroy all evidence. Now there are two threats to your survival.

Rich In-Game Content :

Solarix Hacking
Solarix Hacking

You'll encounter not just human enemies or monsters but you'll have to hack your way through turrets, security cameras, sniper-robots and flying drones. There is a different and unique type of enemy awaiting you around every corner in Solarix...




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Risks and challenges

The biggest risk is that our AI Code is very complex and therefore it needs thorough testing, which is something we're doing every day. However, since we aim to make our AI somewhat unpredictable, some gamers might experience different stealth gaming experience. Perhaps our biggest-risk is that, although Solarix is a very modern game, we have established its core functionality in the old-school “stealth” approach, which might be a bit different to both younger generations and casual gamers.

Putting the word “stealth” is therefore a bit risky but we hope to overcome this problem by making extensive game-play videos. Since Solarix gameplay is deeper than average casual game or a “standard” indie horror, we have to communicate with the community before the release of the game extensively. Since our team is small, we run risk of not doing so, but we are fully aware of the pit-falls of this situation.

Another risk of Solarix is that both this year and next year, there looks like a handful of “good-looking” horror games will be released, some set in sci-fi universe. We face the dilemma of presenting uniqueness of Solarix without spoiling much of the story. Again, this should require good communication with the community as soon as we set a fixed release date.

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  • A : Adding RPG Elements is one of the stretch goals, we have laid foundation for it, we just need more manpower to implement them.

    Last updated:
  • A: The game is already approved by steam and will be distributed by a Kiss, an UK label who has released over 40 titles, so we won't have to worry about greenlight process...
    And the game has been in development for 3 years...So for £10.000, we'll revamp animations, record voices professionally, design sounds for maximum "horror" experience...
    That's why we didn't ask more than we needed...

    Last updated:
  • A: Inventory management works in a bit like adventure games, the stuff you pick around help you solve certain "puzzles" and they contain information regarding the background world.

    Last updated:
  • A: This one is difficult to answer without giving away too much of the story. We believe we have established "very strong, memorable characters". For instance, the characteristics of Shodan in System Shock didn't have an impact of "game-play" elements but she influenced the way you perceived the game-play world. Some of our story elements tie in to certain game-play elements directly, I really can't say without spoiling but expect some twists and "obscure" narrative turns here and there. You play an engineer and obviously he is not trained for these kind of dangerous conflicts, that alone should indicate "psychological survival horror"

    Last updated:
  • A: Naturally, there will be difficulty settings but no unlockable game modes due the way our narration unfolds.

    Last updated:
  • A: Our publishing label is in talks with Microsoft in the last weeks, so stay tuned...Can't say much on the matter at the moment but expect an update in few days. Xbox version is planned and it is one of our stretch goals

    Last updated:
  • A: Expect at least 6-8 hours of game-play, if you want to explore all of the nooks and crannies, expect longer

    Last updated:
  • A: No, there won't be, since we hope to give a full experience of the story+setting. If the game wasn't at least 6-8 hours long, We'd put perma-death in this game, but that'd be a bid sadistic. All we care one "complete" narrative experience for the player.

    Last updated:
  • A: Yes, buyers will receive Steam keys as well a drm-free copy of the game.

    Last updated:

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