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Take to the sky in this high speed mech action game. Dodge bullets, intercept missiles, defeat your enemies and save the Earth.
1,198 backers pledged £17,689 to help bring this project to life.

Let's get into the game, the survey for everyone choose to participate in Project Nimbus universe is sent!

Posted by KISS Ltd. (Creator)

Pilots and Captain, your day has come! Sorry that it took a long time. We've send the form to you guys to make your in Project Nimbus character. Please check your email, the form (according to your backing tier) shall be there now.

For "World End Weapon" and "Children of Fallen Nation number 4" tier, you can wait for concept art we're going to design according to info you tell us. ;)

Thank you very much everyone.

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    1. Søren Moskjær Lauridsen on

      So I sent my survey today sorry about that. How will that impact my characters implementation into the game? I made the mistake of chosing Act 2 - Divided by Hatred - 10 - Spetsnaz 2nd Battalion to be when shall your ship appear in the survey. But as I can see you have already got past that. If it could be chanced to ACT 3 - Regret and Sorrow (16). Now that the survey is sent, should I send a new with the edit or is it all just to late.

    2. Bevan on

      @BITE ME UNIVERSE how will you go about doing it? i don't remember seeing that option on the survey page :/


      If anyone doesn't want their VO spot, I'll take it for ya. I already have one, and I'd love to get more practice in.

      I also have a great group of voice acting friends who would be more than willing as well.

    4. Michael Brand

      And more specifically, for HUD short name?

      Would that be at least 7 characters? Guessing based on there being "GCTX-01", "AKULA-3", and "SKULL-1".

    5. KISS Ltd. 2-time creator on

      I'd say it will be quite long. I think for good rough estimation, keep it short enough to be able to display in a single line. That's all.

    6. Michael Brand

      What are the character limits for HUD short/full name?