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Update #2 - For backers only

Is it true that late's better than never?!


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    You get a shoutout in the vlog--it'll be just like Tom Brokaw said hi to you on t.v.! Only if Tom Brokaw were smaller and browner, and the t.v. had alphabet keys.

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    I'll list your name on the site (if you want)--it'll be just like those pages in the back of a Playbill, only without having to murder any trees!

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    You get a sweet t-shirt or onesie like the ones on display here: It'll be just like getting a t-shirt or onesie!

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    You'll get a tour of the studio, where all the magic happens--it'll be just like making a 360-degree turn inside a closet! And then I'll take you to get some pie to make up for it.

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