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From the developers of a new, improved website for CG industry professionals is in the works.

From the developers of a new, improved website for CG industry professionals is in the works. Read More
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About this project

 Please check the updates in the tab above as we have introduced new reward levels and have explained some of the premium features in there.

Unexpected termination of was a disappointment for the artistic community as the site provided an unmatched service for the CG industry. The owners controlled 100% of the site, and  when they said it was over the developer had no say in the matter. 

We need a new site that will be set up in such a fashion that it will be owned by the developer, CG community representatives and, potentially, investors. This way it will not be shut down without a warning like CGHUB was.

Team Shakuro, the original developer of cghub, has joined forces with top artists in the industry to bring you back a new website that will inherit the best parts of the old one, improve them and expand the functionality even further. 

Team Shakuro has a fundamental understanding of building websites of such scale as well as experience and tech knowledge to create and run the site we all want and need.

The community part that has helped bridge the gap between developers and artists has been represented by Ben Mauro, Kirill Chepizhko, Gavriil Klimov, Mikko Kinnnunen and Andree Wallin. They have been working hard to ensure communication between the two parties proceeded smoothly and expectations were met and will continue doing so.

We have asked the industry professionals to share their thoughts, check it out : 


The list of people who support this project is far from being complete:Ben MauroJan UrschelBrad RigneyDavid Luong, Katya BourykinaDominic QwekAndrei Ryabovichev, Lorin WoodJonas De RoGavriil KlimovFurio TedeschiKarla OrtizMitch MohrhauserDan Luvisi,Trevor ClaxtonEduardo PenaNivahn ChantharaIzzy MedranoWojtek FusDarek ZabrockiVitaly BulgarovDavid LevyAsh ThorpMike NashMaciej KuciaraAlessandro BaldasseroniAndree WallinAnthony JonesReid Southen,Fausto De MartiniMaxim Verehin, John Park, Tom PaulKonstantin MaystrenkoAlex KonstadtMikko Kinnunen ...

Are we missing your voice ? Let us know why this project is important to you!

Kickstarter ensures that the site is funded by cg artists for cg artists. We have never been more passionate about a project than now, when we have an opportunity to get direct support from the community. We need to be absolutely sure that the CG art community needs this website and wants to give it true independence and self sustainability. 

1. Development

a. Being a joint force of CGHUB developers and CGHUB users we know what features were popular and what were not. We are going to concentrate our efforts on everything that made CGHUB a great thing to visit and leave everything else behind.

b. New look & feel. The goal is to come up with a completely new, clean & modern UI, but at the same time keep it familiar to every user of CGHUB

2. Misc

a. Domain name & hosting

b. Operating expenses (company registration, financial services, etc.)

We are going to announce stretch goals in due time as 90k is only the absolute minimum to start. The more funds we can get, the better is a chance that the project will succeed. 

Still have questions ? Check out the FAQ section bellow or ask us directly in the comments!

Risks and challenges

Building a website of this scale from scratch is no cake walk, and there are many risks and challenges that we are going to face. Here are the most important ones:

RISK: MEETING THE DEADLINE. There is a risk that the deadline will not be met, but the developers have a proven record of delivering on time and are going to do their absolute best. We understand the importance of getting it up as soon as possible.

RISK: NOT MEETING COMMUNITY's EXPECTATIONS. There is always a chance of not living up to community's expectations. That is why the developers are working closely with artists to decrease it as much as possible. We are going to invite artists to try our private alpha and beta versions to make sure that every aspect of our website is perfect and expectations are met.

CHALLENGE: PRODUCT CHANGES. As we improve the website functionality based on additional community feedback as well as product testing, changes may occur. We will only commit to changes that are going to significantly enhance the experience for a CG artist.

CHALLENGE: SELF SUSTAINABILITY. The website requires a lot of time and resources to run, and one of our main goals is to make it self sustainable and profitable to ensure further development and smooth functioning. In case it is not profitable after ads and premium accounts we are planning a set of rounds with potential investors who will keep the website running.

In a nutshell this is not going to be easy and we're up for the challenge, after all, Team Shakuro has done it once and will do it again.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • Short answer is no it is not. On one hand it is going to be a brand new project, on the other - we are going to do our best to make former cghub users feel at home.

    Last updated:
  • Reasons not to use the code of CGHub:

    1. Copyright. By law we have no right to use the code from the old site, we are prohibited by the contract to do so and using the code will mean a lawsuit for us.

    2. Tech. CGHUB was written mostly in PHP. With new project we are going to switch to Ruby on Rails. So literally no single piece of code from the old site will be used.

    Last updated:
  • Kirill: The loss was huge to all of us and we are going to make sure it doesn't happen again . The project is transparent and people who work on it are people you all know well.

    Kostya Stepanov (Shakuro): Any project or website can be closed. The way the owners do it is what makes the difference. You can pull the plug and instantly make everyone disappointed and even angry or you can be a professional about it and give people at the very least a courtesy notice. We would definitely prefer the latter but we have not been given a chance.

    Furio Tedeschi: Agree with Shakuro 1000% – It is the way people handle things.

    Last updated:
  • We would love to restore the accounts and user data but once again because we dont own cghub we are not allowed to. We will have to rebuild the community from ground zero but isn't that the exciting part ?

    Last updated:
  • It has not been determined yet as it will be up to the financial company that we will consult in case the Kickstarter succeeds. CGHUB has always been an international establishment (american owners, Ukrainian developers) and we are planning to keep this project international.

    Last updated:
  • MIKKO KINNUNEN: The old CGHub was the most robust and fully featured CG artist community to date and none of the competitors have yet to match it. The great thing about CGHub was that it was a meritocracy where anyone with great work could build an audience without having to be affiliated with the site or its owners in order to reach the front page. The reason I'm involved personally is to ensure that clients and art directors would have a great open platform to browse for freelance talent. The best way to do that in my opinion is to launch a site that's not affiliated with any particular art studio, school or similar organization that would inherently push its own business agenda. I also trust Shakuro to be able to utilize the know-how gained over the years of developing CGHub to build an unmatched experience for the community.
    BEN MAURO: We all need a place to go to get a pulse for the industry, see what our friends are up to and discover new talents from around the world and a place we can all go to share, learn and grow over the years. Something that also provides a go to place for employers and others looking to hire artists or post jobs, CGhub was that place and now that it's gone, there is nothing out there that comes close to providing the same service.
    WOJTEK FUS: We need an independent CG community free of shady deals and sudden shutdowns. We need a place created by artists and for artists. A place where you seek inspiration, get in touch with other artists, find work. It won't be just CGhub2.0, it will be something much better.
    JONAS DE RO: We need a home for us artists that can serve the same way CGHub did. Many people underestimate the importance of CGHub in not only promotion but also recruitment of skilled artists. Even with all the new sites popping up, nothing offers what CGHub did, and we want to fill that void with something that was created by the top of the industry from across the globe.
    GAVRIIL: Because CGHUB was the pinnacle of professional CG sites.There were other sites but what made CGHUB the best in my opinion was its experience. I'd keep going on it over and over, and check out more galleries, more favorites collections and so forth. I would log in every day to check out the latest works of my favorite artists- the experience was what made it awesome and what I know Shakuro can re-deliver even better than before. CGHUB is where I got some of my most important freelances from- some of my AAA game gigs came from there. Its importance is immensely valuable.
    FURIO: Well CgHub was set up in the best way possible. It really gave many artists the opportunity to share their work and get exposure though the community, even for artist in remote areas of the globe. It celebrated art from all over the world and giving exposure to many artists with thumb wall, daily top rows and editors picks. There was a reason CgHub was successful and it comes down to Team Shakuros passion, understanding and obvious love for what they did. I really think the cg community needs a CgHub ……version 2 upgrade.

    Last updated:
  • Ben Mauro: We need a positive neutral place run by the community and the developer to shape it into something special, to make a great community it has to be run by people with good intentions. The ownership will be split between Shakuro and an advisory board of respected established community members that will all vote on where the site should go, all of which receive no financial gain from any of this. All Kickstarter funds are going to the developer to allow them to get the site up and running and keep it going until the site can become sustainable from ad revenue and subscription costs.

    Kris Costa: Most of the old moderators are just as passionate if not more than before and they are willing to continue the work they started on CGHub. Same goes to the people administrating and running it, before they were forced to stop their activities due to the forceful shutdown ordered by the old owners. Shakuro will be in charge of the website and systems as before. As for decisions, a team of selected artists across the globe will be assembled to make the important decisions regarding the community, always with the input of the other artists, as a true Art Community should be. Somehow a type of decentralized ownership where artists will have a louder voice this time.

    Gavriil Klimov: Who will run the project? Artists will make decisions- artists that are part of a board of advisers who (will) basically tell Shakuro the direction that the site has to take. Shakuro is the ship. The artists are the captain. It will be a combo of many artists and Shakuro running the tech and development side. The artists will take the decisions and that’s what matters the most. The goal is to bring back as many people as possible from the entire staff/editors to recreate the same experience. Whoever was working as editor, moderator etc.etc. Everything should be brought back in terms of people- but the site will be even better. The list of new features is amazing.

    Mikko Kinnunen: The project is supposed to have two owners. One being Shakuro with a minority stake and the majority stake will be held by a separate entity comprised of members of the art community. I’m currently on the Advisory Board that is fleshing out the details as we speak. The main thing is that we do not seek personal financial gain from this, and are looking to utilize the Kickstarter funds in a way where Shakuro will have a budget to develop the site until ads and subscription fees cover the costs of running it.

    Kostya Stepanov (Shakuro): We will be responsible for the development, maintenance, hosting and other technical aspects of running a high traffic, frequently visited website. Obviously keeping a website like CGHub alive costs way more than hosting of your personal blog. We are lucky to have been contacted by most guys who have worked on CGHub as moderators and forum administrators. All of them are extremely excited to work on the new website. Thanks to that, bringing the great experience back and keeping the new website authentic will be a much easier task.

    Kirill: Like it was mentioned before, we have established the Advisory Board that will help control the direction that the development is going without expecting any monetary gains.

    Wojtek Fus: It will include influential artists from the top of the industry that will vote on specific subjects, creating fundamentals for a strong community website.

    Kirill: We encourage anyone who thinks that he needs to be with us on this board to send an application to this email: Treat this as a job application process because it is, in a way. Our only requirement is that you are a professional CG artist with a proven and publically available record. It will be up to the members of the startup advisory board to decide on the fate of the application. The best professionals in the industry trust the existing board. You should check out the quotes in the main section of the Kickstarter campaign and decide for yourself whether you trust their decision or not. To answer the most popular question circulating the community – who owns the company right now – we cannot say at the moment because there is no company yet. It will all depend on the success of the crowd funding campaign and so far, we have people who have been investing their personal time, hard work and dedication to make sure that the company is set up correctly from the very beginning. Regardless of who owns the company, the Advisory board should be in control of the funds at all time and this way we can make sure that the developers do their job, and we make sure that we voice the opinion of the community without being financially involved. The only interest all of us have in this is building a great website similar to CGHub to help the CG industry evolve and grow strong.

    Last updated:
  • Kostya Stepanov (Shakuro): The nature of the relationship between Shakuro and the owner was client-developer also known as work-for-hire. We have not owned any percent of CGHub. We have not been authorized to make ANY SORT of decisions. It was entirely up to the owners. First, we have been denied access to all of the backups, after that the oxygen has been completely shut off and in a blink of an eye, we have lost administrative rights as well. We highly encourage you to ask Full Spectrum Digital, LLC , the owner the same question and investigate the issue. Shakuro has never been the owner and we cannot answer the questions (that) we don’t know the answers to.

    Last updated:

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