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A fine deck of playing cards inspired by the characters and stories of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
A fine deck of playing cards inspired by the characters and stories of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
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    1. Magic Orthodoxy

      Hope you all have checked out these new TALLY HO cards designed by Jackson Robinson!

    2. Brendan Hong on

      @ Bearded Matthew

      I actually picked up a USPCC factory gilded Aladdin deck a bit ago and honestly, to have the Sherlock deck gilded by USPCC would have been super cool. This didn't happen with the Sherlock decks, but who knows what the future will hold for other Kings Wild decks? I think anything and everything is possible depending on Jackson's artist vision for a deck.

    3. Missing avatar

      Bearded Matthew on

      Sheesh, someone needs to throttle back the pledging if he's starting to overlook updates......
      Man, that would have been an amazing deck.

    4. Brendan Hong on

      @ Bearded Matthew

      Yes, you did though I can't remember which updated it was mentioned it. Unfortunately, no gilded Sherlock decks were made.

    5. Missing avatar

      Bearded Matthew on

      Did I miss an update regarding the gilded decks?

    6. Brendan Hong on

      @ Gareth

      There are times, unfortunately, a backlog of emails. I've emailed you directly and we can go from there. It's probably be quite a bit faster that way.

    7. Missing avatar

      Gareth on

      Is there a backlog of support requests? I e-mailed Kevin (as per update #53) more than two weeks ago - I sent another e-mail to support@kingswildproject last week - no response to either.

    8. Brendan Hong on

      @ Douglas74

      It depends on if you're displaying your storage units or just putting them in the closet or somewhere. I have to admit that I have my collection split: for stuff tucked away, I have it in those large cardboard boxes for baseball/trading cards (the larger ones fit about 19-20 decks) while for the stuff I leave out in storage, I have in the Sherlock and Federal brick boxes. They are prettier than just the white cardboard boxes.

    9. Missing avatar


      Thanks, Brandon. I do love the posters . . . was just curious. Random question . . . thoughts on deck storage? JP Playing cards has some nice boxes, but they're UK. Anything USA based? I'm thinking something similar to 800 or 1600 count baseball card boxes (would those work, too)? Any help from anyone is appreciated!

    10. Brendan Hong on

      @ Douglas74

      It's less that it's a different red, but more that the USPCC and the poster printers would have their own process so it's hard to match everything across the board perfectly. I think the red used for the poster ends up giving the poster a different feeling compare to the cards. Each are great.

    11. Missing avatar


      Just got my two posters (that weren't included in the original shipment. Very much appreciated. Is the red on the Hounds poster not as red as it is on the deck? It's far more muted than I thought it would be.

    12. Brendan Hong on

      @ Schwae

      Sorry about the missing item. We'll definitely fix that and get that Uncut Hounds sheet to you.

    13. Missing avatar

      Sarah Wilkin on

      Just back from Holiday and my cards were here waiting for me. Really fast delivery and they look so good! Thank you!

    14. Schwae on

      I did not get the hounds uncut either but very happy with everything

    15. Professor Stephen Candy

      My "Holmes" deck arrived today. You really do define the phrase "luxury playing cards!" Foil stamped inside and out, embossed, custom numbered foil seal! Truly something special! Thank you, so glad I jumped aboard at the last minute thanks to a prod from Shane Tyree.

    16. Brendan Hong on

      @ Valica

      Glad you're happy, but I am sorry about the uncut Hounds not being there. I'm going to get that sent out to you so you should receive a shipping notice for it soon.


      I have received the packages today and I'm very excited.
         I got everything but I have not received 1x Hound Uncut, In any case I am satisfied, thank you, because you and your team doing a great job.

    18. Missing avatar

      Darren Cheng on

      Philippines reporting in: package received and i am blown away! Thanks!!!

    19. Missing avatar

      Hartshope on

      Amazing cards! Thank you Jackson and crew!

    20. Kosongz on

      Hi! Just wanna let you know that I got my package in Malaysia last week. Thanks.

    21. André Buchheim on

      Cards arrived in Germany today. Thanks!

    22. Brendan Hong on

      @ Nathan

      Glad you got the sticker and sorry about the delay in it. I know Jackson deeply appreciates all his supporters as he can't do what he's doing without them. Whether it's a backer that grabs one deck to one order a ton of stuff, every bit helps and every one is just as important. Thanks again!

    23. Missing avatar

      Nathan McNutt on

      So the other day I posted asking about the hounds sticker that the backers were supposed to get. I received a quick response saying that it would be looked into. Today I got a package in with 2 of the Washington crossing the Delaware postcards from the Fed 52 Part 2 campaign and the sticker. I just want to say thanks for being awesome guys/gals.

    24. Jackson Starky on

      Cards arrived in Canada today. Thanks!

    25. Missing avatar

      Kenyashi Go Uang on

      I received my 8 decks here in the Philippines. Great packaging! When I saw the box, I knew it was from KingsWild.

    26. Missing avatar

      Caillin on

      Cards arrived in Australia today.

    27. Missing avatar

      Erica on

      @Brendan Great! No problem at all. Thank you for getting back to me.

    28. Missing avatar

      Colin Middleton on

      Pack arrived safely and surprisingly quickly, considering it had to come to the UK. Thank you Jackson and Kings Wild!

    29. Brendan Hong on

      @ Erica

      At the moment the dealer coins are on back order. We made a goof and didn't order an enough. Once we get the new order of them, you'll definitely be getting sent the coin you paid. I'm sorry for the inconvenience and I thank you for your understanding and patience in this.

    30. Missing avatar

      Erica on

      Hi Jackson and Crew! I received my decks and they are amazing! I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work. I also wanted to let you know I did not receive my dealer coin which I paid for in my package. Is there anyway you can send that out to me? Thank you!

    31. Brendan Hong on

      @ Angela

      It's in the order cue. I know that Kevin is almost caught up with the backlog of orders and you should get the shipping notice soon. I apologize for the delay.

    32. Angel Dancer on

      @Brendan any news on the 4 hounds decks for my dad and I

    33. Brendan Hong on

      @ Alexander

      Thanks for the feedback. It's good to know everything survived it's journey to you and in top condition too :).

    34. Missing avatar

      Alexander on

      Hello Jackson,

      just received my order and wanted to feedback you.

      - Packaging -> TOP
      - Items -> TOP TOP TOP :)

      thank you !! for your effort looking forward to your next project.


    35. Brendan Hong on

      @ Henry

      Did you get two shipping notice? I know at times, it'd easier to split things up, and if that is the case that would have been done.

    36. Henry on

      @Brendan Just received my order from the post, but still missing half the things including the box. Is it coming in another package?

    37. Missing avatar

      Nic Emanuele on

      Massive surprise to see the decks arrive in the mail today. They all look great! Massive thanks!

    38. TormentErManaZombie1979 on

      got my wooden case and 12 decks - utterly amazing

    39. Ryan Denham on

      Got my deck & coin this morning in the UK. Absolutely fantastic pieces! Such a job well done guys!! Thank you so much! :D


      @Brendan Hong, thanks indeed I received two emails, but one of them I overlooked

    41. Brendan Hong on

      @ darrin

      No worries. Glad I could help and sorry about the mistake.

    42. Missing avatar

      darrin on

      Thank you Brendan for your super quick response, and all your help.

    43. Brendan Hong on

      @ darrin

      I've emailed you so it'd be faster to figure out what's missing/wrong.

    44. Missing avatar

      darrin on

      Hi Brendan, Just opened my order and it is not correct. Who should I contact?

    45. Brendan Hong on

      @ Valica

      I've sent you an email with the tracking numbers for your two packages.

    46. Brendan Hong on

      @ Valica

      You should have/will get a second shipping notice. It's impossible to package all the uncut/poster items with the decks/brick box/coins so all the stuff that can be shipped in a box will be shipped together while all the uncut sheets/posters are shipped in a tube.


      Item # Description Qty
      D-SH-BS-LE D-SH-BS-LE 1
      D-SH-BS D-SH-BS 1
      D-SH-H D-SH-H 1
      D-SH-M D-SH-M 1
      D-SH-HB Hound of the Baskervilles Deck 1
      C-SH-BS C-SH-BS 1
      BB-SH BB-SH 1
      @Brendan Hong, this is my mail notification and package contents, but i don't see the uncut sheets in the package.

    48. Joe Heininger on

      Just got ours today ( aus ). Awesome job jackson

    49. Brendan Hong on

      @ Dogue

      I've emailed your tracking info to your email address.

    50. Brendan Hong on

      or Dogue, you can email at as I couldn't find the exact user name in BackerKit. It'd probably be faster by email, if you don't mind.

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