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A series of illustrated playing cards by Jackson Robinson, inspired by the currencies of the world starting with the US and China.
A series of illustrated playing cards by Jackson Robinson, inspired by the currencies of the world starting with the US and China.
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Open and Honest.

Posted by Jackson Robinson (Creator)

As an artist, it is sometimes difficult, to be honest, and open about your weakness. It is also hard to let go of some elements or responsibilities when you want to do everything yourself. I just wanted to a few moments to express some sincere thoughts I have and to communicate them with you, my supporters. First of all without you guys none of what I do would be even remotely possible so I am deeply grateful to you all. I have learned many great lessons over the corse of the last four years feeding the beast that is Kings Wild Project. Through the ups and downs, you guys have supported me.

During the Legal Tender project, some of my initial ideas and expectations were met with production issues that led to me steering the ship in a slightly different direction. While I did my best to communicate those changes to you guys, my weaknesses outweighed my effort. I apologize for not communicating to you guys the foiling changes more clearly and in a more frequent and clear manner.

Confessing and acknowledging my screw up and weakness, Delanie my wonderful assistant will be picking up my slack and updating you guys on a weekly basis from now until you guys get the final product in your hand. You will receive an update no matter what, whether we have any new information or not.

I posted a longer version of my thoughts on my youtube channel if you would like to check it out. Please don't think it is a sad shameless plug for my youtube channel, It is me being vulnerable and open with you guys.

Thanks so much for your support. I am trying to put together some images of the tuck cases to show you how great they turned out. The Chinese deck really looks awesome!

Thank you again for your support,

Youtube Link if you would like to check it out.


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    1. Missing avatar

      tim on


      You are the man ! This was a great post. Big supporter from way back....keep up the amazing work.

      Lots of lessons here for all of us. Both as supporters, producers, parents and humans having a shared experience.

      Thanks ...

    2. Brys on

      Not going to lie, I'm bummed about the holofoil and I'm especially bummed how it was announced.

      But at the end of the day you can only do the best you can, especially in a project like this where so many aspects are out of your hands. This time it didn't quite work out the way we all hoped but (eventually!) we're still going to get a high quality deck with beautiful art and some new lessons learned along the way.

      A lot of a project creators wouldn't have posted this update or made changes to correct the communication problem. You're a good guy, Jackson.

    3. Amy Kafka on

      It takes a strong person to own up to his or her weaknesses. Kudos to you. I'm looking forward to seeing the final product!

    4. Missing avatar

      Darcy on

      Just watch the vid and from one father to another - You're one solid dude.

      Can't wait to see the decks, it's a bit delayed and shit happens - no big deal. Looking forward to updates more often but don't stress too much my friend.


    5. ecNate

      Granted I only got a single deck of each, but I never had a major problem with your lack of communication. The lost holographic is hugely disappointing and the delays as well, especially since it's now coming from asia which will increase the time even more. I agree mistakes were made, but owning up was the right thing and all is well from my perspective. Especially since you are willing to work with people as needed and are now making improvements.

      Not a fan boy, but appreciative and will remain a backer. Thanks.

    6. Richard Kempter

      Great video! You summed it up nicely in what you wrote but still worth watching.