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A series of illustrated playing cards by Jackson Robinson, inspired by the currencies of the world starting with the US and China.
A series of illustrated playing cards by Jackson Robinson, inspired by the currencies of the world starting with the US and China.
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Production Update.

Posted by Jackson Robinson (Creator)

Hello everyone. Today most people in China (where the cards are being produced) are returning from their breaks for the Lunar new year. We have gone through a few rounds of physical production proofs to make sure the quality of everything is right. Everything has been finalized, since the end of November, and we are right smack in the middle of production. The tuck cases are finished and look amazing and the cards themselves are printed and just waiting for everyone to return to get finished up. We are very close to finish line and only a month behind the delivery date. Thank you so much for your patience and support. When I have an update on production I will be sure and update the entire project. As for the timetable of fulfillment, we are very close. Once the products have been shipped and are in transit to me I will be able to give you guys a more solid date. Once again thank you for your patience. If you have a specific question please email directly at and I will do my very best to answer your question. 




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    1. Sérgio Sousa

      Jackson, I just email you. Please reply asap.
      thank you.

    2. Flashcards on


      I'm a little confused. During the campaign you said the cards would be printed with Epic which uses the factory in Taiwan. In this update you mentioned that the cards are being produced in China. Did you change manufacturers?

    3. Jackson Robinson 30-time creator on

      @John Ahn, unfortunately, all the foil complications were interrelated so there is no regular foiling on the cards.

    4. Missing avatar

      John Ahn

      Will there at least be any regular foiling on the backs of the cards?

    5. Jackson Robinson 30-time creator on

      @father time, I honestly can't give you a specific estimate of when we can expect the decks. The info that I do have is that the tucks are finished and the card printing is being finished. Once they are completed and compiled they will take an additional month or so just to ship over the water and to arrive to me. Once I get a confirmation that they are completed and ready to ship to me I will be able to report back to you guys a more specific date. I'm sorry there is no more concrete info than that. I'm very sorry for this delay and want to get you your rewards as soon as possible. As for changing your address, you should be able to change your address via Backerkit up until a few weeks before fulfillment. If you need to change your address please do that by loging on to your Backerkit account and updating the info there.

      @Justin Olson Unfortunately the holofoil wasn't successful. I'm very sorry for this issue and am wiling to do as much as I can to make it right with anyone who is unsatisfied.

    6. Justin Olson

      @Jackson, if everything is finalized what is the verdict on the holofoil?

    7. Father Time on

      So around what time can we expect the decks and when is the latest we can change our addresses?

    8. Jackson Robinson 30-time creator on

      @Richard Kempter

      In no way am I trying to patronize anyone, and hope that is not how it seems. I have tried, to be honest with all dates and timelines. That is why I still haven't been able to give a definite date as I am still unsure. I absolutely feel bad about the delays and want more than anyone to get these rewards to you the backer. When ever there is new information I will be sure and update the community.

    9. Richard Kempter


      I think, or hope, you meant December, not November, when you say "Everything has been finalized, since the end of November" because your December update had the holographic foil problems mentioned and subsequent delay.

      I hate to jump on the bandwagon but I think you are trying to do too much and taking us backers for granted. I understand the Chinese money was hard for you to get a feel for vs US money in the look, color, design aspect but please don't patronize us. You know the decks if finished mid February will take at least a month plus to get here on the boat and longer to get to you. Then you have to pack and ship which will be I'm guessing early April at best. Just be honest with us please. Delays happen but don't make them sound like a good thing. We'll be much more understanding if you feel as bad about it as we do and be much more patient.

    10. Missing avatar

      Barathin on

      Two Months since the last update, we are 1 Month behind delivery right now and the Cards are not produced yet, far away from beeing shiped. And you think you done a good Job? Wow!

    11. Mike K on

      "We are very close to finish line and only a month behind the delivery date." Unfortunately the creator apparently thinks deadlines are not something the strive to meet. You will never meet a deadline with this attitude. Kind of spoils a neat project. At least communicate more with us to show you do care.