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$4,421 pledged of $150,000 goal
By Renata Lopes-Merriam
$4,421 pledged of $150,000 goal

Recent updates

Posada Xemei Party Tour continued!

Spanish Diva and international superstar/actress/DJ and muse Rossy de Palma is checking into the Posada!  She is urging her follwers to follow suit.  " I just love it!" and we quote!

Celebrity Chef and Posada Xemei Backer Peter Gordon is seen here party rocking in Ibiza with friends celebrating the Posada-  keep on party rocking Peter!

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The Posada Xemei Party tour! (first pics)

Hi everyone,

Xemei is past the 3K mark, we have got our second 500$ Pledge, and people are beginning to send in their pictures.  This is from Xemei backer Teri Linberg&friends- through a blackout in HongKong. Check out the emergency lights!

So send us your pictures and videos and check in at the Posada

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The Posada Xemei Party tour!

All over the world,  people are getting together to continue to support Posada Xemei.  Friends & wine-  what could be better?  From Hong Kong to Barcelona, from Ibiza to New York-  Posada Xemei supporters are gathering to celebrate.  So why not join them, and organize your friends for a get together.  Use the time to share, laugh and bid your pledges.  In vino veritas...

And the fun continues, we have had ourt first 1000$ pledge!!!!  Please keep them coming.  Now the question is, who will be out first 5000$ pledger?  Stay tuned...

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The first 1K!

Greetings from Barcelona.  We have crossed the 1000$ mark- and Renata and I are thrilled!  Now more than ever we need to keep making firsts...  who will be our first 1000$ pledger?  (Sorry guys, but a lady beat you to the first 500$ pledge-  you go girls!)

And just in case you needed any further encouragement- lets remember it is all about friends, family and sharing- and Spanish ham!!!!!

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