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Help us tread new paths with the second installment of the acclaimed BoUT adventure game series. A sequel is coming...
Help us tread new paths with the second installment of the acclaimed BoUT adventure game series. A sequel is coming...
Help us tread new paths with the second installment of the acclaimed BoUT adventure game series. A sequel is coming...
3,446 backers pledged $171,593 to help bring this project to life.

Projection Mapping Video & Much more


BoUT2 will now feature projection mapping – and it's all your fault! ;)

Thanks to your support we can now use the cool „Projection Mapping“ technology for BoUT2. If you want to see why we are so excited about this, just take a look at this video!

Please spread the video as far as possible! Even some people who aren't that interested in adventure games might want to see this cool technique!

What would happen if we don’t reach the third stretch goal?

In case we don’t reach the third stretch goal at the end of the campaign we’d first of all be incredibly happy about reaching the first two. It was never a given that we would, so in any case it will be celebration time!

Of course we will stick to our promise: All of the money raised on Kickstarter will go into the production of The Book of Unwritten Tales 2. More budget means more game content, more quality, more orchestra music, more behind-the-scenes, etc.

Every dollar counts!

How can you help raise the chances of reaching the final stretch goal?

We’ve sent press releases to a few thousand websites and contacted more than 100 gaming sites as well as a few dozen youtube channels directly. Direct contacts are always worth a lot, so if you know someone who could cover the campaign or if you are active in a community that doesn’t know BoUT2 yet: Please tell them about our Kickstarter!

If you speak a language besides English and German, please try to point out BoUT2 to some gaming websites in the respective countries. Who knows, it might help!

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    1. Snowcastle Games on March 10, 2014

      Thanks for sharing!

    2. DamnCatOnMyDesk on March 8, 2014

      @KING Art Games
      I share Laserschwert's curiosity about using this technique with foreground objects. However, I have a few more questions as well:
      1.) What do you to about dynamic lights in the scene, like the one from the fire next to Shieldhand? Are you just additively blending it without per-pixel albedo and normals?
      2.) Also, how are you handling dynamic shadows against the scene? Are you just using multiplicative blending and darkening the scene?
      3.) Are you using light probes for the dynamic objects and characters? If so, are you manually placing lights to bake them, or are you just using the prelit scene?

    3. Missing avatar

      jfrisby on March 7, 2014

      Daedalic seems to be doing something similar with Whispered World 2, and Jack Keane 2 did something like this as well... But everyone's using a different engine?

    4. Creator KING Art Games on March 7, 2014

      @Laserschwert: Our graphics guys already left for the weekend, but they'll answer your questions on Monday.

    5. Creator KING Art Games on March 7, 2014

      @Filena77: Thanks for the link. I've just sent them an email about our Kickstarter.

    6. Creator KING Art Games on March 7, 2014

      @Laserschwert: I'll forward your questions to our programmers.

    7. Filena77 on March 7, 2014

      You could try point there,, most read web site in french, you can msg them in english without problem, they not reply to normal joe for announcement

    8. Laserschwert on March 7, 2014

      I have a question about your projection mapping: Are you using alpha masking for object edges? Because although the scene is low-poly, objects in the foreground (like Ivo's bed frame or the snow covered rocks in Seastone) don't look low-poly at all. Are these just mapped onto planes?

      Another thing: You say you create the backgrounds in 3dsmax. Are you by any chance using V-Ray for rendering?

      Anyway, it looks fantastic and I'm SO looking forward to this game.

    9. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on March 7, 2014

      That does look beautiful. :-)