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Help us tread new paths with the second installment of the acclaimed BoUT adventure game series. A sequel is coming...
Help us tread new paths with the second installment of the acclaimed BoUT adventure game series. A sequel is coming...
Help us tread new paths with the second installment of the acclaimed BoUT adventure game series. A sequel is coming...
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New KING Art Adventure; The Book of Unwritten Tales 3?


A few minutes ago we launched our new Kickstarter campaign. It’s for a classic point-and-click adventure game, set in a crazy fantasy world. No, it’s not The Book of Unwritten Tales 3.

It’s for an adventure game based on one of the inspirations for BoUT, Shakes & Fidget.

Go to the Shakes & Fidget – The Adventure Kickstarter campaign

Many people asked us when we’d be making The Book of Unwritten Tales 3.

Truth is we’d love to make BoUT3, but point-and-click adventure games are in a tough spot right now. Not many publishers are willing to invest in a classic adventure game and we wouldn’t want BoUT3 to be a cheap knock-off.

The "Shakes & Fidget – The Adventure" campaign is an important test for us. If it’s successful we’re not only going to make a great Shakes & Fidget game, we’ll also be able to use this success as a starting point to take up talks about BoUT3 with publishers again.

Please support the Shakes & Fidget campaign if you can and let others know about it.

Thank you!

Our new Kickstarter is LIVE!


The Kickstarter for our new game is online!

"The Dwarves" is a fantasy RPG based on the novel with of same name.

Have a look!

Your support would be very appreciated!

Your KING Art Team

Our new game


Our new game is… not The Book of Unwritten Tales 3. BOOOOH! ;-) Not yet. Instead we are – finally – working on our first role-playing game.

On September 1st we’ll launch a Kickstarter for it and would be very happy if you could support us once again!

The Dwarves

The Dwarves is a fantasy RPG based on the best-seller of the same name. Our main character Tungdil explores a huge fantasy world with an ever-growing group of companions.

If you’re interested you can find screenshots, a first trailer, and other info here: or here

This photo is still processing

Check back in a few minutes!

Please like the game on Facebook to get all the latest info!

Shout Outs

Not just one, but THREE of our developer friends are running Kickstarter campaigns right now. Have a look at them and support them if you want.

Divinity: Original Sin 2

Our friends at Larian are working on the sequel of their successful Kickstarter-funded Divinity: Original Sin. It’s an RPG with a whole lot of freedom and should be one of the most promising RPGs of next year.

Aquanox 2

Underwater Action with RPG Elements? Yes, please. It has been too long since we fought deep under the sea. Please support our friends at Nordic Games if you want.


A rogue-like 3D space shooter with non-linear storytelling from our friends at ROCKFISH Games. This might be one of the prettiest space games out there.

Kickstarter survey


Hello everyone,

thanks to you we were able to run two successful Kickstarter campaigns. But sometimes Kickstarter can be a bit messy. In the worst case an exciting project may never reach the funding goal because of trivial reasons. Maybe it didn’t have enough press coverage or the team made a mistake when they designed the campaign page and the pitch video.

We want to give something back to the Kickstarter community, so we're working on a project that should help smaller developers to make their crowdfunding campaign a success. We need your help to get our project into the right direction. So we prepared a little survey, that you can access here:

We would be very happy, if you take the three to five minutes to complete this survey. As a small "Thank you!" we will give away three Steam keys for The Book of Unwritten Tales 2. Just provide your email address at the end of the survey for a chance to win a key.

Your KING Art team

We just want to say „Thank you“


(German version here)

The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 has now been available for about 10 days and it’s time for us to say „thank you“. Just like the first one, our second Kickstarter was a wonderful experience for us. We got lots of feedback and you really helped us to improve the game. Thank you so much for that!

Reactions to the game are great, and we got lots of praise for our Kickstarter campaign and the course of the Early Access on Steam. That motivates us to continue working hard and making great games – and of course we’re already thinking about another Kickstarter campaign.

So long,
Your KING Art Team

P.S.: If you want to help us again, please tell as many people as possible about BoUT2, rate the game and write user reviews at GoG, Steam, Amazon… spread the word ;-)