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Help us tread new paths with the second installment of the acclaimed BoUT adventure game series. A sequel is coming...
Help us tread new paths with the second installment of the acclaimed BoUT adventure game series. A sequel is coming...
3,446 backers pledged $171,593 to help bring this project to life.

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Kickstarter survey


Hello everyone,

thanks to you we were able to run two successful Kickstarter campaigns. But sometimes Kickstarter can be a bit messy. In the worst case an exciting project may never reach the funding goal because of trivial reasons. Maybe it didn’t have enough press coverage or the team made a mistake when they designed the campaign page and the pitch video.

We want to give something back to the Kickstarter community, so we're working on a project that should help smaller developers to make their crowdfunding campaign a success. We need your help to get our project into the right direction. So we prepared a little survey, that you can access here:

We would be very happy, if you take the three to five minutes to complete this survey. As a small "Thank you!" we will give away three Steam keys for The Book of Unwritten Tales 2. Just provide your email address at the end of the survey for a chance to win a key.

Your KING Art team

We just want to say „Thank you“


(German version here)

The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 has now been available for about 10 days and it’s time for us to say „thank you“. Just like the first one, our second Kickstarter was a wonderful experience for us. We got lots of feedback and you really helped us to improve the game. Thank you so much for that!

Reactions to the game are great, and we got lots of praise for our Kickstarter campaign and the course of the Early Access on Steam. That motivates us to continue working hard and making great games – and of course we’re already thinking about another Kickstarter campaign.

So long,
Your KING Art Team

P.S.: If you want to help us again, please tell as many people as possible about BoUT2, rate the game and write user reviews at GoG, Steam, Amazon… spread the word ;-)



It’s out! IT’S OUT! *Scream*

BoUT2 is out everywhere! If you don’t have your version yet or you don’t know where to get it, please check our previous update.

If you backed the Kickstarter-Edition you’re in for a treat! Our 2D artist Lea worked days and nights to make a special cover just for the Kickstarter edition. The book-shaped box is extra-large and elaborately decorated with gold embossing.

This version of the game can’t be bought anywhere. It’s only for backers, because you helped us make this possible!

Release Trailer

We hope you’ll enjoy our launch-trailer! Please “like” and “share” it like crazy!

Let’s make this a success!

You could help us make BoUT2 a commercial success by letting as many people as possible know about the game

To conquer the Steam charts together, it would be of great help to us if you activate your Steam key today.

And please rate the game on Steam, GoG, Amazon, in the App-Store or wherever there are user ratings. These ratings are extremely important! So please help.

What’s up next?

We’ll keep a close watch on the forums and we’ll help you with your problems as quickly as possible. If there are technical problems there might be a patch in one or two weeks, we’ll see.

We’re planning to release a “Thank you Trailer” that highlights your involvement in the development and a lot of PR and marketing tasks are coming our way. So there is a lot to do, but this is also the time to celebrate. We’ll do that this evening, so please forgive us if our response time gets slower and slower during the evening and night. ;-)

BoUT2 Release IN ONE DAY!


The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 will be available this Friday, February 20th!

Your digital copy (for all backers)

All backers (no matter if you backed on Kickstarter or on our website) are entitled to a digital version of the game (Steam or GoG).

If you already have the Steam Early Access version you don’t have to do anything. This version will automatically be updated to the full game on Friday.

If you haven’t claimed your Steam key yet, we’ve sent you an email today on how to claim it. Just follow the instructions in that email.

If you want a GoG key instead of a Steam key (or switch your Steam Early Access key for a GoG key), please contact our support: (“New support ticket”).

Some KING Art employees busily preparing posters for shipping
Some KING Art employees busily preparing posters for shipping

Your physical rewards (if applicable)

If you pledged for a physical reward and…

…you already gave us your address, you’ll get the reward(s) very soon (probably even before the digital release, depending on where you are in the world and what you’ve pledged). Under some circumstances you’ll get more than one package from us (for example: posters are shipped separately).

…you haven’t given us your address yet: What the… why not?! We’ve asked you two times and we… Hrm. Don’t panic. You most likely won’t get the physical version on release day, but you’ll get it. Please contact us here:

Signing hundreds of thank-you cards
Signing hundreds of thank-you cards

Let’s make this a success!

We’ve received great feedback for the game so far. Players seem to love it! We think the game turned out great and we want it to be successful.

Please help us make it a success by:

  • telling your friends about it
  • sharing posts, reviews and info about the game
  • posting in forums, groups, on Facebook or Twitter
  • letting others know if you like the game (user rating, thumbs up… whatever) 

Thank you very much for your help! :-)

Release Date! Boxes! Early Access Update!


The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 Release Date

Hey there! We wish all of you a happy and healthy 2015!

We have been busy in late 2014 and early 2015, and the game now contains all that we wanted to put in. We will devote the next few weeks to fixing bugs and polishing the game. And then the day will be there!

BoUT 2 will be released in one month, on February 20th 2015!



Beside the digital versions there will be boxed versions of BoUT 2 in many countries. And since we like nice boxes, we’ve created a fancy special edition: our Almanac Edition.

The KICKSTARTER EDITION not only contains everything from the Almanac Edition, it also contains a mouse pad, an additional (bigger) art book, and an even bigger and higher-quality box (with an exclusive cover artwork that has been specially made for the Kickstarter Edition).

ATTENTION! On we contacted all backers whose pledge level contains a Kickstarter Edition (= all physical rewards of $90 or higher) twice already (the last time last Friday) and asked them to give us their shipping address. About 70 of you haven’t answered yet. Please check your emails and spam folder once again!

If you didn’t receive that email, please contact

We’ll send another email to those who still haven’t contacted us by next Wednesday. Please answer as soon as possible. The later we receive your address, the higher the chance of you not receiving the box till the release of the game!


Steam Early Access Update

Today we released an update for the Early Access version. As always, you should receive it automatically.

Since the beginning of the Early Access about 3,500 bugs have been fixed or features implemented by us. Since the last update a few hundred fixed things have been added, so it’s about time to have another update. ;-)

Among loads of small improvements we’ve fixed two large bugs:

1. The problem of occasionally not being able to do anything in the game and having to restart/reload has been located and fixed!

2. A problem in chapter 4, that enabled characters in a location to walk through walls, has also been solved.

You can find a more detailed change-log here:


Shout Out

If you like role playing games and unusual settings, and want to play one of the best RPG stories of the last years, you should take a look at "Shadowrun: Dragonfall". And if you want to support the sequel, take a look at this: