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A classic real-time strategy game with an epic single player campaign, multiplayer & coop, set in the alternate reality of 1920+
A classic real-time strategy game with an epic single player campaign, multiplayer & coop, set in the alternate reality of 1920+
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Countdown: The Last Three Days

Posted by KING Art Games (Creator)

Final charge! Last 72 hours

First things first: We reached all main game stretch goals, which is awesome! THIS is what we hoped for!

But it might not be over yet. The campaign gained steam over the last couple of days, as Kickstarter campaigns often do in their last days.

For the total amount pledged (including PayPal), please check out

So there is a chance that we can reach the “Free DLC Campaign” stretch goal. CHARGE!

The Free DLC Campaign

Our idea for the free DLC campaign is to tell a story that takes places prior to the events of the main game. We can’t tell you the setting, because it would be a spoiler for the story of the main campaign. But we can tell you this much: It’s about two of our heroes and one other important character and their shared history. There had been a series of fights that are important for the main campaign, but these took place years before.

The Free DLC would be a great opportunity to play this part of the game’s “history”. It would probably contain about 4 missions and potentially some gameplay alterations (think “Tiger Ace”).

We would release the free DLC within six months after the release of the main game – totally free for all backers.

Upping Your Pledge

If you’d like to help reaching the Free DLC Campaign stretch goal without upgrading your pledge to a whole new reward level, there is something else you can do if you supported us on Kickstarter.

When you click on “Manage your Pledge” you can actually pledge a higher amount than required for the selected reward tier: Instead of pledging the $55 required for the Digital Special Edition tier, you can modify your pledge to $60, $70 or any other amount above the minimum amount for the selected tier.

Therefore, if you say “the DLC campaign is worth $5 or $10 for me”, this is an opportunity for you to invest this money towards the goal without changing your reward level.

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    1. Murrell

      @Mark - Maybe on SOME of the horses, but I don't see steampunk-cyborg humans all over, so why not still have some horse running around.

    2. Mark Finnegan on

      Love the artwork on the current email butI think it would be cool if the horses where mechanical horses or even if they had robotic attachments on real horses.

    3. Missing avatar

      Dave Save on

      @Mitchell I have literally heard this question a billion times already. The answer is that they are not sure yet, but they hope to do it in the future, after the game is released.

    4. Missing avatar

      Mitchell Kaiser

      I hope they enable steam workshop and modding in general, mods increase the longevity of a game dramatically. any plans to do so?

    5. Brian Levinsen

      @Brady Whitney, that is an awesome idea, and would extend the game a lot.

    6. Missing avatar

      Mark Douglas on

      I have pledged over $300, there's nothing more I can afford to do. Bring us home, it's looking amazing! ;)

    7. Feodor Tsabrov on

      Say, @KING Art, I understand both Kickstarter and Paypal take a portion of our pledges. Which gets the most money to you? If Kickstarter is non-optimal, I'm sure some of us can withdraw and switch to Paypal.

    8. Jan-Henrik Wilhelm

      * and not a physical copy

    9. Brady Whitney on


      Since you guys have surpassed the goal so much, any chance we could get a map editor so we can build our own campaigns, missions and multiplayer maps???

    10. Jan-Henrik Wilhelm

      "Downloadable content". Its extra content for a game you usually download and a physical added copy like the old add-ons. A DLC range from new skins for a character to an Expansion of the world an story like in The Witcher 3. so, in this case the DLC adds more story to the game

    11. Alejandro Mery

      it might help to actually say what a "DLC" is