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A classic real-time strategy game with an epic single player campaign, multiplayer & coop, set in the alternate reality of 1920+
A classic real-time strategy game with an epic single player campaign, multiplayer & coop, set in the alternate reality of 1920+
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    1. KING Art Games 4-time creator

      @Udo Woehler Thank you for the note, unfortunately, we have only a short time after the release for the updates corrections. We are sorry for that.

    2. Missing avatar

      Udo Woehler on

      the link below the strech goal graphic ( does not work, because of the additional space at the end.

    3. Missing avatar

      Marco S. on

      ops i forgot to post the link… the art guys should check it out for some ideas <3

    4. Missing avatar

      Marco S. on

      hey devs im curious what do you guys think of Luca Zampriolo robot designs his kallamity mechs are some of the most amazing figures ive ever seen.

    5. ThomasN on

      Great update! Please make exactly these style ones once a month or bi-monthly. Doesen't matter if it's problems or just a short joke of everyone, but at least we know SOMETHING, which is a whole lot more than I read from other KS after their campaign was over.

    6. Thomas Jager on

      If you're ever a Thomas short in the PR department, let me know!

    7. Jason F on

      You guys should hire another Thomas or two.

    8. FLOYD_CZ on

      Daniel (Concept Artist)
      I’m working on "resource buildings": A mine shaft for iron and oil pumps for oil. Instead of just having a flagpole, we’ll have buildings that actually indicate what kind of resource can be found there.

      Greet Daniel

      I keep his thumbs to make his work look good

      Greetings, I am delighted that instead of the flags will be an oil pump and an iron mine.

    9. Kenny Nguyen on

      I really like this Thomas guy. He really gets down to his work.

    10. Missing avatar

      Andreas Trageser on

      I hope the game gets nice, rich sound effects to give the mechs not just a good look but supports the immersion by giving the sound some weight.
      I remember seeing more and more movies which give tech items some sound effects which just don't match and which is a serious mood killer.
      *send some health department to KAG to check the Thomases for clone tests* ;)

    11. KING Art Games 4-time creator

      @Gharax: Yes. Our goal is to one day do a project with only Thomases. ;-)

    12. Gharax on

      Seems like being named Thomas improves the chances to get hired a lot.

    13. Missing avatar

      Kennedy Stearns on

      Man, I’m just so stoked for this game. I really hope my wife’s computer can handle the alpha, because waiting 2 years almost for the PS4 version is ALREADY killing me.

      I just want to say thank you all for working on this amazing idea, and making it a reality.

    14. Missing avatar

      Skantate on

      we get the multiplayergoals asap, i feel it.

    15. Benjamin Grimonprez on

      GG guys!!
      Would be great to have a making of on all that epic animations :p