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A classic real-time strategy game with an epic single player campaign, multiplayer & coop, set in the alternate reality of 1920+
A classic real-time strategy game with an epic single player campaign, multiplayer & coop, set in the alternate reality of 1920+
A classic real-time strategy game with an epic single player campaign, multiplayer & coop, set in the alternate reality of 1920+
16,607 backers pledged $1,298,726 to help bring this project to life.

Multiplayer, Windows 7 & New Reward Tiers


…but first of all: A quick look at the first 24 hours

24 hours in, we’re currently at over 355.000 Dollars, which is about 80% of the funding goal. We should reach our goal today, which is super sweet!

We knew there was a huge interest in Iron Harvest, but given the fact that many declared crowdfunding dead, it’s a big deal we might be able to collect over a million Dollars.

From everybody in the Iron Harvest team: THANK YOU!

Now it’s important to keep the pressure up and let as many people as possible know about the Kickstarter. The math is simple: 2 or 3 percent of everybody who visits the Kickstarter site backs the game. So the question is: How do we get a couple of hundred thousand people on the page? The answer is: By doing it together and not stopping until we get there!



What happens if you don’t reach the stretch goal for multiplayer or skirmish?

Our goal for the Kickstarter is to keep total creative control and keep the project between you and us, for as long as possible. But that doesn’t mean we’re going to cut features if we don’t reach the stretch goals.

As you can see in the “Budget” section of the Kickstarter page, we need additional external investments in any case. We talked to multiple publishers last year and all of them want multiplayer, skirmish and so on. So the question is not whether these features will be in the game or not, but who’s going to pay for them and who has a say in how they are implemented.

So, don’t worry. You will get the whole game.

Windows 7

There was confusion (including here in the office) about whether the game will run on Windows 10 only or on other versions of Windows as well. Officially, we use the term “Windows 10” everywhere, because older versions, including Windows 7, are no longer supported by Microsoft and some middle-ware providers, or their support might run out before Iron Harvest is released.

BUT Iron Harvest currently runs just fine on Windows 7 and we don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t do so in the future.

It’s just that Microsoft and others keep talking about not supporting it anymore, so it’s a somewhat uncomfortable position for us as developers. So… it IS a Windows 10 game, but it will most likely run on Windows 7, 8 and others versions as well.

More Reward Tiers for Console Versions

Many of you asked us if it’s possible to buy the Battle Bag Edition or the Art Edition with a console key instead of a PC key. It wasn’t… but it will be today. We’ll add those editions. So check out the Kickstarter site later today if you want a cool physical edition plus a digital key for PlayStation or Xbox One.

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    1. KING Art Games 4-time creator
      on March 20

      @Jeffrey Houtsma Yes that´s correct

    2. Jeffrey Houtsma on March 19

      I pledged for the PS4 version, it shows that I both get the game on windows and PS4 is this correct?

    3. Missing avatar

      VikMorroHun on March 16

      @Alex Isquierdo: I like base building more than multiplayer (that's not true in GTA Online :) so I hope there will be base building in the game.

    4. KING Art Games 4-time creator
      on March 15

      @Dark_Belial We would be happy to get that

    5. KING Art Games 4-time creator
      on March 15

      @Mads Diemer Wartho Pedersen We look what we can do :-)

    6. KING Art Games 4-time creator
      on March 15

      @Andreas Trageser Thank you for your kind words.

    7. KING Art Games 4-time creator
      on March 15

      @Nils Thank you for your support. We have no Add-Ons.

    8. Alex Isquierdo on March 15

      I"d personally love MP. Basebuilding... less so. I hope that gets dropped.

    9. Tracey Craig
      on March 14


      Doesn’t change the fact that MP is very expensive and very risky.

    10. Mihail Kochanov on March 14

      @Tracey Craig you realize there are people with a completely opposite opinion?

    11. Tracey Craig
      on March 14

      I’d forget about the multiplayer, it’s not even neccessary, Publishers love MP for all the wrong reasons. It’s expensive, then there’s the maintainance on top of that cost, plus you need to populate it..... i’ve played a few multiplayer games and the lobbies in some of them can be empty... can you afford that risk? There are decent indie publishers who don’t care wether a game has MP or not.

      As a player i’m all in for a story driven single player campaign. I’ve zero interest in MP as i do not have the time to invest.

    12. Missing avatar

      Dark_Belial on March 14

      Been waiting for the campaign since I saw the first Trailer. Hopefully we‘ll make it to 1.2 mil.

    13. Missing avatar

      Mads Diemer Wartho Pedersen on March 14

      Be careful with publishers, as the only reason they want multiplayer in the game is to throw in lootboxes. Please don't ever put lootboxes in your game.

    14. Missing avatar

      Andreas Trageser on March 14

      Gratulation fuer den guten Start. I will keep an eye on the campaign and decide later if I will stay or get off the campaign.
      At least I did my part of support to bring several folks from Steam forums aboard as my main goal is to see the game becoming one day a reality which we see now will be the case in one or two more days.
      But I am retired and I don't need Alpha or Beta access. Still, it's nice to see how well the campaign moves and to see how Jakub Różalski's world comes to life on the screen. :)

    15. Nils on March 14

      I choose the Kickstarter Edition, but was surprised it didn´t include at Battle Bag. Is it possible that Battle Bag could be offered as an add-on?

    16. KING Art Games 4-time creator
      on March 14

      @Roy Molenaar Thank you for your support.

    17. Missing avatar

      Roy Molenaar on March 14

      As promised multiple times! Backed it! Now up to 1.2 mil for competative multiplayer

    18. KING Art Games 4-time creator
      on March 14

      @Dynamic Poly Thank you for you support.

    19. Dynamic Poly on March 14

      Hey there, I'm glad you guys are on track to meet your goal. I backed the Art Edition before it had the (platform) in the description. I'm assuming you'd send out a survey at the end of the campaign for us to choose our platform? Thanks.

    20. KING Art Games 4-time creator
      on March 14

      @Alex Isquierdo Thank you for your support we look what we can do.

    21. KING Art Games 4-time creator
      on March 14

      @Marko Radosevic Thank you :-)

    22. Alex Isquierdo on March 14

      Dawn of War 2 was and still is the best rts I've ever played. I still keep up with the MOD community and dload patches to play this game. It's fantastic and it seems that you're taking a similar approach so here's my money. I love Scythe and would love to see more factions in the future. Is it a possibility?

    23. Marko Radosevic on March 14

      "who has a say in how they are implemented." this part gives me a goosebumps.
      many decent games hit a shitwall because of this compromises. if King Art games are dedicated few team, then the whole effort should stay within the dream team.

      IMHO...backers will prevail.

      Oh and there should be even cheaper pledge level for people following you all the time, or at least who pledged in the first 24hours. 40+ is still steep level for smtn that will see a daylight in two years, no matter the Alpha / Beta access.

      And for that cash you could open the Alpha ports for everyone, not only those 55+.

      Respect for whole crew and keep up the good work.

    24. FLOYD_CZ on March 14

      Great news that the game will go on Win 7 and Win 8.
      That is why I supported the game.

      I appreciate such a quick update.

    25. J. Morris on March 14

      Who would tell you guys crowdfunding is dead and why? If anything, it's stronger than ever before. Just looking at the Kickstarter front page, Fig, and a couple other crowdfunding places will tell you this. So long as the people running the KS are honest, show what they have and what their goal is, set up the kickstarter with reasonable prices, and have something lots of people want, then it is more often than not, guaranteed to succeed. If they have had other successful kickstarters and projects to show their track record, even better, and sometimes fans from those other projects will come over to support the new ones. So you guys may want to post updates on the other handful of successful King Art Games campaigns to let those people know, because I can guarantee it will get you some new pledges from people who probably have no idea about this project and would be into this project; how many will come over from those others and chip in, I don't know (and there is no telling how many chipped in for one those and heard about this and have already chipped in). But yeah, end of the day, can't hurt.

    26. KING Art Games 4-time creator
      on March 14

      @Tim Carter If there is no icon in the overview then no. Sorry for the misunderstanding

    27. KING Art Games 4-time creator
      on March 14

      @Andrea Scattolin We will look after the Kickstarter what is possible.

    28. Missing avatar

      Patrick Douglas
      on March 14

      @KING Art Games @Tim Carter That's what I was tracking... well dang, that's something I hope we can request through whatever post-KS backer manager they use.

    29. Tim Carter
      on March 14

      So, just to verify, the Art Edition does NOT come with the bag and the medals? The answers yesterday seemed to indicate that it did.

    30. Andrea Scattolin on March 14

      Will be there a way to have the console version only of the game? My PC Is quite old, and I am not interested in a PC version of the game.

    31. KING Art Games 4-time creator
      on March 14

      @Tzitzimime We chose the editions carefully.

    32. KING Art Games 4-time creator
      on March 14

      @Mihail Kochanov The decisions on the stages were discussed in detail. Thank you.

    33. KING Art Games 4-time creator
      on March 14

      @Yianni Poulos Please have look at the answer for Jirka

    34. KING Art Games 4-time creator
      on March 14

      @Hesychia Thank you :-)

    35. KING Art Games 4-time creator
      on March 14

      @Gert Pretorius Thank you Gert

    36. KING Art Games 4-time creator
      on March 14

      @Jirka Víšek It depends on how often certain editions are purchased and what regulations we can make with the producers of the items. That's why we can not promise it, but we'll deal with it after the Kickstarter, once we've got the numbers.

    37. KING Art Games 4-time creator
      on March 14

      @Mike Thanks for you comment we will see what we can do.

    38. KING Art Games 4-time creator
      on March 14

      @Jason Schock The editions are only available as they are.

    39. KING Art Games 4-time creator
      on March 14

      @Patrick Douglas @jason schock @Yianna Poul There is a little misunderstanding. The mistake to the bags related to the descriptions. At the end of the page, all editions are displayed with images and they are correct! We have already fixed the error. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

    40. MonkeyMagic on March 14

      +1 Tzitzimime - Agreed. Even though more console Tiers is good news, they are super expensive and have no addressed the initial concerns.

      People want a bog standard digital console version. (Cheaper than it would be at launch) We don't care about Alphas or Betas.

    41. Tzitzimime on March 14

      Many of us also asked why do console owners have to buy two versions of the game for almost double the cost. Instead of adding a base tier for consoles at the same price as the digital download, you instead added more expensive console tiers.

    42. Missing avatar

      Patrick Douglas
      on March 14

      @jason schock @Yianna Poulos The bag is included in all tiers at and above $95, King Art Games posted yesterday in response to someone asking in the regular comments that they are working on updating it to show correctly. I don't expect most people to scroll that far back to find their response, but it is there if you want to look for it. And now it's here as well!

    43. Mihail Kochanov on March 14

      I am really impressed by how open and honest you are with this campaign including financial details and the fact that you will need a publisher anyway. It is not a big secret how these things work but people normally don't talk about these while pumping the kickstarter campaign.

      BTW the most common concern other than the Windows 7 one is that $45 for the base game is a bit much for kickstarter. Have you considered a lower tier that still gets the digital copy?

    44. Yianni Poulos on March 14

      <3 Id love to have a hardcover art book with the bag please please

    45. Hesychia on March 14

      Wow, 24 h. and so advance in campaign of KS, bravo :D, I´m happy! Good job, guys.

    46. Missing avatar

      Gert Pretorius on March 14

      Update is much appreciated!! Once again, good luck and have fun at the office! 😉

    47. Jirka Víšek on March 14

      Will there be possibility to buy with Collector's edition other things that aren't included, for example hardcover artbook, mech figure or diorama?

    48. Missing avatar

      Mike on March 14

      You should definitely focus on the multiplayer side because that’s what keeps the players interested for a long time. Just look at COH, I mean, it’s great to have a nice campaign but what keeps an RTS game alive is the multiplayer. Thx and great job so far!

    49. MonkeyMagic on March 14

      Great news on the additional console Tiers!

    50. Missing avatar

      Jason Schock on March 14

      I don't suppose you could make it possible to get both the bag AND the hardcover artbook, could you? Pleeeeeeeease?