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You can help making an awesome new vision for classic turn-based strategy games become a reality!
You can help making an awesome new vision for classic turn-based strategy games become a reality!
7,564 backers pledged $260,235 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch Goal #2 & Last Day

Posted by KING Art Games (Creator)
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Stretch Goal #2

Including Paypal we’ve reached our second stretch goal tonight (CET)! This means Battle Worlds: Kronos will be on iOS and Android Tablets and on OUYA! Oh-yeah!

This also means that the game will receive two more full localizations (next to English, German, French and Spanish). So click on the link below to cast your vote for the language you want to see in the game:

Last day

40 days ago we were not sure if we could reach our funding goal. But thanks to you we even doubled it! It seems rather unlikely that we’ll reach the third stretch-goal, but that’s not a big deal. We’re confident that Battle Worlds: Kronos will be a successful game and successful games get add-ons… ;-)

So, no reason to pledge any more? Wrong.

As a backer you’ll get Alpha or Beta access to the game, access to the development forums and all other kinds of neat stuff we can think of. And you're helping us to make the game better and the add-on more likely to become a reality!

So please: Back us. And if you already have use Facebook, Twitter, Forums and everything else you can think of to spread the word about our Kickstarter. Who knows? Maybe someone with a lot of power will help us reach the third stretch goal… yes, we're looking at you Notch, Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day, Let’s Play – Kings and so on ;-)

Main screen

We were working on the main menu / main screen this week. We thought about a kind of "time line". Instead of putting everything ("continue game", "tutorial", "notifications" and so on) into the main menu we keep it clean and simple and put this info into the time line on the right side.

What do you think?

(This is only a mockup)

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    1. DavidT on

      I think that the news page is very useful thing for a play by mail system like BWK has. It will help keep track of who has gone in your various games without having to manually go to each one and see if it's your turn. On the other hand, I think some discrimination for this will be a good thing too, since you don't want the notice that it's your turn lost in a jumble of new bulletins. Maybe separate tabs for company news and turn changes would work?

    2. Missing avatar

      Fred Schuit

      Great to see we've been able to get stretch goal #2! iPAD, OUYA and Android are waiting! (well that is after the OUYA arrives). But great to see this game gets a lot of backers! Great fan of PG and AG, so can't wait to get my hands on the game.

      We just had 7.500 backers and it's still counting. 2 Hours to go.

    3. John Vanderbeck on

      Guys the timeline thing is for keeping track of your moves in various multiplayer games. Why would you want to hide it away where you have to dig for it?

    4. Missing avatar

      Yaromesky on

      I played a little Sins of a Solar Empire a short while ago, and one of the things that can really make that game satisfying are the pages upon pages of detailed statistics. What kind of statistics do you guys plan on/already track? Will it be on a persistent level, per game, or both?

    5. John F on

      yes, now that I think about it, the timeline thing is way too much like Facebook for it to be on my main menu. I'd like it to be an option. Maybe in 'Setup' people could choose "Show timeline on startup". But by default have it be be part of the group that you put down in the lower left "News, Campaign, Singleplay, Multiplayer, (etc...)" Except make that group more of the focal point. Those are just my thoughts though, the gameplay is of course the important part anyway :)

    6. lazy_bhikkhu on

      STOKED about ios, android, and ouya versions!
      i know that nothing is set in stone, but i have to ask:
      should we expect these other versions to drop with the main [pc] release / what is the expected timeline for them?

    7. Donnicton on

      I'm hoping the 'conquer the planet' mode could still be made available at a later time. That sounds like a mode that would give the game a lot of replayability and a big boost to marketable features.

    8. Mark L

      I lean toward agreeing with Kiril. Although the mockup looks cool, I think in practice it would be too confusing and jumbled. I'm not clear on why the devs think this 'keeps it clean and simple' - on the contrary, I think it makes in more complicated and confusing. I don't expect to have to search for 'continue game' amongst game news. I only want to see news when I click on it. Game news is, in general, a nuisance and a distraction, not something that deserves prime placement and consideration. I don't find timeline views helpful or useful.

    9. Missing avatar

      Marcus Wilhelm on

      Great :) looking forward to Ouya and Android Tablet version \o/

    10. Kiril Trichkov on

      I don't like seeing game news, comments from other players and in-progress games mixed. Makes it look like failbook, and will probably make it just as hard to navigate. There should be separate tabs for different things.

      But while I think "timelines" are a bad idea in general, I can understand the desire to make facebook socialites feel at home. However, PLEASE don't have the news screen open by default. Hide it behind a big shiny button or something. Instead, let us enjoy the beautiful menu art, and maybe even have some AI battles going on. Take a look at SPAZ for an example.
      Or, you could include an option in the settings of whether to start the game with news open or closed.

      And the menu on the left is perfect as it is.

      By the way, congrats on the campaign success! Happy coding! And make sure to design the interface around M+KB and then port to anything else, not the opposite!

    11. Devon Mullane on

      That came out wrong, I meant to say:

      I know the game will be fantastic.

    12. Devon Mullane on

      I like the idea for the menu and I hope a ghost donor helps you guys out. I know more money can't be a bad thing, but I have little doubt that the game won't be fantastic under even the worst circumstances.

    13. Saodhar

      Yay for reaching the second stretch goal!
      I've voted for Russian - maybe more of my friends will play then.
      I like the menu concept, But maybe you should move the menu buttons to the very bottom - and set them in a line? Lower left space could be then used for some advanced statistics. Or for a nice visual.

    14. John Vanderbeck on

      @Paal Joachim Romdahl & S.D. is also a weresheep
      The "My News" section isn't a social media thing, its to show all your game activity for the Asynchronous gameplay, and thus I think it being large like that is fitting.

    15. Justin

      For those who do the social media thing and may have opportunity to say a kind word or two about Battle Worlds, here might be a good place to start -->…
      Just a thought :)

    16. Yves on

      Let's hope that doesn't mean the main (PC) game will have stains of this mobile/tablet thing - I'm thinking primarily of the UI. Ah well, I liked Book of Unwritten Tales, so I guess I'll trust you on this.

    17. alcaray on

      Congratulations to those who have some use for stretch goal #2!

    18. S.D. on

      Really excited about Android & OUYA! I agree with Paal Joachim Romdahl, the Your News section seems to be dominating. I love the color choice and the interface design elements (fonts, border & background images and other graphic design elements). You have a very talented art team, no question about it!
      However... the entire "Your News" concept seems very influences by social-media, and I dislike that very much. This, to me, makes me think of endlessly scrolling through lists of faces & one-liners to find what I'm looking for (the very worst part of Twitter and Facebook streams... inability to find anything you want when you actually need it, because it is mixed in an indeterminate soup). For example, if I want online match-making, a dialogue box for that. If I want to browse match results, a dialogue for that. To jump back into an ongoing campaign, a dialogue for that (including return commentary with my opponent). In a proper tactics game I feel like my information should be properly organized :-)

    19. Sam on

      I think Korean would be a great option, a lot of devs seem to overlook them while they along with china actually have a fairly large market for games

    20. Missing avatar

      ###### on

      I second the Korean language support statement.

    21. Missing avatar

      Schobbo on

      Looks great, really like the menu.

    22. Paal Joachim Romdahl on

      Congratulations on reaching the next stretch goal!

      The above main menu screen mockup looks really nice! A good layout and nice blue color! I would suggest that hovering over the buttons in the left column a preview is seen on the right side temporary hiding Your News section. Under settings there could be a color option for changing the blue to another color. Have a great day!

    23. John F on

      HOOORAY!!! and Congratulations KING Art!

      The home screen looks really good. Its a nice looking format and will probably work well with touch screens.

      yeah I would suggest getting on the Twitters too ;) I prefer it over Facebook but only because I'm not really into the social networking thing and Twitter works well as a news feed.

      Coream brings up a good point though, why no Asian languages? too difficult to program or translate? Seems we're missing out on a HUGE potentioal player base. Danish speakers in the world = 5M / Czech = 10M / Korean = 76M / Chinese = 1.2B

    24. michaeljreid on

      Will touch screen controls on windows be supported?

    25. George P. Schnyder on

      Hope it rocks on my Note II

    26. coream on

      I vote for Korean for one of the language. Which wasn't on the list of survey =(
      Just letting you know there are Korean turn-based game lovers out there!!!

    27. meganothing dread bard of torment BOSB on

      Looks good. Might even induce me to try out multiplayer with a friend

    28. XorKaya on

      Social media: So I found you guys on Facebook, any chance you guys have/will have a twitter account as well?

    29. KING Art Games 4-time creator

      @Eric (Avatar): Sure!

    30. Cocorickoo on

      Woohoo ! Android version ! This is going to be awesome on my Nexus7 when i'm commuting. :)

      I really like the interface too, Icons are clear, boxes are well spaced for different screen ratios. good work ! Will we be able to change our avatar ?

    31. KING Art Games 4-time creator

      @Christian (surprises): Not from our side. We basically put everything out there we got!

    32. Runeclaw on

      I am very pleased to hear that the game will come out on Android and iOS. This should be a perfect game to play on a Nexus 7, iPad or whatever big thing someone is using.

      I wish you best of luck with the development of the game and I'm sure the final product will be as awesome as we all hope it will be.

    33. Christian Kölpin on

      Nice mock/color scheme

      Some surprises for the last hours?