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You can help making an awesome new vision for classic turn-based strategy games become a reality!
You can help making an awesome new vision for classic turn-based strategy games become a reality!
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The Last Week, New Screenshots & Units

Posted by KING Art Games (Creator)
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The last week of the Kickstarter campaign

The last week of our campaign has started and we still have some troubles to get our news on the big sites. There are some that seem to just not care about a small project like "Battle Worlds: Kronos". We decided not to care about them anymore and not waste our time on them.

Instead we’ll rely on the best thing in this campaign: You.

Here are two things we’d like everybody who cares for this project to do:

  • Go to the main site and hit the Facebook “Like” Button. At the moment we have more than 6.000 backers but only 2.500 “Likes”.
  • Everybody of you is probably active in a community, a forum, on other Kickstarter campaigns or the like. Please go there now, tell them about our project and that there are only a few days left. If you’ve already posted something in the past: Please revisit the thread and bring it back to the top (for example by linking the latest campaign updates).

This can really make a difference! A while ago one of you contacted Brian Fargo and Obsidian, they gave us a shout-out and it resulted in a lot of new backers! So please think about who you know and who you might inform about Battle Worlds: Kronos. Let’s do this!

Snow & Ice

Battle Worlds: Kronos will feature three different climates: Moderate climate & desert (both of which you’ve already seen in the videos) and a cold climate featuring snow & ice.

In the last three weeks we have worked on the cold climate graphics. What do you think?

Big versions:

The ice doesn’t just look nice, it’s also an important factor of the gameplay: Rivers might freeze over and allow land-units to cross the water. But be aware: When a unit explodes on the ice it leaves a hole behind…

Work-in-progress: New units

Here are some of the units we’re working on at the moment. For each unit we try to find a unique shape so all units can be distinguished easily.Then we add details to the units (that's the status of the units in the picture above). After that we add textures.

This is a close-up of the w.i.p. "Explorer" unit. It’s a reconnaissance unit – extremely fast (the fastest ground vehicle in the game) but only lightly armored and not very strong in combat.

If you want to see w.i.p. screens like this early, be sure to join us at Facebook and in our forum.

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    1. Florian Weidhase on

      Exploded units leave a hole ... that's a nice start. I think it would be really cool if the weather were dynamic (and effect range, viewing distance, weapon effectiveness and movement as commented below) and the ice had different strengths. A thin cover could allow movement of infantry only, a thick layer could accomodate light vehicles and heavy units can only pass on very thick ice. I really hope I can shoot at ice ...

    2. DavidT on

      This doesn't have very much to do with this post, but will the factions be visibly different on the game? What other kinds of differences will there be?

    3. Lokalpatriot on

      @KING Art Games: Screenshots look awesome! Does the climate change dynamically during a game? Does the climate has an impact on units? (e.g. range of movement, weapon range, weapon accuracy, etc.)

    4. Missing avatar

      Karsten Fischer on

      @KING Art Games Nice, however I am still waiting for a All-3-KING-Art-Games Add On to put on my physical pledge.

    5. Missing avatar

      Schobbo on

      Hi guys!
      If you want some free coverage for the game I would like to suggest going to youtube and give some popular game testers early access to the game, either in alpha or beta phase and ask them to check out the game and make a video about it. It's probably the easiest way to reach a lot of people.

    6. Thomas Schwarz

      I linked your Kickstarter in Diaspora! :-)

    7. Missing avatar

      filias on

      I can't hit Like because I have not Facebook. Sorry guys ;]

    8. LordCrash on

      @Doctor X
      King Art only adresses the backers who use facebook of course. ;)

    9. Doctor X on

      Folks has it occurred to you that not all of your backers use Facebook or want to? I don't.

    10. Missing avatar

      Karl on

      just wondering if destroyed units also block bridges. Any chance we'll see another tactics video? =)

    11. Missing avatar

      HitmanN on


      Next, alpha access add-on. You don't have nearly enough alpha testers, judging by the pledge numbers. With the add-on you'd get both funds, and much more valuable feedback in alpha. Win-win. ;)

    12. Christian Kölpin on

      @jason:hopefully KingArt rearrange /rethink their reward add ons. I'm still waiting for a unit figure design a the amount of pledge needed :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Fred Schuit

      Nice Screenshots!

      I was (still am) a big fan of the Panzer General Series. Great to see this game being developed.

      An idea to generate some cash: Sell a strategy guide for the single player campaigns for say $5

    14. Christian Kölpin on

      @KingArt forget about it. You are long enough in the business to know it better... There are some genres where are ignored completely by "the big ones" (simulations, tbs, and for a long time point&click adventures)

      But you showed already how to life with it. If you need some more encourage: Google for combat mission (published by battlefront - a hardcore strategy publisher) they have a really strong community without any big press coverage. Like you will have...

    15. LordCrash on

      @ King Art
      Ok, if the graphics are sharp in the game I'm happy. :)
      I think it must be a problem with the capturing tool.

    16. KING Art Games 4-time creator

      @Matthew (big sites): Of course your're right. It's just pretty frustrating not getting any attention by some important sites. So we're trying to initiate a little grass-roots movement ;-)

    17. Missing avatar

      Jason Anderson on

      Hey King Art Games,

      I love the updates, the new units, and the ice tile sets. Simply amazing! Also love the dynamic terrain!

      I am excited for this game and will do my best to persuade my friends to back as well this week.

      I would also like to mention that if you add a "Closed Alpha Test" add on (eligible for backers who already have Closed Beta Test access), I'd throw another 20-25 USD your way, and I am sure many other backers would as well. Since the Closed Beta Test Tier is so low, almost all your backers are eligible for the Closed Alpha Test! I don't think you could go wrong here :D

      Have a good week,and I hope we can make some stretch goals this week!

      -- Jason Anderson

    18. KING Art Games 4-time creator

      @LC (Sharpness): I see what you mean. Don't know. Maybe a capturing and/or compression problem? In the game the units are sharp (actually, it would be pretty hard to get them so soft) ;-)

    19. Matthew Farmery on

      very nice pictures of the cold weather, and the new units look very good, I'm not really into facebook myself, as I don't really like using it, but this game looks great

      as for the big sites, there are a number of problems with them at times, some will only like or rave about publisher games, IGN and and a few others fit this, they will happily give good ratings for games when they don't really deserve it, and it seems that they not always interested in indi titles, plus they get revenue from the publishers, putting adds on their site in exchange for cash, so unless the project is really big, or from a famous developer, they really will turn their nose up at you

      but I really wouldn't worry about them really, besides your doing pretty well so far, so keep up the good work you are doing, as this game looks amazing

    20. LordCrash on

      But the art direction is very cool, I like the snow&ice scenario. :)

    21. LordCrash on

      They look perfectly sharp in 1.031px × 580px but not in 2.220px × 1.248px ;)

    22. LordCrash on

      @ King Art
      I don't know. When you zoom in to the original resolution (2.220px × 1.248px), there are many fragments and the edges are not sharp, there is very much aliasing. And I don't think it's a browser problem, because I downloaded the screenshots and it was the same.

    23. LordCrash on

      @ KingArt
      Cool. :)

    24. KING Art Games 4-time creator

      @LC (Sharpness): They should be pretty sharp... Maybe a browser/scaling issue? Or do you mean the little softness of the units? This might have something to do with our screen capture solution (the screenshots are captured twice the normal size because usually we develop in window mode and not in fullscreen-HD).

    25. KING Art Games 4-time creator

      @LC (AngryJoe): Very good to know! Unfortunately there is no version we could give away at the moment. But as soon as there is we'll contact Joe!

    26. LordCrash on

      The big-version screenshots are not very sharp IMO, is that intentional or WIP?

    27. KING Art Games 4-time creator

      @S.D. (Facebook): Yeah, I know. But there are many other projects that have MORE "Likes" than backers. Well... our way is better, of course ;-)

    28. LordCrash on

      @ KingArt
      Do you have a "playable" alpha atm? AngryJoe has backed Kronos and gave you a twitter/facebook shoutout, perhaps he's also interested in playing a bit with you guys this week? Check out his youtube channel:

    29. S.D. on

      Cold-weather terrains are looking really good! Funding progress on the project has been fantastic. I am still seeing a $250K result very likely in the future! However, keep in mind that it is entirely likely that only 30-40% of backers is even on Facebook (I am not, for example). Other than that, keep up the good work!