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You can help making an awesome new vision for classic turn-based strategy games become a reality!
You can help making an awesome new vision for classic turn-based strategy games become a reality!
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The BW:K Card Game & The Game Designers

Posted by KING Art Games (Creator)

The Battle Worlds: Kronos Card Game

A lot of backers asked us about the Battle Worlds: Kronos card game (a reward in the upper tiers). Here’s some information regarding the game (which is, obviously, still work-in-progress) and our motivations why we’re making it at all.

Card Mockup

The game will contain approximately 80 cards (all 40 units/buildings times two). 

Each card shows:

  • Unit name
  • Image
  • Type: light unit, infantry etc.
  • Stats for card game as icons (strength, range, actions)
  • Stats for super trump / in-game reference (damage ground, damage air, damage sea, movement, range)
  • Flavor text 

The cards can be used in different ways:

  • Strategic card game
  • Super trump game
  • In-game reference

Remember: You can add the card game to your pledge by clicking in "Manage Pledge" and add $15 to your physical pledge. (See Update #8).

In-game Reference

If you want to use the cards as in-game reference, you can place them in front of you while playing the video game, to represent the units appearing in a mission. That way you have all the information about your own units available at a glance. 

Super trump (2-6 players)

Each unit has 5 attributes that may be used for the super trump game (the same that are also used for the in-game reference: types of damage, range, movement). All 80 cards are shuffled and distributed to the players. Each player takes all cards he received on his hand as a deck. A player begins and states one of the 5 attributes of his top card and its value. The other players also state the value of the mentioned attribute of their top card. The player with the highest value wins the round, receives all of the other players’ top cards and places them under his deck together with his own card. He begins the next turn by stating an attribute and its value etc. If the attribute is equal on all cards, it’s a tie. All named cards are put aside and the next player on the left takes over stating an attribute. The winner of this round gets all cards and those that were previously put aside from the tie. The game ends when one of the player has no more cards left. The player with the highest number of cards wins the match. Alternatively players can agree on a timespan after which the cards are counted.

Strategic card game (2 players)

Playing the strategic card game, two players can battle each other to determine who is the better commandant. The card game picks up many mechanisms of the original game, but also introduces new ones.

(A in no way faked match between Philipp and Lukas)

Each of both players shuffles his deck with all 40 units and draws 5 of them per turn to his hand. For both players, the playing field consists of a proper deployment zone where units can be played hidden (face down) and a common battle field in the middle. The battle field consists of separate columns where the units from the own deployment zone can be drawn in. On the battle field, units can move and attack enemy units. As known from the original game, tactical movement plays an important role, because enemy units surrounded by own units can be attacked more easily. The range also plays a role, since an attack immediately triggers a counter attack, just like in the video game. The cards on the hand can not only be played as units into the deployment zone, they also serve to activate units which are already in game. For that purpose, you compare the action symbols of the hand card with those of your units on the battle field. The actions that are matching (e.g. "move" or "attack") may be applied by the unit on the battle field. The hand card is discarded for that purpose.

Buildings can’t be moved and they can only be played into the deployment zone. They give a permanent advantage for the player (e.g. one additional hand card), but they also block a slot in the deployment zone. The deployment zone can’t be attacked, except by special units such as artillery.

A player wins the game either by disabling all enemy units on the battle field or when he is the first to disable 10 enemy units.

Meet the team: Lukas (Game design)

My name is Lukas and I’m a Game Designer at KING Art Games.

Like many people in the games industry I’m a lateral entrant. Actually not that lateral after all, because I’ve been designing board games and card games for 10 years. Thanks to KING Art I can still continue doing that, because being a game author doesn’t quite pay the rent: Together with my fellow author Michael we work as LudoCreatix and you can find more info on our board games at or on the Facebook page "LudoCreatix".

(Lukas on the left, Michael on the right)

For board gamers and especially authors of such, Kickstarter is getting more and more important, as many good game ideas get funded here and it is a great opportunity for authors to publish their games themselves. We believe that board gamers will love Battle Worlds as well, because turn-based strategy is very similar to board games and our first play tests and rule discussions all took place on a Battletech map with cardboard counters.

When we started talking about a Kickstarter campaign for Battle Worlds, I came up with the idea of having a card game as a reward tier. Since then the game design for the card game has been constantly getting more solid. Along with Michael and my coworker Philipp (he introduced himself in the last update) I try to extract the essence of Battle Worlds and pour it into this card game. It was a nice boost when we got the first designs of the cards from Alex (Art Director at KING Art and introduced in a later update) and hopefully, you are as excited as we are about it.


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    1. count on

      @gandalf.nho - Weresheepjaguar Huntress
      "Nice card game, sadly I'm limited to digital-only tiers..."

      You can get the cardgame even when you are on an digital only tier. You just have to add more money for shipping. That's what it says in the 'New "Add-on Rewards"!' update.

      "Caution: If your reward tier is a digital reward tier but your add-on is a physical reward, you have to add shipment costs"

    2. Steve Lockett on

      @Philip On the contrary, I think this may have been the test-bed for the mechanics and rule-set.
      Once you have the rules down pat, then replicated in the programming algorithms, the rest of the video-game can then add the visually interactive fluff along with adding extra rules which is the crap most table-toppers argue over such as line-of-sight, etc.

      The fact that there's the 'on-paper design' available as a non-PC game already is a smart-move bonus which I would say hasn't been a great distraction.

    3. Philip Wilkinson on

      Guys - could you just focus more on getting the game out there rather than getting distracted by these other sideline ideas. Get an amazing game, launch on PC and Mac via steam - then you can expand

    4. Mario Malnar on

      Rather sceptic. Get the game going well, then the card game.

    5. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      lol @ the "in no way faked match"

    6. LordCrash on

      Nice update! :)

    7. gandalf.nho

      Nice card game, sadly I'm limited to digital-only tiers...

    8. Luca on

      @Georg There is a card game? Great news for me!

    9. Georg Hach on

      Right on. I am truly excited to get my hands on the cardgame. I've played a few games of Lukas and Michael before, most recently last weekend their outstanding "Die Zwerge", based on the bestselling texts of Markus Heitz. You should check it out. It's worth playing even without know the lore from the books.