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You can help making an awesome new vision for classic turn-based strategy games become a reality!
You can help making an awesome new vision for classic turn-based strategy games become a reality!
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Greenlit! Generated Maps! Programers!

Posted by KING Art Games (Creator)

Breaking News: We’ve been greenlit!

Wo-hoo! Thank you, Community! :-D

Your wish is our command: Generated maps

Many of you have asked us, if there are going to be generated maps in Battle Worlds: Kronos. Originally we didn’t plan that. But then we thought: If that’s important for many of you, we could take a look at that issue.

Others asked, what the maximum possible map size in Battle Worlds: Kronos is. We didn’t know. So we thought: Let’s try it! And how about combining both tests? Why not make a huge, generated map?

Well, here you go:

To be clear: The maps in the game won’t be as big. We only tested the stability of our system, made screenshots and stitched them together. So we didn’t put any effort in making the map pretty or fun to play. Moving all units of one team on this map would take approximately 4 hours (when calculated with 5 seconds per unit) and that’s a little too long for a comfortable match. ;-)

Meet the team! Today: The programmers

Who makes things like the giant generated map possible? It’s our programmers Philipp (left) and Thomas (right)!


Hi, I'm Thomas, Technical Director at KING Art.

My history with KING Art dates back to 2006. Back then Philipp and I were working part-time for the small local game studio. And despite working long hours for little money the project was worth all the effort. A turn-based strategy game called Battle Worlds: Kronos. Together we wrote the engine from scratch, with no middleware and no professional programming experience, but ideas and motivation in abundance. And the results were quite promising. Sadly, our first dream project wasn't lucky enough to get funded by a publisher and so we turned to other projects.

Now 6 years later I'm still just as eager to finish what we've started so long ago. But with the experience of developing and releasing many successful games I feel we're a lot better equipped this time. For me the heart of the game is the turn-based combat mechanic and the hex map the battles are fought on. I love hexagons! Even before my formal education in programming I dabbled with strategy games and hex grids. There's even a technical article somewhere on that I've written back then... my graduation thesis was on hex grids too. And one of the challenges of BW:K that I appreciate the most is to render a hex-based, procedurally generated map in a way that it looks vivid and natural as if handcrafted by artists, but with the underlying grid still clearly visible, so that the presentation never clashes with the clarity and elegance of the turn-based combat mechanic.

Another challenge I look forward to is writing the A.I. What many players like about turn-based games is that they can take all the time they need to make the best strategical and tactical decisions they can. It took till 1996 for a dedicated supercomputer to beat the world chess champion and compared to our project chess is a very simple game. What gives the A.I an edge over human players in real-time strategy games is, that in a frantic battle it has an advantage at 'microing', but still professional Starcraft II players will always beat an AI even on the hardest (non-cheating) difficulty setting. It’s going to be one of the biggest challenges in my career to provide you guys with worthy and most importantly 'fun' artificial opponents. But I like challenges… :-)


Hi, my name is Philipp Kolhoff and I'm Lead Programmer at KING Art.

Battle Worlds was one of my first projects at KING Art when we started. Since that time I'm very excited about the concept and always dreamed of finally releasing it to the public. It's so great to see that Battle Worlds will finally come to live, especially with the support of thousands of people that will actually play our game. The close contact with our "customers" is something we sometimes miss in other projects. It motivates me to really do my best to deliver an awesome product to gamers that hopefully like it as much as I do.

When not whipping my team, I work on laying out the base architecture for our map editor and the game itself. Our milestone to get a playable alpha is still on track and I'm curious to see how all of you will react when you move your first Bandit into range, deploy your artillery or zerg down a Cerberus with a gang of infantrybots. The more visual assets we receive, the more thrilled I get.

In my spare time, games are still my favorite. Besides playing computer games, I like board games a lot and try to play as often as possible. And because I also try to develop some board games on my own (and even have released a small one already ;-) ) I was very happy to be asked to help in the creation of the Battle Worlds card game. We’ll release more info about that within the next couple of days. It's going to be awesome, so be sure to add one to your rewards! 

Thanks for reading and I hope we get in contact again soon.


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    1. KING Art Games 4-time creator

      @John F assuming your assumtion is right you can be sure that Thomas and Philip will come up smart and nifty solution for this ;)

    2. Matthew Farmery on

      Battle Isle: The Andosia War had a air lifting system, / naval transport, but from my experience it never worked right, even in the later patches, it was suppose to be fully automatic, you assign an air unit to a path, and to a factory (can't remember exactly been a a long time since I played it) but it should have put units inside the aircraft then go along the set path, drop off the units and return back to the starting building to await more units, but for me, it never worked, at least not automatically like that, as you had to hand hold the units a lot, it was an OK game, but it did get pretty frustrating at times, I did feel even with all the patches, the game was pretty buggy in areas, so I hope if there is a transportation system in the game, at least I hope it fully works

    3. John F on

      Now that I think about it, I bet that's already part of the game in some way :p

    4. John F on

      So let's assume that Super-Map gets added in some way to the game, whether though an unlock or for completing an achievement, or what ever.....Going off what Matthew said, why not add an "Airlift" type mechanic. You could use it by building an Airport building type. Once you get a certain unit to a spot and build one, or take over an enemy airport, you can start airlifting units back and forth. Or possibly make the airlift mechanic part of a unit joining process. Load a ground unit into a transport helicopter/plane then you can fly it over a great distance...

    5. Matthew Farmery on

      I would love to play on a huge map like that, or a team with a month or two of free time, sure it will take a while, but I think big maps like this should be possible if you got the time, also will help if there was a teleport or transportation system in the game, so ferry units from A to B quickly, so you don't need to spend ages getting your units to one side of the map to the other

    6. Genosse_Baum on

      Happy days and jubilation!

    7. Christian Kölpin on

      This reminds me to some old combat mission user maps who goes far beyond whats the developer every planed. hours to make a turn, hours till the AI was able to calculate their turn ... but this maps was very popular... so as always if (big) boys playing together: size does matter :D

    8. John F on

      YAY! congratulations! I have my fingers crossed for 250K. And yes, the mini-bio's of the KING Art staff are cool, keep em coming. Also, like Nicholas, I would like to see the biggest possible stable map you can render as a playable option, maybe as an unlock or acheivement reward! 4hr turns? sure that sounds rediculous, but it also sounds EPIC!!!!

    9. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      wow, that's a big map alright :) and although such big maps won't be in the game it's still cool to see what the engine can do!

    10. Nicholas Vitek

      Regarding the massive map shown, when you release the game, please make such massive battles possible. It may take 4 hrs per turn but it would be a great massive campaign to play over a long period if time.

    11. Missing avatar

      Schobbo on

      Good job everyone on the greenlight. I prefer my games on Steam anyway and I'm sure it will help the game get more recognition both before and after its release.
      200k right now and 10 days left, that's looking very good too. I'm hoping you will reach at least 300k before the campaign ends, this game deserves it.

    12. Missing avatar

      Thorburn on

      @King Art Games: i support the comment from John Vanderbeck - prefer a steam version above everything else ... (that way i can have every game i own under one hood)

    13. Christian Kölpin on

      Best update since you start the kickstarter campaign. Pls show more of your team

    14. S.D. on

      Philipp: This is good to hear from you. Especially the detail regarding board games; it is my believe that a firm grounding in board game structure is critical in a designer for them to be able to properly tackle RTS design. The instinct to just "sketch it out and run a couple of turns on the table" with colleagues must have happened at some early point in BW:K design. Care to share some stories with us in King ARTS' next video update? :-)

    15. LordCrash on

      Cool! That game will be awesome. :)

    16. bloodraven43 tormented Weresheep on

      so the game will include a random map generator for multi or single player senarios??? kind of confussed but what's new , im always confussed

    17. Ronnie Viklund

      Wow, amazing! The game just got even better

    18. Rafael Masoni on

      Of course you have been Greenlit! The game's awesome! Congratulations!

    19. KING Art Games 4-time creator

      I can't guarantee it but I'm pretty sure that will be possible.

    20. John Vanderbeck on

      Congrats on Greenlight!

      Do you know yet if it will be possible to give a digital Steam code to those who get a physical copy? I've noticed other kickstarters are doing it, so hoping it can be done. I'd switch to a physical edition in a heartbeat if so.