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You can help making an awesome new vision for classic turn-based strategy games become a reality!
You can help making an awesome new vision for classic turn-based strategy games become a reality!
7,564 backers pledged $260,235 to help bring this project to life.

Additional Languages, No DRM means no DRM

Posted by KING Art Games (Creator)

Two additional languages: The results are in!

With our first stretch-goal we promised two additional languages and let you guys decide which ones you want to have. Here are the results:

If we reach the second stretch-goal, there will be a new poll for two more languages. So if your language hasn’t won this time: Help us to reach our next goal, to give it another chance! 

User-generated Maps, Steam & No DRM

In the last days there was some commotion, because some features/updates of Shadowrun Returns are going to only be available via Steam. That’s why we want to explain the approach we want to take with Battle Worlds: Kronos:

- We want to provide the game on as many platforms as possible (Steam, GoG, Desura and many others). Some of these platforms use DRM measures, some don’t. In any case backers can download Battle Worlds: Kronos from our servers WITHOUT DRM.

- No matter where you get the game from: You can play the campaigns and the Single Player Challenge Maps offline, without registration or other measures.

- If you want to play multiplayer matches, you have to set up a user name and password on our server to be able to continue your game from anywhere, save your achievements, collect points in the game ladder, and so forth.

- User-generated maps, the free "Trains" DLC campaign and other content can also be downloaded from our server. This means that nobody is forced to install Steam or similar software.

Before the game is available to the public, backers have exclusive access to alpha and beta builds. Those builds will probably be available exclusively from our own server. We are thinking about offering a kind of Downloader that enables you to always download the latest version of the game. We may ADDITIONALLY cooperate with Steam, because they are currently working on a system that will enable gamers to play a game during its production. But that question isn’t resolved yet and first we have to get the game on Steam:

Time to say "Thank you" and help others

There are many people, companies and other projects that helped us during the preparation of the campaign and in its first weeks. We want to take the time to thank them. You can’t take for granted that developers help each other in that way. It’s one of the great things about Kickstarter: It brings out the best in everybody.

First, three friends of ours. Their campaigns have ended already but you still can support them on their sites:

- Cliffhanger Productions:

- Black Forest Games:

- Senscape:

The "Divinity: Original Sins" campaign by our friends at Larian is still up and running strong. You might want to check it out if you like classic RPGs, turn-based battles and mighty editors! ;-)


Here are some more projects we like and you might want to check out:




Are there projects you like and want to promote? Post them in the comments!


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    1. Kiril Trichkov on

      So you'll opt out of using Steam's DRM? Excellent! You're one of the good guys!

      John Vanderbeck, the features you love about Steam are not tied to the Custom Executable Generation (Steam's DRM system). It's fully possible to have DRM-free distribution through Steam without giving up any features, and it's already been done with a lot of the games released there.

      Also, the update mentioned distribution platforms that require DRM. Could you please point these out, I haven't heard of any?

    2. Missing avatar

      Old Chestnut on

      Well done on being clear and steadfast about DRM. I'm glad I backed your game, and am looking forward to playing it.

    3. Missing avatar

      Frank Meister on

      I also want to thank you, King ARTS Team, for the clarification. Kickstarter is all about trust, and trust is a very fragile thing, hard to get and easy to loose. There is absolutely no room on kickstarter for subtleness.

      If someone promises DRM free, then he has to deliver DRM free, otherwise his reputation will go downhill. It is not acceptable that you, as a backer, are cut off from future development upgrades if you insist on the promised DRM free product.

      Looking forward to a great, DRM free game :)

    4. Peter Jacob on

      Mm, we must keep pushing for our many distant comrades in Russia!

    5. S.D. on

      King ARTS team, I can't thank you enough for clarifying this issue, so it's CRYSTAL clear what will and will not occur. I can't imagine any developer predicting the unmitigated disaster of Harebrained Schemes' update, but they *had* to know there would be a very vocal response. The fact that you've clarified the situation *during* the campaign (while we still have time to choose to drop the project, should we choose to) is a testament to how much you respect your backers. I promise you that for my small circle of friends, this sort of transparency will be repaid with good-will, in response! :-)

    6. ThomasN on

      Thanks for drawing a line. I hope future developers take notice that you can't have delayed amnesia about promising drm freeness.

    7. Missing avatar

      Blues Brother on

      The less DRM the better. DRM itself offers no advantages to anyone whatsoever, and while I use Steam myself a lot, it has to be said that not all games on Steam use DRM (Psychonauts and Botanicula don't, for example) and that Steam's service advantages wouldn't be lost without the custom DRM.

      And I just had a bad DRM experience behind me, so I'm really glad to hear your commitment!

    8. LordCrash on

      @ Xuio
      I think it's a time problem. Including the trains campaign into the box would be possible but would probably delay the release of the rest of the game. But that's only my guess.

    9. CletusVanDamme on

      Myth, a pretty sick looking dungeon crawler boardgame with card driven character mechanics and deep narrative systems. Looking forward to it!

    10. Jalister on

      Since you've thrown out so many great suggestions, I'd like to add Planet Explorers. It ends in 8 days, and it's getting close to making goal.

    11. LordCrash on

      Thanks for the Divinity: Original Sin shoutout, King Art Games! :)

      Larian returned the favor in their own newest update:

    12. Missing avatar

      Xuio on

      I think that i'm missing something about this "the free "Trains" DLC campaign and other content". Haven't you said that we will receive:

      "Get the FULL game in a box or as a download, nothing less.
      No DLC scheme, no micro-transactions"?

      So why are you making this "Trains mini-campaign" as a DLC? This should be included within the base game (in a box for backers that choose physical rewards).

    13. Thilo Bayer on

      Thanks for mentioning Telepath Tactics and Worlds of Magic. Two of my current backed projects :-)

    14. Daryl Putman on

      Is there LAN/direct IP multiplayer?

    15. Missing avatar

      MJ on

      Great to see the commitment to NO-DRM.

      BTW. Can I get more than the 4 copies of the game of the 65$ tier by additional pledges?

    16. Corpselocker on

      If I pledge $10 over my tier, can I get DRM?

    17. LordCrash on

      Good update! Thanks for the information about the DRM. :)

    18. Freak_Lord on

      Such a relief to see the spanish translation coming officially. Not for me, but a lot of people were waiting for this for sure.

    19. John Vanderbeck on

      Also I wanted to say, King Art, thank you for your transparency in showing things like the Steam Greenlight graphs, and the results of the poll above. Both for the simple fact of transparency, and also because as a fellow game developer with a project coming to Kickstarter in the future, I appreciate the "inside look" at some areas I haven't seen yet.

    20. John Vanderbeck on

      I hate DRM as much as the next guy, and I think that what companies like EA and Ubisoft do are way over the top.

      That said however I have used Steam for a long time and it will continue to be my #1 choice for gaming. While it does do DRM, it is a very non-invasive DRM that doesn't punish me. Its a DRM I can ignore because the benefits are high. I like having all my games in one simple spot, where I can redownload them as often as I liked to whatever computer I need. Things like the Steam Workshop making modding, and releasing mods very easy for both the modder and the player. Updates are handled automatically and matching up with friends is easy.

      I totally respect a gamer's choice to avoid Steam or any DRM at all, but I hope that the push for total non DRM doesn't hamper the Steam side advantages that many, many people enjoy.

    21. curu on

      French language, nice ! See you soon !