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You can help making an awesome new vision for classic turn-based strategy games become a reality!
You can help making an awesome new vision for classic turn-based strategy games become a reality!
7,564 backers pledged $260,235 to help bring this project to life.

Greenlight, the next stretch-goal & vote for 2 additional languages

Posted by KING Art Games (Creator)

First Stretch Goal reached

Today we’re half way through our campaign and we already reached our first Stretch Goal. Hooray!

Among several new maps and other features the first Stretch Goal also contains two additional languages (besides English and German) for the game. Which languages this will be is determined by you, the community. 

Head over to to cast your vote!

Stretch-Goal #2! Here we come!

It’s time to tackle the next one, don’t you think?

A green light on the horizon

We received a massive amount of positive feedback on Steam Greenlight and many people already voted for Battle Worlds: Kronos to be released on Steam. Take a look at the following graph to see how we’re doing… (Spoiler: We’re doing GREAT!)

Thank you all for the great support! If you haven’t voted yet, please do so on our Greenlight page here:

Help us reach out to the press!

To reach our second Stretch Goal, we need to get more coverage from the international games press. Since you, our backers, come from all over the world, you can help us. Please tell us who the 3 or 5 best video game websites for strategy games in your country are. Since the next Stretch Goal contains mobile/tablet versions of Battle Worlds: Kronos, we’re also looking for websites covering these devices. Please post your tips in the comments.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Nochal on

      i didn't see it so for french press:
      - (France, belgium, canada)
      - (at least france and belgium)

      these two have a web site and produce a paper

    2. KING Art Games 4-time creator

      Thanks a lot for these tips. We'll try to get in touch with most of them ASAP. Please continue recommending sites and magazines.

    3. Missing avatar

      Paul R on

      IGN for the UK. Pretty huge. They have both a PC and mobile section.

    4. Cuddly Tiger

      The "No" button in Greenlight is actually labelled "No thanks/not interested". The idea is that "Yes" indicates it's a game you would be interested in buying, and so "No" doesn't mean you think it's rubbish, just that you wouldn't buy it. So voting "No" is perfectly valid even if you think the game looks fantastic. (And Steam say that the number of No votes has no effect on anything.)

    5. Jani on

      @Tobi - I guess they look at the game and think "Turn-based game!? Looks stupid and old! I'm going back to play real games like MW3!".

      But seriously, I don't understand why 23% of the people would vote "No". The game looks at least decent, even if you are not fan of the turn-based games.

    6. Michael A. on

      - Gamestar ist auf jeden Fall die größte PC Spielezeitschrift mit einer großen Community
      - PC Games (Spielezeitschrift)
      - 4Players (Online Medium)

    7. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      just out of curiosity I'd love to know the reasoning of the people who voted "no" on steam... anyway, looking forward to the next academy video :)

    8. Missing avatar

      bodo hoffmann on

      "game one" nutzen auch die üblichen medien wie twitter und facebook.

    9. Missing avatar

      bodo hoffmann on

      "Game one" ist eine fernsehshow zu games auf mtv. Vielleicht könnt ihr darüber ja ein wenig werbung machen. Ich freu mich auf euer game.... Danke

    10. Matthias on

      I think is pretty big. Tim Schafer showed them his baby first (Broken Age).

      Don't forget Youtube.. (2.662.510 Viewers)

    11. Missing avatar

      Tony Martin on

      Just wanted to agree with Rob and Joshua.
      Pocket Tactics is the site to talk to for iOS strategy games

      Toucharcade and Slidetoplay have a larger readership, but the Pocket Tactics readers are the kind of people who will be likely to back your project after reading an interview or preview.

    12. Missing avatar

      Joshua on


    13. Leo Chan on

      I read TouchArcade and Joystiq daily ... i know Joystiq has done an article already but another one to push stretch goals doesnt hurt :p

    14. Missing avatar

      Joe on

      I'm very excited by your project - but your stretch goals are horrible. I'd like to see some gameplay additions or improvements of some sort! (But that's just my opinion obviously...)

    15. Missing avatar

      Timo on

      Why are you focused on European languages only? What about Chinese or Korean?

    16. Freak_Lord on

      In Spain there are several important websites, some of them are:

    17. ThaWulf on

      Swedish 300%
      I'm in US but I don't read anything but Kotaku.

    18. Aymeric on

      Hi, from france too.
      You can also try they already talked a bit about Battle Worlds: Kronos in their april kickstarter spotlight :

    19. Missing avatar

      Joshua Carmody on

      USA Resident here. The sites I'd recommend you seek press coverage on are:

      Hope that helps. Although it looks like you already knew about that second one. ( )

    20. KING Art Games 4-time creator

      Thanks for the tips! More, more, more!

      @Marneus: We had to select something for Steam. If we reach the next stretch-goal there will be six languages (four choosen by the comunity). If the community choose differently, we're going to change the Greenlight info.

    21. LordCrash on

      Cool I really hope that Kronos will be greenlit soon. :)

    22. Marneus on

      I quote Steam: "Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish"

    23. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Hafner on

      Hi, In France I'd say that the 3 mosts read web sites are: (all games)/ (PC games) which are kind of my favorites, they're publishing news on kickstarter's and greenlight, and they're already adverting your campagn.
      you can also contact the video game Tv chanel

      Thanks for this games guys, and my thanks to all the other backers so now we will be able to play Battle world : Kronos on ours tablets, great, great news!

    24. michaeljreid on

      If there are going to be touch optimized versions for ios and android, I hope windows 8/rt receives that same treatment!

    25. Runeclaw on

      The Swedish/Nordic websites I would recommend are:
      Gamereactor ( for the international one, .SE for the Swedish owners) as it's the most visited website and have the most popular magazie about games. (used to be known as Frag Zone) that are now part of the Swedish PC-Gamer magazine.
      Good old EuroGamer have both the EU version at .NET plus some local versions as well, like the Swedish one at
      I would also highly recommend the international site PCGamesN at as they cover Kickstarter and GreenLight games and in general have high quality on their news.

      When it comes to Android websites in Sweden, comes to mind. They are ok, sometimes they cover games and news. covers Android and iOS (not sure about other OS). It is website for two smartphone magazines - (translates into The iPhone Magazine) and (Everything about Android). Sometimes reports on games, the quality varies a lot.

      My favorite Android website is as they cover both news and a lot of games.

      That is the best I can offer for tips right now.

    26. Joakim on

      Gaming sites in Norway: (have already written about you!)

      But I'd try this one first:

      It's the gaming section for NRK, Norway's BBC. Their articles usually gets promoted to the main site ( That main site actually wrote about Kickstarter founded games in february. Maybe the gaming journalists will want to write about it too :)

    27. Rob Holland on

      If you're looking to promote device based strategy gaming, the best site I've seen for that is Pocket Tactics -

    28. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      I vote for Russian localization! :)

    29. Missing avatar

      T. Nguyen on

      For iOS, try TouchArcade or AppAdvice.

      Great job so far! :)