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You can help making an awesome new vision for classic turn-based strategy games become a reality!
You can help making an awesome new vision for classic turn-based strategy games become a reality!
7,564 backers pledged $260,235 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch-Goals & New reward tiers!

Posted by KING Art Games (Creator)

The first three days

Dear backers,

We can’t thank you enough for supporting our campaign. In fact, you were supporting us much more generously than we dared to anticipate, so we had to scramble over the last two days to gather your feedback and design stretch goals and new reward tiers right away. You will find them both outlined below, and of course on the main project page. What is important to point out is that only because some suggestions didn’t make the cut, it’s not because we don’t like them or don’t want to do them. We are still trying to figure out whether some of them are doable and what the scope of them might be, production-wise, so they might show up later. Also, it was important to us not to prolong the production period, but rather stick to the schedule we offered in the original pitch. It’s what we promised and what we want to deliver. So, all those things in the stretch goals can either be done without prolonging the schedule or will be added after the game is "finished".

Thanks to your help, there has been more international press coverage lately, most notably a piece by Rock Paper Shotgun. However, we are still trying to spread the word even further, and we still need your help! So if you are a regular of a gaming website that hasn’t yet covered our campaign, please drop them a hint. Thanks!

In the coming days, we will try to answer more of your questions about the game. We are also preparing more videos, screenshots, and other ways of sharing with you. This has been an amazing journey for us so far, but it has only just begun!

Yours truly,
The KING Art team

Our Stretch Goals

Thanks for your suggestions!

The New Rewards

We hope you'll like them!


Suggestions? Ideas? Our forum is the best place for ideas that shouldn't be lost.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Juan Jose Alvidrez on

      Is there any way to convince you guys to make a reward tier that combines the Lieutenant General version with the extra games? The critter message would be awesome to have as well but not as enticing as your other games.

    2. drakrochma on

      Is there a chance zu see a multi-versions-beta-and-game-without-anything-else-pledge?
      I would really like to play with some friendsthat won´t create an account here because they "will not spread their personal data all over the internet"...

      Beside this, you did a amazing start and I really hope you stay on this way.

    3. rodabon on

      I don't know if it's because I'm using Opera or what, but I can't view the new reward & stretch goal images in this update and the email I got had nothing at all in the body. I can however see the images fine on the home page so don't know what's up with that.

      This game looks great by the way! Exactly what I've been looking for in a game. I loved the old turn based games like those by SSI, Steve Jackson and others.

    4. Missing avatar

      Schobbo on

      I have found this campaign because Obsidian tweeted about it, so there's one way to get to spread the word. You should also do an AMA (Ask me anything) on reddit.

    5. KING Art Games 4-time creator

      @Ozz (Windows RT): We use Unity3D as our engine. There is no Unity support for Windows RT at the moment. If that changes, we'll have a lock into it.

      @ClassicGMR (Stretch-Goals): Yes, they are for everybody who pledged $20 and upwards.

      @Miklas: No, sorry. The Critter is very picky ;-) And yes, we will be at the Gamescom but not with our own booth or anything like that. But some of us will be at the Party. So this might be the place to meet!

    6. KING Art Games 4-time creator

      @gandalf.nho: We would do an iOS and an Android version. So in theory every device that supports the right iOS/Android versions is capable of running the game. BUT: There might be technical issues (memory, processing power) and there will be control issues on most smartphones (small display). So you can try to run it on a smartphone (and on a Glaxy Note it might even work properly), but we’ll optimize the controls and the UI for bigger screens.

    7. KlausigerKlaus on

      I already owe your first two adventures and just loved them. Is there by any chance a possibility to receive the personal critter message by adding just a certain amount of money to my tier (which is - at the moment - your major early bird) - Ich liebe das Vieh einfach ;))?
      By the way... Will you be on this year's Gamescom? - I would attend it on Saturday or Sunday...

    8. Blackstaff on

      @ClassicGMR Unless said otherwise, stretch goal are always for every version of the game whatever your pledge is.

    9. Missing avatar

      ClassicGMR on

      Question: the stretch goals listed are for all tiers buying the game or "$$$ level and higher"?

    10. Missing avatar

      Karsten Fischer on

      I would like to have the Game in a steel box (Mission Command) and the 3 Games. So can i pledge for the General Edition?

    11. Judge Ozz

      + Windows RT version? I like my Surface RT, for what it is, a great Tablet, not more and not less.

    12. LordCrash on

      Awesome! The stretch goals are really cool, I hope we'll reach them. :)

    13. Jasper Reh on

      Dang! This is the reason i've been waiting for to buy a tablet... oh my... asynchronous multiplayer on the go with a nice tablet... this is what i've been waiting for since i was 12... <3

    14. gandalf.nho

      The android tablet version includes big smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Note?

    15. Missing avatar

      CMcGuire on

      The conquer the planet game mode sounds great hope you guys reach the $360,000 target!

    16. KING Art Games 4-time creator

      @Joachim: Ha! Victory!

    17. saiqlo on

      You added a train set to the level editor? OHMYGOSH!


    18. The Arrow on

      But damn it! Now I had to upgrade my pledge so I could get your other games too! :)