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Get inspired with a simple roll of the dice. Perfect for artists, writers, writing groups, and RPG gamers!
Get inspired with a simple roll of the dice. Perfect for artists, writers, writing groups, and RPG gamers!
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    1. Kim Creator on

      Well when we started the kickstarter campaign, we picked out prices based off of what it would cost to hand make the dice ourselves. Our third stretch goal was to double everyones order because at $7,000 some dollars we were able to manufacture them which brings the price WAY down. So what the $75 reward level ended up being was two mega sets, two plot and action expansions, two character trait expansions, two notebooks, two pencils and four exclusive dice. (Two plot and two action.) Which ends up being, (If you go by the prices on our etsy store... 13 each for the two mega sets ($26), 8 for each of the four expansions ($32), $1.50 for the pencils and $4 for the notebooks. This comes to $63.50. If we assume that every set of four dice is $8... then that's another 8 for the exclusives... So $71.50 before shipping! Which means the shipping would have been $3.50 to make $75 for the pledge reward! And at that size... those packages were much more than $3.50 for s&h! Furthermore... We used kickstarter as a way to cover ALL start up costs. This company was nothing but an idea and a few prototypes before kickstarter, and after amazon and kickstarter took their fees, we have JUST enough to get everything and everyone taken care of! (We have about $150 left... We're using it to start up a website of our own!)

      Also... We are still tweaking the store here and there... The price for the BIG inspiration pack is now $30 instead of $27, and their s&h is $5 for the U.S. So if they got a double set, it would come out to $70! And they don't even get the exclusive dice! So in the end... People that bought via kickstarter are paying about the same amount that people buying from the store are paying!

      I hope that wasn't too verbose... I feel like I went on forever!
      I hope that answered your question! :)

    2. Realm Master K

      Congratulations on your store opening. I just checked it out, and I have a question. I noticed on the Etsy store that you are selling the ultimate gift pack for $27.00, and it seems to contain the exact same type and number of dice as the reward for the $75.00 backer level. It even includes the pencil and notebook. Is there a difference between the set on Etsy, and the dice received from my $75.00 pledge? Just wondering and trying to understand why the cost was so much higher for your earliest backers/customers.

    3. Kim Creator on

      That would be amazing and incredibly helpful! We want to keep Inspiration Dice in smaller local stores anyway, so hearing about stores that might be interested would be incredibly helpful! Thanks Trisha!

    4. Missing avatar

      Trisha Schmidt on

      We have a lot of local shops near me that these might do well in. If we saw somewhere that might fit the bill, can we send you info? I love the concept of these and love supporting local and small businesses when I can.

    5. Kim Creator on

      They should be shipped late February or early March... We have a LOT to do to get everything ready! But before you know it... they will be here!

    6. Missing avatar

      Trisha Schmidt on

      You have been so great on keeping us updated, I'm just impatient :D Is there an ETA about when we should be seeing these on our doorsteps? I'm itching to use them soon!

    7. Dan Porsa on

      Pink works fine for me.

    8. Missing avatar

      Trisha Schmidt on

      I'm good with pink. Purple would be better in the future to set it apart from the red, but I am greedy and impatient so I can definitely deal with pink.

    9. pharmac on

      Well purple would have been nice, but it does not make that much of a difference to me, so long as they are clear and legible, roll on....

    10. Kim Creator on

      I'm so glad you guys are as excited as we are! February can't come soon enough!! :D

    11. Neil Wilson on

      Congratulations - roll on February

    12. Dan Porsa on

      Congrats on getting funded! I'm really looking forward to receiving my dice, thanks for thinking of this!

    13. Natalie on

      Yaaay! Thanks for the response :) I can't wait for these puppies to arrive!

    14. Kim Creator on

      Once we get our ETSY store up and running everything in the kickstarter campaign except for the exclusive action die, plot die and mystery die will be available! We are also going to be releasing other expansions later on!

    15. Natalie on

      SO stoked that the $7k stretch goal got met! :) One question: I'm going to be sending my extra set to a dear friend of mine. After the Kickstarter campaign is finished up, will the sets (particularly the expansion sets) be available to order online?

    16. Kim Creator on

      :D Thanks for the support Betty! We're SUPER excited at how well this last day has been doing! I really think we can make it to $7000!

    17. Betty Widerski

      I'm in, finally. Just learned I'm getting paid for a gig next week, so could afford to splurge a bit! I hope you make your $7K stretch - just posted again on my FB to encourage friends.

    18. Missing avatar

      Jeff on

      Surprises? I *love* surprises! :-D

    19. Kim Creator on

      We are $88 away from our second stretch goal! Woo hoo! And if we make it there... I have ONE more surprise up my sleeve....

    20. Kim Creator on

      Woo hoo!!! I am so excited! Thank you all! Let's spread keep going and spread inspiration to the world! <3

    21. Senator Cybus

      And.....$3000! Yay! Stretch goal time!

    22. Kim Creator on

      Thanks so much! We are over the moon about all this amazing support we have been given! We're working on our stretch goals at the moment and hope to have pictures of them up really soon! :)

    23. Missing avatar

      Jeff on

      $550 left to raise with 22 days to go? Do I hear 'stretch goals' coming? I do believe I do! Congrats Kim!