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An indie games party in SF in honor of the wondrous work of Scandinavia? Yes, please. Free beer + Aquavit, a Swedish DJ, and much more.
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Kill Screen

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Announcing: Twofivesix! A one-day conference celebrating play as culture

Dear Kill Screen Eventgoers,

For the last couple months, we've been working on a new Kickstarter project, and now we can finally announce it.

When we started Kill Screen, we wanted to show the world why games matter. We think an integral part of this story lies at the intersection between videogames and the rest of the world. Games are a lens to view life in a new and fantastic way. We believe games have a lot to teach culture and culture has a lot to teach games.

We've worked with game designers in the past, but we thought, what better way to nurture cross-pollination than to bring some of the brightest gaming minds and sharpest folks from outside games into the same room?

We're calling it Twofivesix. It's our first ever videogame arts + culture conference.

If you've ever read our vision statement, you'll find that we've spent a lot of time thinking about how games fit into the world. We believe that games are an amazing place for exploration, entertainment, and education and this conference is a natural outgrowth of that philosophy.

We've lined up an amazing day of speakers and we can't wait to see you there. You can buy tickets, back our project for other great rewards (including games!), and see more info here!

Kill Screen

(PS - our apologies if you've backed more than one of our Kickstarter projects and receive this announcement more than once!)

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Kill Screen GDC Party, Round 2!!!

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So that went well. 

Last Thursday, was an incredible time.  We had so much and we hope you did too.  We're already brainstorming ideas for next year!

For prizewinners that didn't get their gifts at the party, we'll be getting your mailing addresses to get those out to you asap.

There are couple awesome photosets we've seen so far that you can check out:

Thanks from...

Team Kill Screen (Tom, Ryan, Jamin, Chris):

Copenhagen Game Collective (Douglas, Lau):

Party Details!


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3 New Games + 10 More Tickets!

Hi all,

To get you even more excited for the party next week, we want to announce the final three Scandinavian games that we've been keeping secret. In addition to the games already announced, we're proud to be showing:

Check out the main page for more info on all three games.

In addition, we've opened up 10 more prize packs, featuring specially prepared games from the Copenhagen Game Collective OR Cactus (you get to choose). These are the very last 10 tickets, so if any of your friends are interested, tell them to pick 'em up fast.

See you on Thursday!

Kill Screen/CPH Game Collective