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We're Throwing a Scandinavian Indie Games Party!'s video poster

An indie games party in SF in honor of the wondrous work of Scandinavia? Yes, please. Free beer + Aquavit, a Swedish DJ, and much more. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on March 1, 2011.

An indie games party in SF in honor of the wondrous work of Scandinavia? Yes, please. Free beer + Aquavit, a Swedish DJ, and much more.

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We here at Kill Screen love Scandinavia. So we thought, why not show our love by throwing a party for the object of our affection? We teamed up with the fine folks at the Copenhagen Game Collective, who are curating the night. Free booze, indie games, music, mirth, and a lot of tall, beautiful, blond-haired people.

The party goes down Thursday, March 3, 2011.

LOCATION: Ohio Design, a furniture design company/warehouse in the Mission, San Francisco.

TIME: 8pm-midnight

PRICE: Tickets are $15 (or pledge more for prizes!) - order right here on Kickstarter. Note: you do NOT have to be registered for GDC to attend!

DRINKS: There will be an open bar provided by our friends at Pabst Blue Ribbon as well as Aquavit per Danish tradition. This is a 21+ event so please bring your ID.

DRESS: Um, stripes? Extra points if you bring a Fjällräven backpack.

MUSIC: A DJ set by the lovely Victoria Bergsman, formerly of the Concretes and now of her own project, Taken by Trees.


Playdead - LIMBO (2008 vertical slice) Prototype of the popular Xbox Live Arcade game, demoed in public for the very first time.

Copenhagen Game Collective - B.U.T.T.O.N. (Babycastles remix) With live performance by Babycastles and cyborg suits designed by Mark Stillwell.

Copenhagen Game Collective - Monkey See, Monkey Mime Brand new face-to-face Wiimote prototype based on mimicking. Also, you slowly mutate from a primate into a mime!

Die Gute Fabrik - Where Is My Heart? Public debut of Bernhard Schulenburg's PSP/PS3 puzzle-platformer

Erik Svedäng - 333OBELISK Exclusive Japanese version/mod of the IGF-nominated Shot Shot Shoot

Nicklas "Nifflas" Nygren and Steffi Degiorgio - blebLuble Top-secret four-player party game!

Martin "Grapefrukt" Jonasson and Petri Purho - Jesus vs. Dinosaurs: Tournament Edition Special GDC version of the popular Global Game Jam game.

Jonatan "Cactus" Söderström - Mondo Productions Brand new addition to the Mondo series!


2011 Shot Shot Shoot World Championships! Hosted by Erik Svedäng himself. Sure, you're a Shot Shot Shoot pro, but are you ready for... 333OBELISK?!



LIMBO (2008 vertical slice)

From the folks at Playdead: "Back in 2008 we finished this vertical slice as part of a long proof-of-concept period and hunting for an investor. In this early prototype, we'll show where Limbo originated from. You'll experience the game's environments, puzzles, sound design, and protagonist in a shape almost no one has experience before. This will hopefully help explain why Limbo has been in the works for so long, as we've been cutting content since day one. We're looking forward to showing it to you, seeing you play, and having a beer with you."

B.U.T.T.O.N. (Babycastles remix)

Sure, you're supposed to race to your controller... but what happens when your controller becomes a live dancing cyborg?! Just hope they don't start running away from you... Photo courtesy John Shedletsky.

Monkey See, Monkey Mime

Judged by their wiimote's accelerometer, three players compete to mimic a fourth player. Act like a monkey, watch the conductor carefully, and be the first to mutate your avatar through the well-trodden path of human evolution - from primate to caveman to modern mime! Photo by Gyrithe Lemche

Where is My Heart?

The core mechanic of Where is My Heart? is the Comic Panel Effect. How can this mechanic be described? Imagine a 2D platformer with three monsters. The player can switch between them and work her way through the world to find a way home. Easy enough, right? Now imagine the game world was cut up into little square pieces. These pieces are shuffled like cards and thrown back onto the screen. Disorienting? That’s the Comic Panel Effect. It’s a challenge to play, because the player has to figure out where the monsters are located.

333OBELISK (Shot Shot Shoot, Japanese version)

Exclusive Japanese edition of Erik Svedäng's IGF-nominated two-player iPad game, Shot Shot Shoot. Made in collaboration with electronic musician Triobelisk.


Fresh off Tikkiit, their recent collaboration at the Nordic Game Jam 2011, Swedish indie stalwart Nicklas "Nifflas" Nygren and CPH-based visual artist Steffi Degiorgio present an all-new, top-secret four-player party game.

Jesus vs. Dinosaurs: Tournament Edition

Martin and Petri bring the intelligent into game design with a special Tournament Edition of their Global Game Jam creation. Join the fight for the survival of the fittest!

Mondo Productions

You are the lead in Mondo Productions' new psychic psychology project. But what is the project really about? Is it a film, an evaluation, or an ambitious dream of a fame hungry citizen?


B.U.T.T.O.N. masks Designed by Nils Deneken. One for each character!

CPH Game Collective 1'' pins Designed by Die Gute Fabrik. The pin packs will also include pins from Where Is My Heart?

TMA-1 headphones by AIAIAI Based in Copenhagen, electronics design group AIAIAI has been pumping out amazing stuff. The TMA-1 headphone has been tested and tweaked by 28 of the world’s most skilled DJs, designed by the Danish design-firm KiBiSi and further modified by Tartelet Records, Mannhandle and Thank You For Clapping.

Mark Stillwell cyborg suit Cyborg controller suit, designed by Babycastles and Mark Stillwell. New suits are being specially designed for this event!

Scandinavian Indie Games pack

Scandinavian Indie Game Music pack

Cactus vs Copenhagen

Your choice of one of the two following custom game packs:

1). Custom build of BUTTON specially prepared by the Copenhagen Game Collective, with your name on the title screen and custom content written and requested by you! For example, where the game instructs "Act like a monkey" you could add "Dance like my crazy friend Bill." Or where the game instructs "Take 5 steps back" you could add "Shuffle 10 step sideways." We'll let you write 10 simple messages and set the frequency of how common those messages are.

2) Unreleased game demos and mods by Cactus, including:

  • B-Seed
  • Another Design
  • Insect Invade 3
  • xWUNG (alternate version)
  • Butterfly Beat
  • Space Void
  • Norrland, Texas-version


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    Pledge $5 or more

    8 backers

    PIN UP: A pack of 1'' pins featuring art from the CPH Game Collective & Die Gute Fabrik (NOTE: does NOT include ticket to the party).

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    Pledge $15 or more

    150 backers All gone!

    DANCING SHOES: Ticket to the party! It's 21+ so please bring an ID.

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    Pledge $25 or more

    50 backers All gone!

    PARTY FOR TWO: Two tickets to the party. Bring a date! (Again, 21


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    Pledge $35 or more

    30 backers All gone!

    READ UP: Ticket + a copy of the Intimacy issue of Kill Screen + a 1'' pin pack from the CPH Game Collective & Die Gute Fabrik.

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    Pledge $35 or more

    15 backers All gone!

    SOUNDS OF THE NORTH: Ticket + an indie game music pack featuring soundtracks from B.U.T.T.O.N., FiNCK, Kometen / To Stop You Must Die, Saira, Where Is My Heart + 1'' pin pack.

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    Pledge $40 or more

    15 backers All gone!

    HIDEAWAY: Ticket + four hand-made B.U.T.T.O.N. masks designed by the CPH Game Collective & Die Gute Fabrik + 1'' pin pack.

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    Pledge $55 or more

    10 backers All gone!

    CACTUS VS COPENHAGEN: Ticket to the party + your choice of one of two custom indie game packs: 1.) custom build of BUTTON where YOU get to write some of the game content -- OR -- 2.) unreleased game demos and mods by Cactus (see details in prize descriptions below)

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    Pledge $60 or more

    10 backers All gone!

    SCANDINAVIAN INDIE GAME PACK: Ticket + Scandinavian indie game pack featuring Blueberry Garden, Bob Came in Pieces, B.U.T.T.O.N., Max & The Magic Marker, Saira, Spirits, Where Is My Heart (a $75 value).

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    Pledge $75 or more

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    IN LIMBO: Ticket + a special Playdead prize pack of including a Limbo t-shirt, three signed pieces of Limbo art, and a redeem code for the game.

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    Pledge $100 or more

    4 backers All gone!

    SKÅL!: Ticket + we will invite you to a Danish Julefrokost (traditional holiday feast) the Saturday after GDC (March 5), hosted by the CPH Game Collective at our secret San Francisco HQ in the Castro.

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    Pledge $150 or more

    5 backers All gone!

    SOUND SURPRISE: Ticket + plus a pair of TMA-1 headphones graciously donated by Copenhagen-based designers AIAIAI ($200 value) + indie soundtracks (see above).


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