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A videogame magazine with more words than explosions that will feature photos and writings and maybe some pin-ups. It's coffee table compatible.


"Gamers don't read."
You've probably thought that. Or read it maybe. Or overheard it. Well, if not, then we're telling this to you now. What we hear is that people who "play games" are too immature, too uneducated, and too short-attentioned to focus on anything other than the killing, robbing, and leveling up. Feelings? Reflection? Discourse? No, thank you.
We can do better.
There is a single question that we are fixated upon -- "What does it mean to play games?" We want to be what early Rolling Stone was to rock n' roll or Wired was to tech. We want to look like the Fader and walk like the Believer. We're talking about the long format read on the creative minds behind AAA and indie game titles sided by the personal essays about what games mean as part of our daily little lives. There are intersections between the games and everything else that are only beginning to be explored. The minds of the videogame world are woefully faceless and we should change that.
Enter Kill Screen.
Here's what we're proposing -- a smart approach to a beloved medium led by folks who've written for the New Yorker, GQ, the Daily Show, Christian Science Monitor, LA Times, the Colbert Report, the Onion, Paste, alongside some lovely photos and even a poster or two! We promise to keep explosions to a bare minimum and limit fawning praise for Modern Warfare 2 to a giggle.
But here's the good news! Kill Screen is already done. (See the potential cover and sample pages here .)
Thanks to Anthony Smyrski, our creative director extraordinaire (who designs Next American City, Megawords and Swindle as well), we have a completed project in need of publishing. Basically, we owe everyone backrubs.
Your donations will help us print the first run, effectively known as ISSUE ZERO, and hopefully Kickstart a long term project for us. Have you seen Swallow Magazine? No? Well, Kill Screen will look a lot like that. (Except we promise less food and more doodles.) It will be oversized and hopefully hardcover. It's already been priced out and we're working with a publisher overseas. We will print as many copies as there are donations.
Much love,
PS. The name comes from this clip.
PPS. If you want to write for us, drop us a line!
NOTE: We will ship internationally, but ping us first please.


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