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Support a permanent home for San Francisco sketch comedy group Killing My Lobster.
Support a permanent home for San Francisco sketch comedy group Killing My Lobster.
299 backers pledged $21,500 to help bring this project to life.

As you get out of the house this weekend, help KML get in to one.

We wanted to thank you again for contributing to KML’s dream of a permanent space. We’re getting much closer thanks to you. 

We’d love to get your help one more time this weekend. If you have a second amidst running errands, watching football, visiting a museum or buying cheap clothes at a thrift store – just text, email or facebook this url: to friends (or enemies) and help us blow past the $11,000 mark this weekend!

If we do that, we'll be less than $4,000 shy of meeting our goal. 

Thank you all for your continued support. For those in the Bay Area, enjoy the two day summer! For those outside, come visit and see our new theater soon.


Love, The Lobster


Halfway to Home

Hello Lobster Backers,

We're almost at the halfway mark of our campaign, and while the surge at the beginning was amazing, we have slightly more than half of our Kickstarter funds yet to raise.

We love you for pledging your support to KML, and we ask that you please spread the word, prosthelytize the virtues of KML growing as a comedy powerhouse in SF, or simply propagate this Top 5 List of reasons KML is jonzed to have a new home:

#5) Perfectly situated among SF's best burrito, best sausage, and best pie joints.

#4) Let's make it easy for people to attend our shows. Like next-to-a-BART-stop easy.

#3) More classes to teach the masses how to employ humor as a living philosophy.

#2) So many shows, cabarets, movie nights, and dance finales it'll make Viacom & Fox super jealous.

#1) Nomadism is so 10,000 B.C. Finally, a place to call home!

Send this link far and wide, and ask those you know to pledge any amount:

As always, Big Thanks from The Lobster!

KML is closer to saying "There's no place like home."

After 14 years of roaming from SF theater to SF theater, the comedy troupe Killing My Lobster has found their home sweet home.

On 24th and Mission lives the perfect destination to which KML fans will flock and laugh their asses off. Last week, we asked for your help to secure and realize a longtime dream. And you responded and delivered.

We're one-third of the way there! Thank you. But we can't stop now.

If you know people who think it's important to support creative expression and make people laugh, then please forward this link to them:

Thanks as always, The Lobster