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Take a look into the delightfully shady history of the USA with strange presidential facts, historical humor & characters you will love
Take a look into the delightfully shady history of the USA with strange presidential facts, historical humor & characters you will love
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Time for International Fulfillment!

Posted by Killer Robot Games (Creator)

Hi Kickstarters,  

The games have arrived, and fulfillment has been going well! Check out the sections below to see the latest updates:

Worldwide Fulfillment  

We expected the games to arrive at the UK fulfillment center well over a week ago. We still haven't figured out what caused the delay, but we have been told that the games are scheduled for arrival at the QamesQuest warehouse today! We expect fulfillment to start by Monday and finish by the end of next week. We are considering sending a batch of games to Australia for local fulfillment. For Australian backers, that would mean they would get tracking numbers and not have to worry about any potential import issues (there shouldn't be any, but it's always nice to be 100% certain). Since the combined batch of Australian orders would ship out first, it shouldn't cause any delay compared to GamesQuest fulfillment.

We have already locked the completed surveys for international backers, and we are checking everyday for any newly completed surveys. If you need to update your address, please email us at

USA Fulfillment

With the exception of a few backers who haven't completed their address surveys, USA shipping is complete. A few packages are still in the mail, but most backers have received their Kickstarter rewards. A little more than half of the orders were packed over the three day weekend, which meant the postman tasked with picking up our mail at the end of the day had a really bad afternoon. It took two fully loaded mail trucks and several hours. We thank him for his sacrifice.  

A portion of the Tuesday's mail pick up... poor mailman
A portion of the Tuesday's mail pick up... poor mailman

If you have any problems with your order, please send us a message at and include any relevant pictures so we can learn how to improve future shipments.  

Some Interesting Fulfillment Numbers

USA shipping had 35 different possible items per order, 250 unique reward combinations, and about 1,600 orders. The most popular reward level had 3 items per order. The biggest reward level had 34 items per order. The average order had 4.32 items. 

Despite the complexity of the orders, we finished USA fulfillment in record time thanks to the hard work of the KRG team and some fancy new software that was made just for Kickstarter shipping.

The Game!

It's always a tense moment when we first open and inspect a new game. The final results of countless hours of work are determined by a manufacturing company on the other side of the planet, and we don't see the full extent of their work until we have several pallets dropped off at our door. Opening that first box can feel like diffusing a bomb. Everything could turn out great, or the project could explode in our face. Fortunately, we cut the right wire! 

The games are absolutely beautiful! We opted for the highest quality cards, box, and a nice plastic tray, and it shows! The printing is immaculate, the texture of the cards is delightful, and the box is both beautiful and solid. The artists did excellent work, and everything came together nicely. I believe our backers will be pleased with the results, and I hope you will find it was worth the wait.



Actual pictures of the actual game
Actual pictures of the actual game

Thank you for your support! We love making games and your generosity makes that possible!  Please contact us with any questions, problems, or just to say hi.

-Blake and the Killer Robot Games Team

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    1. Philip Masters on

      Has the UK fulfilment completed (or started) yet? I’ve had no sign of my copy.

    2. Missing avatar

      Neal on

      Time to add this game to the BGG database, Developers!

    3. Missing avatar

      Neal on

      I have to choose between the insert or the expansion cards

    4. Robert Ashman on

      The only thing I'd change is the box being able to fit the expansions.... But it's fantastic otherwise!