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Take a look into the delightfully shady history of the USA with strange presidential facts, historical humor & characters you will love
Take a look into the delightfully shady history of the USA with strange presidential facts, historical humor & characters you will love
Take a look into the delightfully shady history of the USA with strange presidential facts, historical humor & characters you will love
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    1. Gal Niv
      2 days ago

      I just got my copy today! Looking forward to playing the game — the cards look great.

      I have to mention the packaging, though... it feels like a really poor choice to make the box juuuuust too small to hold the expansions (even if the insert is removed, which I had to do to get it even close). Just a few extra millimeters in depth or length would have made all the difference. I get that you designed it for just the base game, but especially given the expansions are already out, you’re in essence penalizing people who like the game enough to buy the expansions in favor of those who don’t want to do that. This just means that the cards will wear down faster and/or be lost. I have many board/card games, and it’s always great to see one where the developers thought about how everything fits in the box, and always disappointing to see ones where that just wasn’t the case. Just a shame to see a new game fall into the latter category.

    2. Missing avatar

      Tony Clarke 5 days ago

      @Scott: By now, the UK shipment has probably become part of a "spite wall" at a golf course somewhere near Aberdeen. ;)

    3. Killer Robot Games 4-time creator 5 days ago

      @Scott: You shouldn't be worried. I don't know what the delay is, but we recently wrote them to follow up again, and we are waiting for a response. The shipping list is ready to go, we just need to hear from GamesQuest. Fulfillment to the USA and Europe and entirely separate and done by different groups, so there's no prioritization involved, just import delays.

    4. Scott Bradley 5 days ago

      Still waiting for mine in the UK. Considering they landed 17 days ago, should I be worried? I hope it's not that you prioritised the US backers first before sending off the UK ones

    5. Killer Robot Games 4-time creator 6 days ago

      @Emil: Hopefully they will ship very soon. They were unloaded from the ship in the UK about 2 weeks ago, so they *should* have arrived at GamesQuest by now. We've sent follow up emails, but we are waiting for a response.

    6. Emil Dafinov 7 days ago

      Are there any estimates regarding timeline for the shipments to Canada?

    7. Missing avatar

      Ooloi on January 12

      le sigh. the so-called NSFW cards, aren't. I was really pleased at the notion of getting something NSFW by one of my favorite comic artists, and here I get some political stuff that isn't obscene, have any nudity, or would even make my mother blush -- I didn't expect CAH level obscene illustrations, but i did expect something more than some political satire, if you can call it that. le sigh.

    8. Ben Moyer on January 11

      Maybe i'm missing the obvious somewhere, but do you have listing for the number of cards for each pack so that if we decide to look for an alternative card storage solution we know how many cards to make sure it can hold? I'm currently have my eye on this one on Amazon since it has separating slots where i could keep tokens/coin.

    9. Killer Robot Games 4-time creator on January 11

      Hi everyone! Thank you for the feedback! We are making excellent progress with shipping, and working to send everyone's backer rewards as quickly as possible.

      @Justin: You can contact us at, We'll get things sorted out for you.

      @Cesar: There are a lot of great options on Amazon. Just search for "plastic card sleeves". You will find examples like this:…

      @Ben: No, there shouldn't be anything with the card. Those were left over from a previous Kickstarter, and we used them to separate different items in the packages to prevent damage during shipment. We considered ordering some new protective materials, but using up the old cards seemed better for the environment.

      Yes, in retrospect, it would have been better to include a slot for the tokens. Including room in the box for expansion sets has some pros and cons. It would have been great for backers with both expansions, but bad for backers without expansions, and it would have increased shipping costs as well. I don't think there is a solution that would have worked perfectly for everyone, but these are great thoughts and we appreciate you sharing. We will take these notes into consideration for future projects. Thank you!

      Now... back to shipping!

    10. justin kraft
      on January 11

      Do you guys have a contact email? I had signed up to receive the base game, and all three expansions and was accidentally shipped a second copy of gamer's quest.

    11. Cesar Anton on January 11

      Thank you! I got my cards yesterday and spent a good time admiring all the cards one by one. They are quite beautiful! and the quality is as good as it gets!

      The team did an amazing job. I just love this game.

      Is there any recommended protector for the cards? I would like to properly shield them, but I don't want to ruin its current shape and feel with an improper plastic. If all fails, I may laminate them at the office but that will take me a while 0=)

      About using the box to store the expansion packs, it would have been a great thing. Even removing the plastic, it misses a few millimeters to be able to fit 3 columns of cards. I'll look for some alternatives, but it's a shame, the box it's pretty and well made.

      I hope the team consider selling some larger boxes and official protecting plastics in the future.

    12. Padraic on January 10

      I got my box a little while ago. I must say, I am very pleased with the game! The coins are just as hefty and beautiful as the Gamer's Quest coins were. Nice design and textures! They don't feel cheap by a long shot! The magnets are great, just waiting to be turned into their own little scenes! The box is extremely sturdy, has a beautiful texture and feel to it. Not going to break this box anytime soon! The tray inside is much thicker and heftier than the tray with Gamer's Quest, very pleased you guys changed that! The cards are just as beautiful as the Gamer's Quest cards were. I have looked at the cards, and I'm going to borrow from my review of Gamer's Quest: Oh, the cards! The Cards! Those Wonderful Cards! If you’ve ever opened a brand-new deck of Bicycle cards, then these will remind you of them! They have the same feel, texture, and rigidity as a deck of poker cards. I love it! It tells me that these cards aren’t only meant to be admired, but played with and used, but not abused! It does mean that they’ll get worn on the rounded corners, just like playing cards, but then that’s a badge of honor for a game like this! It means that you’re playing a great game! I recommend using a playing mat, like ones for MTG or some other CCG to protect your cards from scratching, and to keep them from slipping all over the place, as playing cards do! But, it’s down to the artwork! Tim Buckley has done it again! He's taken the Presidents, done his research, and created artwork and backgrounds that represent each President beautifully! The Influential Women Expansion cards are tastefully done. Each woman represented is done so that either mimics an historical picture of them, or represents their greatest accomplishment! Very pleased, very excited! History in a game, what a concept!

      Unfortunately, I do have some minor complaints. I’m going to agree with some of the previous… ahem… reviews. The tokens are a bit much. I get why you guys did it, it adds another layer to the game. GREAT! But, they are cardboard, and there’s no place in the box to safely store them. They’ll rattle around and get damaged. I think they should have been made of plastic, that would have been much better. Or, at the very least, you should have included some sort of slot in the tray for the tokens. I’m going to use a jewelry bag to hold the tokens, until I can find something that will match what you’ve created, but more durable to abuse. Also, the card expansions just came in a plastic wrapper. They should have come in their own separate boxes, or at the very least, had room for the them in the main box set. Thankfully, I have my own solution to that problem, so there’s that. I really loathe to say this, but the cards for the NSFW edition, really aren’t that NSFW. All politics aside, all they do is make fun of everything this current administration has done since the cards went to print. I was hoping for something along side of the bathtub from Taft, the dress from Clinton, a drug joke, something about Watergate, or even something about Marilyn Monroe! I’m disappointed, there were so many jokes you could have done, but you let those slip through your fingers…

      That being said, I look forward to your next game! I know you guys keep looking to improve each time you come up with a new game, and I look forward to getting that one too! You guys are great! I’m excited to play this version, my son and I love playing the Gamer’s Quest, I’m sure we’ll enjoy this one too!
      Great Job, Guys!

    13. Ben Moyer on January 10

      Also, was there supposed to be something in the "compliments of killer robot games" card/envelope? The back says "legendary showdown collector cards" but the inside is blank with just a piece of Scotch tape inside as if something was supposed to have been affixed inside but maybe fell out.

    14. Ben Moyer on January 10

      We need a deeper plastic insert for the expansions. This wouldn't let the lid fully slide down over the bottom but at least the cards wouldn't be loose. While you're at it add a recessed area to store the blue silver star chits ones removed from their packaged perforated card. I'd gladly pay a small amount for this although it really should have been this way on original packaging or at least as a automatic "uprade" to packaging when buying the expansion packs

    15. Ben Moyer on January 10

      I got my package today which was a nice surprise, but I was disappointed to find out that you didn't design the box big enough to hold the NSFW and influential women expansion packs so I basically have loose cards waiting to be lost or damaged. This seems like a really stupid oversight.

    16. Missing avatar

      Joseph Fite on January 10

      @Killer Robot Games, thank you for the quick and informative reply

    17. Killer Robot Games 4-time creator on January 10

      @Joseph- yes, you will receive an email with a tracking number as soon as your order ships. We are about halfway finished with our orders for the United States. I expect that your order will ship within the next 1-2 days.

    18. Missing avatar

      Joseph Fite on January 10

      Is there a way for us to see a form of tracking of our package through the mail? I have not received the game or any emails confirming any form of shipment.

    19. Larry Moeller Jr on January 9

      Because reasons on my end, my address ended up being wrong and the package might be returned to sender. Who should I be in contact with about rectifying this situation?

    20. Missing avatar

      Alexander on January 8

      @Killer Robot Games - Received in New Jersey. Thanks.

    21. Padraic on January 6

      So, I got my Pre-Shipment update! WOOT! Hopefully it'll be here before the end of next week! WOOT! Great Job Guys! I can't wait to play!

    22. Killer Robot Games 4-time creator on December 31

      Happy New Year!
      @JSnooze: We are planning on releasing an official update tomorrow, but in the meantime, the games have arrived in both the USA and the UK. They just need to get through customs and arrive at the fulfillment centers.

    23. JSnooze on December 31

      come on we deserve a update on the progress.

    24. Missing avatar

      Alexander on December 22

      @Padraic @Tony Clark - Very funny comments.
      @Killer Robot Games - Looks like Krampus might be punishing us. Have a Happy Holiday! I look forward to playing the game when it arrives.

    25. Missing avatar

      Tony Clarke on December 21

      Random customs inspection be damned! This is all being orchestrated by the White House in order to replace the Trump cards with something more flattering! (That's my conspiracy theory rant for the day)

    26. Padraic on December 21

      Hey, guys, if you have ever played any of the previous games, then you know this game is going to be good. The only thing I'm seeing as a change is the "yuk yuks" factor. Relax! They got their last game out on time. They'll get this one out too! They're now in the realm of "Things they have no control over!" I get it, a lot of people probably had this pegged for a Yule delivery. But if that's true, and you've backed a kickstarter before, then you should have realized that it was going to, either, not happen, or cut it really, really, close! I'm not going to lie, I was hoping for a pre-Yule delivery, but I wasn't going to hold my breath! These guys are cool! Let them work! They're probably more upset about this whole thing than any of us are! I've learned many lessons on here, and one of them is patience. So relax, there are many other things to worry about. Like if Great Aunt Edna is gonna force everyone to eat her fruitcake again this year.... (Cut to dramatic scene of screaming, choking, crying people superimposed over flames and the maniacal cackle of an insane woman) *whispers*

    27. Killer Robot Games 4-time creator on December 20

      @Shteven: We are still waiting to receive the official details. The ship has arrived and unloading began. This shipment was randomly flagged for a closer customs inspection, and we've made arrangements for this to happen as quickly as possible. The shipments will be forwarded as soon as the inspection is complete. We don't know how long the customs inspection will take, but I think it's safe to assume it will be several days. At this point, the most likely outcome is that rewards will start shipping after Christmas. We will let everyone know the official date once we get word from the freight forwarder. Your package may arrive in December, it might arrive in early January, but pre-Christmas is unlikely unless it gets through customs today and arrives at our warehouse tomorrow, in which case some backers may receive the package before Christmas, but the current shipping rush would still delay most packages until after.

    28. Missing avatar

      Shteven Miller on December 20

      your last update seemed to imply there was a shot at Xmas delivery--- your comment implies that it should get to your warehouse today-ish (and that your last update is more or less on track).

      I think people (or at least I am) are curious what the timeline is:
      Arrive at warehouse 12/20
      Package and send to backers 12/21
      Arrival to backers across America??? (12/23, 12/26? 12/30? depending on shipment method?)

      That's probably a big oversimplification, but I honestly still don't have any clue if I can expect this in December or January (or before Xmas or after Xmas). Not saying it's your fault, but the only other kickstarters I backed were much clearer with this (once it gets to be 3+ months after initial target and near the holidays, I think people get particularly impatient for updates--- I'm sure I'll be very happy with the game once I get it though)

    29. Killer Robot Games 4-time creator on December 19

      @Emil: thank you for supporting our Kickstarter! The ship carrying the games has landed in the United States. We are waiting for it to be unloaded, go through customs and have paid for overnight shipping from the port to our warehouse (our previous update has a few more details).

    30. Emil Dafinov on December 19

      I was wondering if there are any shipping updates? It is past the December 17th date indicated in the previous one.

    31. Arthur Levesque on December 8

      Apparently, mine is one the way...

      "Thank you for supporting Legendary Showdown: Presidential Edition! We wanted to let you know that your rewards (#CROWDOX-765263) were shipped via USPS, USPS First Class Mail on 12/5/2017. You can track your package at any time using the link below."

      ...but there was no tracking link or number below.

    32. Michael Cohn on December 6

      I'd been hoping to have this for my mom's birthday, and when that passed I figured I'd at least be able to give it to her for Hanukkah. Even if it arrives just in time for Christmas, our holidays will be over. I know this is out of your hands, just thought I'd mention it as something to add to your holiday-related learnings.

    33. Missing avatar

      Ooloi on November 29

      I'm basically past the point where I care, honestly. I expected to have this game for someone's birthday a couple months ago, then I hoped to get it before Christmas, now I'm just like "if it ever comes at all I'll be thankful for the learning experience". I had assumed, clearly incorrectly, that since this was the 4th game released that it would be on some kind of predictable schedule.

    34. J. Brian - Cage the Hellephant on November 17

      Darn you people-we-have-no-control-over! :)

      *hit them with a Presidential Attack card!*

    35. Padraic on November 15

      If you guys get this out by Yule, I'll be happy! Something to play with my son while waiting for dinner to cook! If not, well, something to play with my son while waiting for the Ball to drop! The last Legendary Showdown with Ctrl-Alt-Del characters was awesome! Can't wait to see this one! I'm really curious about the NSFW set!

    36. Killer Robot Games 4-time creator on November 14

      @Shteven: I suppose nothing is ever guaranteed when working with overseas manufacturing and freight since it depends on the actions of a lot of people across the world, but I definitely expect delivery before Christmas.

    37. Missing avatar

      Shteven Miller on November 14

      thanks for the update! I'm not sure if I speak for others when I say this, but I would not consider info like that "Spamming", and would be more than happy to get updates like that-- sounds like a Christmas delivery is not a guarantee?

    38. Killer Robot Games 4-time creator on November 13

      @Shteven: Unfortunately not. Ocean shipping usually takes around 25-35 days (sometimes longer if the ship has unexpected delays), so it still wouldn't have arrived by now. Air freight, on the other hand, only takes about 3 days, but is considerably more expensive. The extra couple of days was well worth the possibility of cutting several weeks off the schedule, but it just didn't pan out.

      We were happy to pay for air freight at our own expense if we could find a freight forwarder that was somewhat affordable ('cause you guys deserve good things), but it turns out that air freight rates are incredibly high all around due to the holiday freight rush.

      We will keep you updated as we get more information. We try to have one update every month so everyone feels like they are in the loop without anyone feeling like they are getting spammed. We will, of course, have extra updates if big events occur. Thanks for your patience, and sorry for the delay! We are doing everything we can to get things moving quickly, but a lot of the schedule depends on other people over whom we have no control.

    39. Missing avatar

      Shteven Miller on November 13

      I'm just curious re: the ocean freight-- if you guys jumped straight on that on Oct 27 (rather than shop around for quicker cheaper options), it would probably already have arrived in the states by now and be ready for shipment?

      I don't mean to be impatient- I'm sure you guys are doing whatever you can to expedite, but it would be nice just to get some periodic status updates (since it's been almost 3 weeks since the games were apparently printed, boxed and ready to go). I suspect there may be people who ordered this as a Christmas present who would understandably be getting worried

    40. Missing avatar

      Shteven Miller on November 13

      any update on this at all? Was hoping to bring this to play at Thanksgiving with game/politics-loving family members :(

    41. Christopher Goodgame
      on November 10

      Right on, Robert. You nailed it. This is my second backing from them, the first was when they went with CAD and I got more from them this time around.
      They even partially shipped my order this time from stuff in stock on amazon to partially fulfil my reward.

      If you’re getting impatient, please remember Roberts points and give these guys more time.

    42. Missing avatar

      Mark Jakubowski on November 5

      Heya all, I either misplaced or never received my CrowdOx link. Can I get a new one/the one that was sent to me (if one was)?

    43. Robert Ashman on October 27

      OK couple things:

      1 those of you who are getting antsy, impatient, or 'losing hope' rest easy. You'll get your game....KRG is legit. This is my 4th time backing them and there's a reason for that.....see #2.

      2. The quality that KRG goes to lengths to get put into the games they send to us backers is right up there with others like Exploding Kittens and Cards Against Humanity....everything is always combed over with a fine tooth comb, crisp graphics and text, high quality card stock and ink, etc. I've never been disappointed.

      3. Patience is a virtue.

      4. I've backed things that literally delivered over 2 years late while lacking meaningful updates, or spamming useless updates, etc. Don't lose hope over 1.5 months.....the jokes are there...the art is there (I know of Tim Buckley and Jeph Jacques...) the jokes are there....just takes time to put it all together.

    44. Killer Robot Games 4-time creator on October 25

      @Shteven: Thank you for supporting our Kickstarter! We are currently organizing freight shipping and will publish an official update as soon as we have a target arrival date.

    45. Missing avatar

      Shteven Miller on October 24

      any update at all? last one said that the games were expected "to leave port" in early October.. We're getting very close to Christmas time :/

    46. Killer Robot Games 4-time creator on October 23

      @John: Sure! Please send us your updated address at and we will take care of it.

    47. Missing avatar

      John Henri Rorabeck on October 22

      Hey guys, I'm really looking forward to playing this game! I have moved and I'm not sure if you have the right shipping address. How can I make sure you guys ship it to the right location?

    48. Killer Robot Games 4-time creator on October 18

      @ M Reeves: Thanks for supporting our Kickstarter! And don't lose hope- we are organizing freight at the moment and should have everything finalized very soon. We will publish an official update as soon as the information is confirmed with the printer and freight companies. This should happen in the next day or two. We just want to make sure the information published in the update is accurate so we don't have to spam our backers with a lot of updates to correct or clarify details.

    49. Missing avatar

      M Reeves on October 18

      Any news? (since it's been over a month since the last update and I'm starting to lose hope)

    50. Killer Robot Games 4-time creator on October 3

      @ J. Brian and Padraic- Thanks for supporting our Kickstarter! We'll publish an update as soon as we get an exact date from our printer. We're getting excited and think that you're going to love the game!

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