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Jardena KifleBy Jardena Kifle
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Jardena KifleBy Jardena Kifle
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pledged of €12,000pledged of €12,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, February 16 2019 4:25 PM UTC +00:00


I will use the funding to write and promote the story and increase attention on the dangers of online and offline dating. My scammer had targeted me on Tinder and played me like chess. 

  • People often think that these scammers only exist online and are from Nigeria, but that is not true. 
  • Many scammers are located in the US and Europe and have copied scamming methods to target potential victims in real life. They often use their children too. Often they are supported by accomplices to perfectionize the deception. 
  • Scammers use dating apps to find their victims, steal their money and destroy their lives. Some victims find themselves brainwashed, emotionally abused, feeling ashamed and with nothing left to their name. In some cases, these poor victims commit suicide. 
  • I know this for a fact, because my scammer is from Brooklyn and lives in New Jersey. He scams women for a living in NY and the US by using dating apps as well as Facebook and Instagram to catch his victims. Mostly single (black) women and mothers. 
  • I have talked to several women who have been scammed by him, and they all are ashamed to share their story. Every woman gave up on getting the money (up to $20.000) ever back. He had played all women with his charm, and even used his daughter and family to trick these women, and gain their trust. Despite having suffered huge financial losses and emtional abuse, they are afraid to take steps against him, due to different reasons. But not me. I am taking legal actions against him on top of more.  

1. Goal: More public and legal awareness about this criminal act and the broad financial and emotional 

2. Goal: Increase responsibilty and accountability from dating app providers as well as social media platforms such as FaceBook & Instagram. I want dating app and social media developers to improve their security standards to protect their customers.

3. Goal: Empower victims and support them if possible (legally, financially etc.)


Almost every single individual that I know, uses dating apps to meet new people and find love. Surprisingly, most of them are not aware about the dangers and the psychological techniques that many scammers use to gain their victim's trust.

I have conduced a detailed research and would like to share an excerpt of an academic essay that I wrote: 

“Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and conventional wisdom both suggest that love is a fundamental human need” as the author Ryan Anderson summarizes Maslow´s theory. Based on this definition the numbers of adults in the US using dating apps to meet new people, potential counterparts and love seem to confirm this statement. 

This leaves many individuals open and vulnerable to potential threats who use this emotional status to scam money with more than 49 Mio individuals in the United States use Dating app. (N/A, Dating Sites Reviews, 2018) (Butler, 2016) 

The FBI describes this type of crime as Confidence Fraud/Romance with “an individual believes they are in a relationship (family, friendly, or romantic) and are tricked into sending money, personal and financial information, or items of value to the perpetrator or to launder money or items to assist the perpetrator. This is basically the Grandparent's Scheme and any scheme in which the perpetrator preys on the complainant's "heartstrings." (N/A, Federal  Bureau of Investigation - Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), 2016). 

Kellie Ell describes in her article about the Rise of Internet Scams that “The scammers usually have a set profile as well. Most claim they lost their wife to some form of cancer, are raising their child alone, work keeps them at a distance — often abroad — and are looking for love. Almost all promise to take care of their new love interest.” (Kellie Ell,  2017)

According to the latest study by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) a 20 percent increase of romance scams in US was reported in 2016 with a financial loss exceeding $ 219 million for the victims. (N/A, Federal  Bureau of Investigation, 2017). The Internet Crime Complaint Center, linked to the bureau, has received in 2016 more than 14,546 complaints assuming that estimated number of unknown cases is much higher since only 15 % of these cases get reported. (N/A,  Federal Bureau of Investigation - Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), 2016). “This is a hugely underreported crime," said Special Agent Christine Beining, of the FBI's Houston branch. "We’re anticipating that number rising in the future." during an interview with Kellie Ell (Kellie Ell, 2017)

The FBI reported that “82 percent of romance scam victims are women and women over 50, who are defrauded out of the most money” (Brenoff,  2017)

Many victims of romance scammers, who have suffered financial losses and emotional abuses, do not report these crimes feeling ashamed and humiliated on which most scammers prey upon. (Butler, 2016) Other reports state that victims who tried to persecute were often blackmailed by the scammers being threatened to publish sensitive pictures online and demolish their reputation. (Baker, BBB International Investigations Specialist, 2018)."

This matter is very close to my heart and it happens every 40 seconds. Thank you for your attention and supporting this project.

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Due to delayed production times of the bracelets it might happen, that the book will be published beginning of March.

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    It is very important for me to share my story and to support other people, who have experienced similar situations. I have met a lot of people who are afraid to share theirs and are grateful, that I share mine.
    The atrocities that these scammers are willing to commit almost made me lose my faith in humanity. Fighting back, healing and assuring that the victims are not alone, are my main priority. Furthermore, I want to warn other people.

    There are three different bracelet styles supporting the fight against scammers and healing ourselves.
    1. "You are not alone"
    2. "You got this"
    3. "Survivor"

    I still believe in love and there is love out there. Times just have just changed and we need to be more careful.
    These bracelets are daily reminders that keep us going.
    Thank you so much for your attention.

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