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Karla needs a student loan. If she babysits her brother-in-law who has a broken leg and overcomes his hijinks, endless college is hers. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on April 6, 2012.

Karla needs a student loan. If she babysits her brother-in-law who has a broken leg and overcomes his hijinks, endless college is hers.

About this project

We're a group of young and passionate filmmakers who are about to embark on an incredible journey. We've made movies all our lives and have been working professionally in the film industry for the past few years. Our team is ready to step out and make our first feature film and we plan to shoot BROKEN LEG this September in Arizona. The only thing stopping us is a lack of funding and we need your help.

BROKEN LEG is about Karla, a perennial college student who's afraid to graduate and face the real world. She needs her older sister, Kate, to co-sign on yet another student loan. Kate heads out of town for the weekend and asks Karla to look after her husband, Theo, who recently broke his leg. Karla thinks this will be a great way to prove her responsibility but little does she know that Kate and Theo are expecting a baby. Theo is a complete buffoon and views this weekend as his last chance to party and be reckless. Over the weekend Karla and Theo will learn a lot about responsibility and growing up. BROKEN LEG is a movie about the helpless learning to help each other.

Kickstarter enables filmmakers, artists, musicians, and inventors to gain funding for projects that they wouldn't normally be able to afford. People create a Kickstarter page, set a financial goal, and set a deadline. Then you and all your friends decide if the project is worth backing. We have until April 6th to meet or exceed our goal of $20,000.

If you back a project you get great rewards. In our case you can be the first to see BROKEN LEG when it's done with a digital download or DVD. These are just some of the great rewards available. Take a look on the right side of this page to see all of the cool options!

Kickstarter projects are "all or nothing", if a project doesn't reach its goal you won't be charged. This whole process is called "crowd-funding" and it's changing the way art is made.

The funds we raise here will go into the production, post-production, and the release of BROKEN LEG. It will cover everything we need including equipment rentals, food, hard drives, lights, gas, and even the leg cast for our actor Luke.

First, you can help by financially backing our project. To do this, just click the green button in the upper right corner of this page. Or click the reward that suits you best. Then simply follow the instructions. Again, you'll only be charged once our campaign is successful.

Second, you can share BROKEN LEG with friends, family, co-workers, anyone interested in being apart of a movie, or interested in seeing heartfelt comedy. You can share the link below on your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, personal website, or any other social network. Or you can spread the word in person or on the phone. Sharing is as important as financially backing the project and anything helps.

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Kieran Thompson, Director 

"I like telling stories about others far more than about myself, but if you really must know... I spent my formative years in Tempe, Arizona. Did I just say formative? I studied film at Scottsdale Community College and at The Los Angeles Film School. My thesis film Caleb Couldn’t Love tells the story of a boy diagnosed with a disease where if he falls in love his heart could explode. Most recently I directed RED, a short thriller set in 1954. I'm still amazed that RED has screened all over the world. I love making movies because they have the power to make people laugh and reflect. There's no better feeling than hearing an audience laugh at a joke or to hear them discuss the film on their way out of the theatre. BROKEN LEG gives us the opportunity to create these situations and we have a killer team that's ready to bring it to life!"

Case Barden, Producer

"I was born and raised in Seattle. I love that city and it will always be home. I've spent a bit of time traveling the country. I've spent a bit of time building trails in the Rockies. And I've been working in the film industry for the over three years in Los Angeles. I'm lucky to have worked on cool projects like The Future, Terri, Wrong, Would You Rather, and the forth-coming Computer Chess. I met Kieran through the Boy Scouts and we had the opportunity to work together doing national training. We both have a love for film. We both ended up going to the Los Angeles Film School. And we both have been working in the industry for a few years but never had a chance to work together on a project. So now with BROKEN LEG we're making it happen. I'm really excited to see the results and I hope you can join us."

Bret Kalmbach, Director of Photography

"I'm a director of photography, originally from Colorado, now residing in Arizona. I got my start in independent filmmaking shooting skateboarding videos. I attended film school for four years first concentraing on editing and then on cinematography. After purchasing a DSLR, I shot a spec commercial which led to steady production work around the country shooting adventure races and commercials. I'm co-owner along with my brother of Apairus Company and we recently purchased a RED camera. I'm truly excited about this project and we can't do it without you."

Luke Johnson, Actor 

"I grew up shooting VHS in my hometown of Gilbert, Arizona with a camcorder always strapped to my shoulder. I did the The Luke Johnson Phone Experiment a few years back and received millions of views. I do improvisational sketch comedy with The Luke and Tadd Show and Baby Cute Boys. I also dabble in the viral arts with my commercial company Propusganda. I was recently a producer on the feature film Dr. Limptooth. I love movies, I love the creation process, and would love for you to help us make the film BROKEN LEG."

Filmmaking is more than just making a movie. It's about building a community. By sharing or backing our project you're becoming a part of this community. Throughout the process of making BROKEN LEG we will be posting updates and new content so you can stay involved. We want the experience of making a film to be open to anyone. There are multiple ways you can follow the progress of the film. 

If you have any questions we would love to hear from you. Visit our website to contact us!

A huge thank you to the Phoenix-based musician Sam Means for lending his music from The Sinking of Santa Isabel Soundtrack to our Kickstarter video. You can listen to more of his wonderful music here:

We're super grateful for the awesome Kickstarter animation template that was created by Joke and Biagio! Make one for your project here:

Most of all, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for thanking the time to check out BROKEN LEG. It means the world to us that you'll be joining our team. Let's make a movie!

-Kieran, Case, Bret, and Luke


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    POSTCARD FROM SET - You will receive a personal postcard written by a crew member during the shooting of BROKEN LEG. You will also receive a “Thank You” in the credits of the movie and on our website.

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    DIGITAL DOWNLOAD - You will receive a high-definition digital download of BROKEN LEG. You will also receive the above rewards.

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    BLU-RAY or DVD - You will receive your choice of a Blu-ray or DVD of BROKEN LEG. This will be sent to you before it is released to anyone else! You will also receive the above rewards.

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    SHORT FILM COLLECTION - You will receive a collection of short films including work by Kieran Thompson, Case Barden, Bret Kalmbach, Luke Johnson and more. You will also receive the above rewards.

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    BROKEN LEG PHOTO BOOK - You will receive a hardcover book with photos from the making of BROKEN LEG along with stories from the set. You will also receive the above rewards.

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    A SCENE DEDICATED TO YOU - A scene from BROKEN LEG will be dedicated to you. You will receive a framed still image from your scene and Kieran will "Thank You" in the director's commentary during your scene. You will also receive the above rewards.

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    EXECUTIVE PRODUCER - You will receive an "Executive Producer" credit on the film. You will be invited to all screenings and events put on by the filmmakers. You will be awarded a plaque worthy of an Executive Producer to show off to your friends and family. You will also receive the above rewards.

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