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Choose a Champion, Build better crystals in your Bag, learn abilities, gain gear and compete to complete quests in this adventure game!
Choose a Champion, Build better crystals in your Bag, learn abilities, gain gear and compete to complete quests in this adventure game!
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A More Entertaining Update :D

Posted by Kid Loves Tiger Games (Creator)

Things are cooking now!

As you can see, the guys in MN here got the product that was forwarded. As you can tell, this is a huge relief to us and we hope, soon you!

That's a big-o-stack of games!
That's a big-o-stack of games!

Obviously this is great news. Checking the inventory we had here in the states, things are looking amazing.

Elle's color Illustrations still pop!
Elle's color Illustrations still pop!

 And the obligatory shot of the game itself. 

That cover illustration looks stellar!
That cover illustration looks stellar!

Okay so here is a breakdown of what we know, what we are doing, how it affects you and what comes next;

United States

The guys will be working hard Friday night to make sure every US backer is take care of personally, with the games expected to be picked up on Monday, via fedex. Tracking will be added to Backerkit, which should be emailing you wonderful people. If anything comes up in the meantime, we will be sure to keep you posted, but this is the plan and likely will not deviate a bit. 


The Postal Strike is ended, for now, though the postal service appears to be appealing this? This has caused massive back ups and delays. One option we are looking at is having our new partner in Manitoba grab copies from North Dakota, bring them into CA, then mail them out from his home for us as he is doing for Alphas and Guardians. We are waiting to hear back on what the estimated timeline for CA would be if not. Right now that seems like the best option given the massive amounts of gifts and packages they are backed up on.

We thought that we would give them time to sort it out, but it looks like that time has only further delayed everything for them moving forward and our goal is obviously to not have anyone wait any longer than they need to.


The Direct forwarders have been taken care of, but there are some remote areas and populated areas not fulfilled. We are waiting to hear back from our 3rd Party Shippers, when we do, more information will be available.


The same as the above. We are working daily to resolve the issue of no tracking at all in this area. This is frustrating for us given that it is now 2018. Giving tracking seems an easy issue to resolve for pete's sake.


We are monitoring all incidents and have thankfully only received one message on damaged components :D We hope the trend continues. 

What Can You Expect From Us?

Well, we want to express one thing before we get into the details. We are so sorry. Given this is the first project we have, even at this size, logistics are a learning curve. Unfortunately, you all have been the subjects for that experiment. In these updates we talk a lot about 2nd and 3rd Parties and what went wrong, but the fact of the matter remains, the responsibility to get the project in your hands rests on us. And not meeting our goals does as well. So we want to first express how sorry we are, but how thankful we are for your patience. 

Now, Friday expect another update at night of the guys packing boxes and getting these US boxes prepped and ready, it also means if we have any 2nd/3rd Party information for non-US Backers we will convey it. 

Then, Monday night, expect another update to ensure that boxes have departed with Fedex. As well as any other information. 

We also want to express that while those expressing in the comments they HAVEN'T received their games, many did back Guardians who have, and we apologize for the moral being dropped with it. Most kickstarters though do have those that get their stuff and are happy check out post campaign after getting it. So we ask you remain patient with that as well.

Thank you all so very much and we cannot wait to update you further!

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    1. Kid Loves Tiger Games 4-time creator on

      @Eric Anker, you are great! Without you all we couldn't do this and there is always a ton of room for us to improve :D

    2. Kid Loves Tiger Games 4-time creator on

      @Mike Peterson, Thank you for the kind words! Elle did such a wonderful job on this thing and we cannot wait for everyone to get to enjoy it.

    3. Missing avatar

      Eric Anker

      Rock on! You guys are great and are doing great!

    4. Mike Peterson

      The games look great!!!