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Choose a Champion, Build better crystals in your Bag, learn abilities, gain gear and compete to complete quests in this adventure game!
Choose a Champion, Build better crystals in your Bag, learn abilities, gain gear and compete to complete quests in this adventure game!
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Shipping Addendums

Posted by Kid Loves Tiger Games (Creator)

So before we get into the nitty-gritty stuff, to preface, we have laid out what to do in the following situations;

  • What to do with Missing/Damaged things HERE
  • What we learned HERE.

Now to get into our shipping junk.

Shipping Update

So here is a timeline of what we know, when and how;

  • When we set our timeline for Guardians of Wayword, we set timelines with both our shippers and our manufacturer that our timeline NEEDED to be met. We offered to pay more and make sure that everything was taken care of in the timeline needed and were assured and charged for that.
  • Our Manufacturer delayed a lot further than expected because of our errors. Now to clarify, our errors were caused by the departure of Dallas, and need to alter the design elements and bleeds post production, as well as the rules for translations. Beyond that, we were then moved behind a few larger projects. With future projects, our goal is to have all the bleeds and design elements proofed for manufacturing structurally before going to kickstarter, and with Guardians, we did :) 
  • Shipping, based on the time of year, has been a mess. With shippers being overloaded with much bigger projects that have more angry people than we would have. With that in mind, we assured you that by the end of November everyone should have their games. This was a mistake, but a mistake based on the best information we had until Post-Thanksgiving.

So with Delays, the team opted to have copies we would have had sent to us express shipped. In other words, we paid extra to have enough copies to replace damaged ones and fulfill all of North America ourselves. This is what lead to us thinking we could ensure said end of the month timeline. 

Right now though, this is the status of that shipment;

Apparently people in customs take the ENTIRE Thanksgiving week off, responding to no emails or calls.
Apparently people in customs take the ENTIRE Thanksgiving week off, responding to no emails or calls.

 To prove a point though, it still displays this as the expected date;

Seems weird the expected date hasn't updated no?
Seems weird the expected date hasn't updated no?

We assumed, that had we got this before they started US shipping, we would have been able to route their product back to us, and ship it ourselves. We had confirmed and talked it out and were comfortable taking time to ship your copies in NA ourselves. Obviously given Customs, this is our mistake, but as stated, we gave the best timelines we could as we had them. 

Then another hit came in;

 So who has received games right now? 

Well, orders we call "Direct Forwarding". This means people who have a case of games, or a single game to a region that has no other games being forwarded to it. We will be working to resolve this as quickly as possible and expect another update as we know more. Obviously we have the product in places it needs to be, or on it's way, but why it isn't 100% fulfilled yet is beyond us, and until customs does our job, we are at the mercy of 3rd parties. 

Ahhh! And as I was writing this update for you all, we got an update on the express shipped NA Materials :) So here is hoping the process is moving. The beauty is, the guys had more expressed copies than NA Backers, so if we need to, they will be the ones fulfilling broken/damaged packages with the extra stock!

Still though, the original promise with Express Shipment was that it would take 5-7 Business Days, which this was not. We cannot apologize enough, and we know most of you understand delays, but rest assured every one of us is 100% focused on this :D 

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    1. Kid Loves Tiger Games 4-time creator on

      Zi Ray Wang, apologies, we have not heard back from that shipper yet on their exact timeline.

    2. Zi Ray Wang on

      Any chance it arrives next week in Sydney?

    3. Kid Loves Tiger Games 4-time creator on

      @Rakesh, we are awaiting exact timelines on that right now for those that are not in the direct forwarding category!

    4. Missing avatar

      Rakesh Patel on

      As a UK backer do you know approximately when we would be getting the games. Not that I'm bothered when it is. Just for my information. I understand being at the mercy of 3rd parties.

    5. Kid Loves Tiger Games 4-time creator on

      @Vicki, yes, all US and CA backers should be able to through the Pledge Manager :D

    6. Vicki Maxfield

      Can I update my shipping address? I didn't know 3 months ago that I would be moving...

    7. Kid Loves Tiger Games 4-time creator on

      @Clayton, not a problem :D Yeah, the Canadian Post strike was a bit of a punch to the stomach. We want the game out sooner as well, to all people, so we will be working and updating you when the NA games come in after customs, but your patience is truly appreciated.

    8. Kid Loves Tiger Games 4-time creator on

      @Outer Limit Games, thank you for the thoughtful words.

    9. Clayton on

      Thank you for the prompt response. As a backer of many games I am aware of the risks of backing a brand or a product in the early stages, with some of the risks like the Canada Post strike being out of the control of the creator. Would prefer the have the game sooner than later, but if the shipping costs are higher and we have to wait that would be understandable on my part.

    10. Outer Limit Games, LLC on

      Don't worry guys, you're doing an awesome job! If anyone understands the unexpected complications that can occur with shipping, we do. Keep up the great work :)

    11. Kid Loves Tiger Games 4-time creator on

      @Clayton, yes! We have been working with a wonderful company for Alphas and our 4th game, and they do business in Manitoba, but live VERY close to North Dakota. So we have been exploring shipping games to North Dakota and having them pick them up, bring them across and fulfill them for us, then having the copies that were readied for CA sent back to us :/ We will know for sure in the next few days what our plans are based on the games timeline making their way to the team in MN.

    12. Clayton on

      Thank you for the update, with the Canada Post strikes is there an alternate shipping strategy in place?

      The federal government had put together legislation forcing the strike to end, though the union is talking about taking the order to the courts which will likely further delay any resolution to the strike.